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A crowd gathers at a press conference and rally in front of Manhattan federal court  to vocalize their objection to the stop and frisk policy by the police Department Wednesday, March 27, 2013, in New York. (AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano)
December 26, 2013 | Blog

New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s pledge to end “unconstitutional” stop-and-frisk may fall far short of the rhetoric. Continue reading

November 1, 2013 | Blog

A roundup of some of the stories we’re reading this morning at Moyers & Company HQ… Continue reading

Council Member Williams Lander the Press Conference on the Community Safety Act image 2--Credit to William Alatriste New York City Council_crop
October 24, 2013

Historian Peter Dreier explains why Lander is a part of a new wave of grassroots activists changing America. Continue reading

January 30, 2013 | Group Think

the mapping of conflicts and gangs can help police target their resources, as opposed to engaging in a blunderbuss strategy such as stop and frisk, which tends to alienate the mostly minority residents of neighborhoods that most need positive relationships with their law enforcement agents. MORE

January 30, 2013 | Group Think

No other city comes close to matching New York’s crime-fighting success, which has lasted twice as long and has been twice as deep as the national average. The cause of that crime drop is the intense, data-driven style of policing that the New York Police Department adopted in 1994. MORE

August 17, 2012 | Moyers & Company

Bill and Khalil Gibran Muhammad discuss what we should learn from our racial past to better understand the present. Continue reading