Saving Lives in the 'Overdose Capital of America'

Cabell Huntington drug court Judge Patricia Keller and Huntington Fire Department Chief Jan Rader are two of the three women featured in the Netflix documentary Heroin(e).

By Titi Yu | November 22, 2017 | Health & Science

Heroin(e) is a powerful film that follows the stories of three women in Huntington, West Virginia, who are battling the opioid crisis on its front lines. Drug addiction is so common in Huntington, the “overdose capital of America,” that it’s weaved into the fabric of everyday life. In one scene, paramedics work to revive an overdose victim at a convenience store while people step around the commotion and move along the checkout line as if nothing is happening. Fire Chief Jan Rader is the first responder who carries not only the film, but also the weight of the crisis in ... Read More

Books Are Playing a Role in Transforming Chicago Communities

Open Books West Loop (Photo by Smart Chicago Collaborative | Flickr CC 2.0)

By Valerie Vande Panne | November 22, 2017 | Activism

Snuggled under scaffolding in Chicago’s West Loop is an inconspicuous entranceway that leads to Open Books, a bookstore with over 54,000 used books on its shelves. Nearly all of the books for sale are donated, as are the 55,000 for sale online and the 20,000 more at its Pilsen location. This Thanksgiving will be the eighth anniversary of the first store opening, in Chicago’s River North. Read More

Here's How to Make Sense of the Trump-Russia Story

Donald Trump Jr. greets his father during the Oct. 9, 2016 presidential debate in St. Louis. (Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images)

By Bill Moyers and Steven Harper | November 21, 2017 | Democracy & Government

Editor’s Note: The news is coming so fast and furious, from so many sources and in so many fragments, that it takes more than a scorecard to keep up with the Trump-Russia Connection. It takes a timeline — a “map,” if you will, of where events and names and dates and deeds converge into a story that makes sense of the incredible scandal of the 2016 election and now of the Trump Administration. For years Steve Harper produced timelines for the cases he argued or defended in court as a successful litigator. Retired now from practicing law, Harper has ... Read More

A Timeline: Russia and President Trump

Composite: Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images); National security adviser Michael Flynn (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images); President-elect Donald Trump (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

By Steven Harper | November 21, 2017 | Democracy & Government

When it comes to Donald Trump, his campaign and their dealings with Russia past and present, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the players without a scorecard. We have one of sorts — a deeply comprehensive timeline detailing what actually happened and what’s still happening in the ever-changing story of the president, his inner circle and a web of Russian oligarchs, hackers and government officials. Read More