Marty Kaplan on Why the Media Ignores Climate Change

Media scholar Marty Kaplan sits with Bill Moyers to discuss how and why major news media, including Fox News and CNN, choose to ignore critical news and information about climate change — leaving comedy shows like The Daily Show and The Late Show to pick up the slack.

Watch the full interview with Marty Kaplan.

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  • Anonymous

    I thank Bill Moyers for all the issues he raises. Will Mr. Moyers ever do a program on exclusionary zoning? Local governments and homeowner’s associations use exclusionary zoning devices to raise the cost of housing in order to exclude lower income groups deemed undesirable. Between 2000 and 2010 Detroit lost 240,000 people. Yet Detroit still has exclusionary zoning. I left the Detroit area in May 2009 after losing my job at 59 in Oct 2008. I decided to just retire and didn’t even apply for unemployment. I lived in Farmington Hills, MI (near Detroit) at Little Valley Estates mobile home park for 18 yrs. I was paying $3,720/yr in lot rent. Now I’m paying $718/yr in property taxes after moving my singlewide 300 miles south to a quarter acre lot where I was allowed to place my singlewide mobile home. Farmington Hills said your home had to be 24 ft wide and conform to existing housing. I thought we all had a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In order to have life you need the necessities of life such as shelter. So why aren’t we free to be happy in a home of our own choosing? The president and all the other politicians are derelict in their duty to protect and defend the constitution while even Bill Moyers remains silent on this issue.

  • TheOnlyOpinionThatMatters

    We’ve been conditioned not to think deeply about our problems. Instead we’re offered titillation – sex and violence – in a never-ending, ever-accelerating montage of sound and image bites. It’s a hell of a way to run a world.

  • Jet

    Interesting discussion, but Dr. Kaplan seemed to be guilty of the very problems he pointed out. He said media SHOULD be highlighting climate change and *what we can do to stop or mitigate it.* I totally agree. But the only solution he seemed to suggest was for us to “get involved,” and that after pointing out how every time we try to change things it FAILS due to the system. So…. what are we supposed to do, Dr. Kaplan? I would love to take more action but have already written (unanswered) letters to politicians, etc. – what do we do?

  • Anonymous

    This was an extraordinary piece, and I thank Mr. Moyers for presenting Mr. Kaplan’s insights on what ails the media. I was reminded of HBO’s great show “The Newsroom”! We certainly need to be well-informed in this day and age, and we are not.

    One thing: how can Mr. Moyer’s categorize what’s happened in the North Carolinian state government as a ‘coup': they Republican majority was democratically elected by the people, not imposed upon them. He may not like the results, nor will he embrace their policies, but them’s the breaks in a democracy. Could we categorize President Obama’s signature health care law as the result of a ‘coup’? It is deeply unpopular and was enacted by a Democrat controlled legislature, just like what’s happening in North Carolina.

    I like and admire Bill Moyers very much, but his Progressive blinders are sometimes irritating.

  • Patrick Z

    The end says it all. We HAVE to reach a critical mass (gay rights did).

  • Anonymous

    The lack of coverage of climate change and related ecological and existential impacts by major news media is a gross dereliction of duty to our civilization and descendants.
    Humanity has reached the walls of its pale blue petri dish and has no instinctive mechanism to deal with it.
    Solutions require cooperation and reprogramming of behaviours and cultures – it won’t be easy.