Our politics took a nightmarish turn this week. Senate Republicans twice blocked a vote to require corporations, unions, and obscure organizations hovering in the shadows to tell us who’s putting up the millions and millions of dollars for all the propaganda assaulting the public during this political year.

The bill the Republicans killed was already a weak parody of its original intent. It wouldn’t even go into effect until after the November auction when the buying and selling of the White House, Congress, state legislatures and courts will have been completed, and the dark money will have done its dirty work. By then a vast pall of secrecy will cover the tracks of the secret donors. The knife plunged into the heart of democracy will have been wiped clean of the fingerprints of those who wielded it. The public will not even know who owns title to our government.

Both our political parties are up to their necks in this corruption; it was Barack Obama, you’ll recall, who tossed public funding under the bus four years ago, then hauled in huge sums of money from Wall Street fat cats he later promised to protect from public wrath over their ill-gotten gains. And when there was just a brief chance to reform carried interest, the trickery that enables the Mitt Romneys of the world to pay a tax rate far below working people, Wall Street Democrats like Chuck Schumer helped to snuff it out in the cradle.

But the Republicans, once the party of Lincoln – “government of, by, and for the people,” remember? – the Republicans have thrown their soul into the bargain.

Once upon a time they said, “Let there be light.”

Here’s Ronald Reagan in l988: “We need full disclosure of all campaign contributions….”

Here’s the first George Bush in l989: “Disclosure - full disclosure - that’s the answer.”

Senator John McCain in 2004: “What reform does is create transparency, equality, and participation…”

Senator Scott Brown in 2012: “Attack ads, from unaccountable, outside groups that spend millions of dollars from anonymous donors portraying their opposition unfairly and misleading voters are wrong.”

Once upon a time even Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was for transparency. Even Mitch McConnell sang, “Let the sunshine in.” In l997 he said disclosing campaign donors and spending “should be expedited so voters can judge for themselves what is appropriate.” Three years later he called for “real disclosure” and asked, “Why would a little disclosure be better than a lot of disclosure?”

That was then. Now Mitch McConnell has become a walking alibi for corruption. He lines up every Republican in the Senate – every one of them - to protect their secret donors. And he does so twice in one week.

Why? Because they have made it their mission to prevent majority rule. And because they are no longer a conservative party. The noted political scientist Sheldon Wolin, in his book Democracy Inc., writes that the Republican Party is now radically oligarchical – programmed to advance corporate economic and political interests and to protect and promote inequalities of opportunity and wealth. There’s the nightmarish future: a government run of, by, and for the rich, while everyday Americans are left to lives of lowered earnings, chronic insecurity in the workplace, and a vulnerable old age.

This is why secrecy is a must. Because that vision – of a nation no longer fair, no longer just – cannot possibly win free and open elections conducted as honest competition. The majority of Americans – citizens of a country born in what one historian calls “the age of democratic revolutions” – would never choose to be governed by the few at the expense of the many. Politicians required to play by the rules, to openly confess that their loyalty has been purchased and forced to identify the highest bidders, could not possibly survive the scrutiny. So they must bend the rules to conceal their transactions. In doing in democracy, their safety is in secrecy, and we must be kept in the dark.

Bill Moyers Essay: Fighting Disclosure, Killing Democracy

In this web-exclusive video essay, Bill Moyers addresses the failure of the DISCLOSE Act, and calls out politicians who fight tooth and nail to hide the truth about the wealthy few who purchase and corrupt American democracy.


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  • Phyllis Nastri-Nelson

    Bravo Bill Moyers!  I’ve been saying similar things about this topic for a while now.  I cannot believe that anyone, other than those who would benefit from millionaires & billionaires running our country, could support a Republican for our President or their congressman.

  • Robert

    I second the sentiment. American democracy is dead. The Republicans are just reanimating the corpse.

  • Wjk4

    All politicians should be required to wear NASCAR style jumpsuits with the name and logo of those who own them. As an American flag patch would denote the said politician was beholden to his general electorate, most if not all would be denied the privilege of displaying it.

  • Brad Nichols

    At some point we are going to have to admit that this is true. Sooner would be better!

  • Marty Susman

    Please let us all remember it is the dumbing down of our once great nation that this plan works for the “Bought & paid for worthless criminal Congress”… If not for the outright stupidity of sadly put the majority of Americans, this plan would not work. Hence the right wing liars keep getting elected…

  • Catherine Maxwell

     I like the idea, I really like it!! hahaha

  • Baerbel43

    I fully agree. The Republican party has indeed changed and has become a radically oligarchical one protecting and promoting corporate interests and inequalities. A nation no longer free, no longer fair. Democracy – rule by the majority – gone.  Unfortunately this is NOT a nightmarish future, but already a reality, albeit a hidden one. A win for Republicans in November would greatly amplify ‘by the rich – for the rich’ and be an end to our American democracy, as we have known it. Buyer beware!

  • Catherine Maxwell

     I came late to the party as far as being personally exposed to the corporate world. But after a few years I came to clearly see the dark nature of the amoral, soul-less, greedy, anti-human juggernaut that is the large Corporation and the sycophants who scurry to do their bidding. And I also see the way, with the help of the SCOTUS, they have pushed Democracy even further down the road to ruin. I guess like all social experiments meant to give everyone a piece of the pie, Democracy runs counter to human nature. As Crazy Eddy used to say in his ads: “Money talks and Nobody Walks!!”
    As usual Mr. Moyers, you are spot on…..

  • Sbrowne126

    AMEN! As long as our politicians continue to put their wants ahead of the country’s needs the political system in this country will remain broken. We the people have the responsibility to demand change and act for change.

  • Tomnhelenh

    Couldn’t have said it better …….thank you Bill.

  • Anonymous

    1) When people hear the word “oligarchy” their first reaction is “Ollie who?”  I will bet the word seldom if ever shows up in America’s K-12 education.  The reality is that oligarchs have been running things for quite some time now.  Maybe always.  What we might be seeing is not a rise of the oligarchs but a consolidation of power.  The way Wal-Mart targeted rival businesses for extinction and succeeded (e.g. Circuit City), the wealthy interests and corporate interests targeted unions since Reagan and we see the results.  In the Wisconsin recall elections the outside money from wealth was many times more than what unions were able to contribute, a harbinger of the entire 2012 election cycle.
    2) For the GOP full disclosure meant something when the unions were still perceived as a major playor in the political spending game.  Now the unions are a shadow of what they once were and the “oligarchs” own the playing field, own the teams, own the concession stands.
    3) The full corruption of Free Speech and other seemingly basic freedoms has been achieved.  What may have been intended as an experiment in democracy has now devolved into age-old plutocracy with only a veneer of democracy, the once every other year vote.  If you cannot be a lobbyist or cannot afford a lobbyist you are marginalized to emails, letters, and phone calls answered by interns or aids who will promise to forward your message to the Congressperson who is out to lunch with some oil barons or hedge fund managers.
    4) Good luck, Bill, in getting the message out.  I’ve shared your video on my Facebook.  Hopefully this will “go viral.”

  • Candacecity

    Bill Moyer’s is, I believe, the only journalist out there reporting on the truth of our political system. I wish more people could hear him. I’m afraid he is preaching to the choir…sadly.

  • LouL

    Interesting timing in coming to the party Bill, now if you were saying this four years ago and repeating it during those four years your comments would be more credible. 

  • jay prague

    what next? slavery?

  • Bryan Barrilleaux

    The Remedy is in our hands Bill.  This is what we are doing in Lake Charles, LA

  • Joe

    We have a representative Republic not a democracy in the true sense of the word. This man espouse a socialist agenda. Don’t you think both parties are doing the same thing. We need reform, agreed. Mr. Obama is destroying the American dream, give him 4 more years and you won’t recognize our country. 1% of the top income tax payers pay 40% of all taxes and you want to take more? I’m not saying the Republicans or Democrats have all the answers, we do need change. Reform, not regulate.

  • MrsB

    I recognized the US trasformation as an oligarchy when George W Bush was in office.  It was then I was dis-illusioned and able to see the truth.  Our government, much like Roman emperors who had gladiator fights, throws out little bones to the public in hopes of appeasing and placating them.  It is my opinion that that every one of us needs to stand up and demand full disclosure.  We need to be “the squeaky wheel,”  to be the catlyst for change we need to stop buying into this public party bickering and unite as one people to clean up the blantant corruption in Washington!

    I applaud Bill Moyers for his courage and integrity in exposing corrupt situations!

  • Lucybear

    Wouldn’t it be great if this would become a paid political ad – for both parties?  

  • Doug

    From Jesse Ventura

  • Colettte Carse

    Thanks for this Mr. Bill Moyers.  I would add a piece about the simultaneous top down controls being levied against the average man, vis a vis accountability requirements at every other level than the top.  Bottom line accounting has become the scurge of schools, hospitals, libraries, and every other agency that once promoted social goods.  But now, these agencies are ham tied to monetary justification of their every action, and the thrust of this scurge emanates from GOP think tanks.  Destroying the credibility of any agency that requires federal or state support through these so-called accountability efforts while simultaneously hiding the determined and relentless maneuvers to free corporations from any social responsibility is treason.  I think these villains must all be prosecuted.

  • Strawman411

    Mr. Moyers’ citations of those one-time sunshine advocates now serving their corporate masters buttress my growing conviction, based on 69 years’ observation, that

    The inescapable conclusion is that all principles, ethics, and morality are entirely fungible as demanded by that dependable old calibration:  Whose ox is being gored?

  • Luisa Cox

    The American people should not stop working to bring full disclosure of rich donors and corporations….we need to keep talking about our right to know who floats the money to buy our government officials and our elections! The fight is not over yet!

  • Michael Federico

    You are right regarding the parties per say; Though neither one is an answer to our problems. In fact they pretty much are one is the same goal wise; Protect the Status Quo no matter who it hurts.  Fact; the 1% want to use the 99% to promote and continue their Oligarchy.    

  • JonThomas

     Ah, twere it so easy to make all the two faced parasites, from both parties, disappear.

  • Waterdog10

    You mean Harry  Reid actually brought something up for a vote.

  • Richard

    wonderful, couldn’t be said any better.

  • Framerick1

    Well-said, Bill. Thanks for quoting Sheldon Wolin. People should read about his concept of “reverse totalitarianism” and compare it to current events.

  • Jmacfarlane41

    A wonderful add for all parties!

  • Jmacfarlane41


  • Zimmur

    Spot on as usual!

  • Ken

    Money versus the Mind.  Thank you, Sir.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Bill.  It’s very sad to watch from the sidelines (north of 49) as the first state of the modern era founded on democracy throws it aside so easily.

    I keep up on the secession movements in the US and Canada, and the email traffic is heavier these days.  I think we’ll be seeing more activity from those movements in the very near future.

  • Guest

    So, now what do we do?

  • expatupnorth

    Thank you for your pointed commentary and for taking names.    Once again, I remind myself that we are in a time of the “great turning” to use Joanna Macy’s term.  Our old structures are terminally ill and dying.  Their bodies are already disgusting and smelly.  Let us not look to big government, big religion or big business to save us.  We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.  Change is coming from the grass roots.   These are times for imagination, creativity, and experimentation.  Let us each roll up our sleeves and create the world we want our grandchildren to inhabit.   

  • Elizabeth M Moore

    Bill  Moyers is really special w/us. Tune in PBS Sunday noon.

  • Jean G/

    Bill is right. We won’t begin to find remedies for the many problems most Americans face until we rid ourselves of  control by an oligarchy of one or two percent of the population and corporate greed. What we have here is an old American problem: taxation without representation! Most of us, knowingly or unknowingly, are  funding a government that doesn’t represent our interests. The bottom line is that we need radical election reform and needed repairs to our democracy won’t happen until we get it. I’m not sure how to accomplish this but it’s clear that our elected representatives won’t do it.  They are corrupt or cowardly. It is the one big idea, big demand that everyone could rally ’round. It has focus and would be transformative while being firmly based in American tradition. I thought perhaps the Occupy Wall Streeters would ultimately focus on One Big Idea but they haven’t. I get requests daily from no end of DIFFERENT progressive groups all wanting support. Their causes are good and similar but  their lack of unity and decisive thrust is lacking. I have attended many, many meetings, often seeing the same small number of faces at each. I have marched. I have rallied. We have excellent talk leaders and great writers that clearly analyze the problems we face.  We do not have ACTION leaders. We know what is wrong and we could go on defining it ad nauseum but do not have the power to fix it. How do we mobilize the millions that are needed to move forward.  How do we unite  Common Cause, Public Citizen, Moral Majority,, True Majorit, Act Blue etc, etc. into a single and powerful force to be heard and be reckoned with? Any ideas? Any strong leaders out there?

  • john

     But if he would have posted it 4 years before that, still questionable?  And four years before that, maybe questionable?  Perhaps it has to do partly with the accelerated influx of secret money after the citizens united decision.  Things change and so do opinions.  Only giving credence to people on the same “team” as you helps to make sure that things don’t change.  As partisanship is valued over ideas.  Which brings us to today.

  • JonThomas

     Good answer.

    The hilarious things is; Bill Moyers’ Journal was discussing these things.

    The context was different of course, but very few journalists or media personalities have the track record of integrity which Mr. Moyers’ enjoys.

  • Pam

    Might be interesting to accumulate definitions of Democracy as it relates to the American lifestyle and dream of success, incorporating the values we hold so dear lurking in the economical and political arena……….next…….Pam

  • Mona

    Well stated!!!!

  • Shaman175

    Some great comments with a streaming message of frustration.  I’ve mentioned this on this and other sites like the AFL-CIO as a former Union Rep. for 30 years that we need to start a third alternative party coming from the AFL-CIO called the TAB party (Take America Back).  The middle class professional is not being represented by Big Business because they always wanted a “slave” trade for maximum profit.  People are paying tons for college costs, yet unless you are genius you are betrayed by your own country in finding a job that pays commensurately to your education.  The fight against Unions from the early 1900’s still prevails with the Private sector looking to pay the least for help like a slave trade. Our leaders in the Public and Private have turned on their own country by using immigration to divide and conquer.  Our country can NOT support illegal immigration because we are now saturated.  IT IS NOT LIKE BEFORE!

  • Ellen Roby

    It’s really quite simple.  Freedom requires vigilance, capitolism requires laws.  We the people haven’t been paying attention for a long time.  The laws were quietly changed, watch dog agencies were closed or under funded making it impossible for them function as originally intended.  A good bill cannot be passed without something else being attached to it-something that wouldn’t hold up on it’s own.  And then, there’s the obfuscation- the truth buried under layers and layers.  There are still honest journalists, like Bill Moyers, but I fear that they fear.  Make your voice heard.  Speak up. Don’t sit there complaining, get involved.  If you don’t have a job then it’s the perfect time to volunteer.  GET GOING.

  • Ellen Roby

    The only way to accomplish reform is to vote.  DEMAND to vote.  Once the election is over don’t lose interest in politics–PAY ATTENTION–beginning at the local level.  That’s where it all begins.  DEMAND accountability from all our elected officials–all the way to the top.  Don’t be so “politically correct” that you can’t have a POLITE discussion.  A discussion is an exchange of ideas, beliefs, opinions, etc..It is NOT shouting phrases heard on TV or the radio. It is politely stating your beliefs and WHY you hold those beliefs.  If you cannot do that, you better seriously question those beliefs.  THEN it is politely listening to the other person as they state their beliefs and whys.  Neither person can assess a problem, much less solve it without FIRST understanding it.  That takes conversation, aka discussion.  Of course, it helps to have an OPEN MIND.  

  • Pam Krimsky

    My question is…will we ever be able to rid ourselves of this system giving human rights to  corporations because they are throwing money into it to squelch people’s rights and if so, how?

  • Nani4kid

    The republicans have sold their souls to corporate, wallstreet money, to the 1% and left the rest of us with as little as possible. I have always known their was corruption in politics, on both sides but republicans have brought it to extremes we couldn’t imagine. They will buy the government while we sit back, know it but do what about it?

  • Overnotch

    The two party system is an inside game, keeping us at each others throats while they sell us out to corporations and banksters. Time to vote outside this system.

  • Mrsbebe

    come on and marry me, bill!  I love you so – I always will…. thank you for keeping the light of liberty alive.  I am a life long fan.

  • soogin

    I meant “…they can’t stop us from praying…”

  • Rev. Susan

    A prophet of our time.  Thank you, Bill Moyers!!  

  • Bryan Barrilleaux

    Do not vote for pockets full of money.  See how.

  • Bryan Barrilleaux

    How to vote outside the system.

  • Ginger

    Thank you, Bill, for saying clearly what needs to be said.  Those of us listening need to DO or nothing will change.

  • Georgia Gruver

    We are all frustrated.  We continually hear how the big money is stealing (or has already stolen) our government. All the commentators (except a few whom we all know) keep telling us-“We’re going to Hell in a hand-basket.”  Okay, we get it! Now what are we going to do to change it?
    Unfortunately the big money puts their ads on and so many Americans believe what they say.  If that weren’t true the Presidential race would be not be a virtual tie.
    How can we elect really honest representatives who won’t be bought off the minute they get to Washington? Yes we need election reform, but how do we get itwhen the very people who could make it happen are the same ones who profit from NOT having election reform?
    I’m not giving up but I wish some of these well meaning pundits who continue to hit us over the head with the facts about how our government is going down the tubes, would change their focus to help find a real solution!
    I don’t think there are many people in the country who don’t believe the “fat cats” are buying our democracy, but how do we take away their ability to that?

  • Robert Cowling

     But it’s not just the republicans, although they have taken corruption to a higher art form, it’s democrats too. The ‘blue dogs’ are ‘republican lite’, and still, many normally sane democrats can’t be trusted either. Levin and Stabenow voted, and sponsored the latest ‘patriot act’ type of over reaction, and both voted for the ‘bankruptcy bill’ that limited people’s ability to file for bankruptcy under tons of medical and other debt. We, as a population, need (MUST!) become better educated as to what our politicians do, and be willing to hold them accountable. I freely admit that doing so might tip the country to ruin, but it may also tip politicians towards representing the people. (Eventually)

  • Robert Cowling

     Yes, but only by being better informed and speaking out through any way we can. The last thing that we the people have as a measure of ‘speech’ is at the store. Stop buying their products. And importantly, stop voting for the same people. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten. Exactly… Speak out. Ask restaurants and bars that have tv’s tuned to Fox ‘news’ to change the channel. Shop at locally owned stores. Look for ‘Made in America’, and buy it. Stop shopping at WalMart. Recycle trash. We the people CAN effect change. To believe that you have no voice plays in to the hands of the oligarchy.

  • Robert Cowling

    This country has always had illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants pick our fruit, they work our hell hole factories. The ‘illegal immigration’ issue is a dog whistle that helps to inflame the racist subculture in our country. It’s a call to fear people with different colored skin. I laugh when I hear that ‘they’ are taking our jobs. ‘They’ didn’t ‘take our jobs’! No, our jobs were GIVEN to China and Mexico, etc so that the corporate chieftains can get their bonuses,the investor class get ‘solid returns’, and unions get it in the balls. How care the slaves revolt and demand a ‘living wage’. How dare the slaves demand respect from their masters… (We’ve been here before. Perhaps we are all black slaves now)

  • Ruth

    The Koch boys were probably happy to hear about this news. They never wanted the public to know that they were the puppet masters behind the “grass roots” Tea Party. As I have said for several years now…the US government is bankrupt. We have no power globally. We have sold our soul to the highest bidder. Obama was never elected’ rather selected. American government no longer belongs to its citizens. Others pull the strings. We are nothing more than hostages.

  • tom sanborn

     Big oil field boom here in northern Ok. where i live a lot of jobs opened up.Many of those jobs are held by those who speak spanish,and not english, It is not for me to say if they are illegal immigrants .Oil field work Is hard work, but these are well paid jobs.So go figure…..

  • Jahfre Fire Eater

    As long as politicians have power and influence to sell, every election is an auction.  Elect limited government conservatives, not neocons or progressives, to congress and this problem can be solved in on Congressional session.

  • Norcaltracker

    Alas, I think what Mr. Moyers refers to as “the nightmarish future” is already the nightmarish present…

  • Anonymous

    Someone nicely posted the names of the the Yea’s and Nay’s voting in the Senate  for Disclosure.  I added the
    names for the Democrats yea’s…only 34 votes,( Harry Reid didn’t bother to vote at all!)  Democrats Nay’s
    was 18 votes AGAINST Disclosure.  We all know the Majority of the Republicans voted Nay, however their were Seventeen (17) Free thinking Republicans who voted yes for disclosure!  That being said…with the 34 yes by the Democrats, and the 17 Republicans who  voted  yes…brought a total of 51 votes for disclosure.
    That being said…had 10 out of the 18 Democrats who voted no had relented and voted yes it would have been a 61 vote for Disclosure.  Harry Reid almost lost
    his seat in the Senate in 2010, the only reason he was voted in was because we Democrats wanted to keep the Majority in the Senate!!  He is useless and spineless,
    next time around by by….”Mr. Reid” you are uselessand should have been removed as a Majority Leader!  We need a leaders in the Congress and the Senate who are fearless and recognize they are there for the American People…not for the Lobbyists!!!
    That goes for every Democrat who voted No…we should be able to tell their votes are placed for the
    Lobbyists and what benefits them!!  As Brookly would say ‘GET RID OF THEM BUMS!!”

  • Anonymous

    Not only the Republicans but some of the Democrats…see my comments regarding the
    Discloseur vote that took place!!  I was shocked at some of the Democrats who voted Nay…
    Durbin, Kerry, Brown (Ohio) Leahy  (Vermont)
    McCaskill (shame) Nelson (Nebraska) Landrieu,
    Pryor, Harkin, Akaka! ” Had just those 10 voted “yes” the bill would have Passesd with 61 votes adding the 17 Republicans who voted yes!!  If those Republicans had not voted yes the bill would have been dead in the water leaving it up to the Democrats from the very start!!
    I only wrote the names of the 10 who shocked me with their No votes, I would love to hear their reasoning as to why they showed disloyalty!!  I am a democrat, but right now I am ashamed of them!!!  These Senators should be called out as to why they voted this way???

  • Bryan Barrilleaux

    Let them take the money.  We don’t have to vote for them. We only need a candidate who doesn’t take the money.  This is how :

  • kate

    the limited gov’t conservatives have a pricetag too. Perhaps the biggest one. I cannot reconcile the rhetoric from the right about the holy grail of “free” markets and limited gov’t while the Koch’s and their ilk are buying elections and legislation that suits them all over the country. You can’t have it both ways – those markets are not free and those offices are paid for.

  • kate

    I agree that the deck is stacked but it is our choice to be hostages. We are still the people and the will of the people is still a powerful tool. Third parties and local elections and citizen commitment to action are the courageous actions required to right the ship.

  • kate

    Read Healing the Heart of Democracy by Parker Palmer. It gave me hope 😉 and act locally and keep talking to folks around you. I stopped watching TV and I choose all of the media I consume independently. It is amazing how much easier it is to see the possibilites when you take yourself out from under the marketing attack. I won’t let myself be used that way.

  • kate

    and oh btw – how many “americans”would take these “jobs” that they are referenceing. You are exactly right about the incediary remarks and I am so tired of those citizens among us who choose to victimized by whoever they can find to blame. Step up people and find ways to change your circumstances. All politics is local and we all have some choice we can find the courage to make to change our situation. IF we all did that and focused on living with compassion & the Golden Rule we could work together to get out of this mess instead of letting these paymasters define us. Choose action !

  • kate

    All politics is local and in this day and age it can catch on quickly. Focus on what you can control, find a third party candidate for a local race, run yourself, build bridges with your candiadates, make sure they know you are watching. Work on changing your town, your county, your state. We are all discouraged at the lack of a national leader and we fail to look for how to build the long term. Build citizens, build high expectations for gov’t, fight cynicism, build hope for the future, find the tinder for the fire and support it – the opportunities will come and the blaze will be ready to be lit.

  • Skice

    The comments and the program is so geat it does not needs
    any more from me.  I can not thing anyone  providing better
    the true facts that are so wrong!  You are the best!


    It’s a shame we have a President that is just following orders from the billionaire George Soros. I thought it was hope and change and we got change for the worst.

  • Anonymous

    Reply to Chomolongma63
    Are your serious?  I would be interested in how you have such “priviliged” information as to President Obama’s private conversations…are you on his staff? It is truly laughable; that you have the audacity to raise  an issue like that!!  I would like to inquire if you have privilege to know, how Grover Norquist took the Liberty to demand the Republican Congress; to sign a Pledge called The Anti Tax Pledge?  From Whom did
    he get approval for such audacity??  This was public knowledge sir…not  just thrown out there, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Kate,  Bill Moyers had a very interesting guest a few weeks ago…a Professor Kaplan, who was discussing with Bill Moyers about our local news reports and asked the question…”How many minutes of real news is afforded the evening news”…
    the answer was/is 22 seconds!!!  I knew that myself awhile ago and stopped watching CBS, NBC, ABC nightly news and chose instead to go to PBS World News!!  The local news is Entertainment, gossip, human interst stories, sport and the weather, the rest is Commercials!!  I was sick and tired of
    the nonsense, so much of real importance is happening,  we are being censored and dumbed down!  I still watch television, but I don’t watch the  garbage like the reality shows, I watch PBS – Frontline, Bill Moyers, Nova etc. 

  • Ohpiffle


    You have an excellent way of explaining how we reached this point in history and it is very sad.  Getting people to understand why we don’t want corporate reperesentatives elected (mostly Republicans but a few Democrats too.)  People need to be smart when they go to the polls.  Find out how your Congressman blocked legislation that would benefit the average citizen.  Don’t listen to the American Crossroads or Americans for Prosperity commercials as the only prosperitythey have is for Karl Rove and the Koch Borthers!!  Not you and me!!!

  • Douglas Kubler

    A lie is a lie no matter who says it and the truth is the truth  no matter who says it.  A statement stands on its own and can be judged on its own.  If anyone bases the evaluation of a statement on who says it, not what it says then he/she doesn’t have the intelligence to be a voter.
    Disclosure is also a mechanism to suppress free speech. Certain factions attempt to punish opposing opinions with harassment and violence.

  • http://www.anthonydonovan/ AntoneD

    Thank you so much dear Bill.   In such discouraging times, I’m so encouraged by your voice…  thank you.   

  • Jean

    Your comment about disclosure as a mechanism to suppress free speech doesn’t hold water. When we can’t judge the source how do we determine what is true. Where is the courage to stand up and say I’m the one who says this or thinks this or pays for this? A statement without factual support is perhaps manipulation at best, an attempt to hide the truth most likely. Gullible people who want to keep their heads in the sand, not see what is happening and believe whatever is said without details is one of the main problems along with no accountability for fiduciary crimes against the American People by their “trusted Servants”

  • Johnw Bowers

    Thanks Jean, you saved me the trouble of asking : “how do you reconcile the two parts of your post?”  of Mr. kubler.

  • Johnw Bowers

    Simple solution: Dump the Democrats (in name only) who voted against disclosure. Could they be hiding something?

  • Johnw Bowers

    How is it that Obama was never elected Ruth? I think you are mistaking him for his predessor.. You know the one selected by the court who were put in by his Dad. His brother down in Florida and that machinery that supressed the legal vote of thousands so as to slant the outcome??

  • Anonymous

    I agree to dump them…we will just have to get find good replacements to run against them when their term is up!! We better start really looking and/or writing letters voicing our disappointment in Harry Reid, we truly don’t need him as a Majority leader, what kind of Leader doesn’t vote on something so important…I am sure he had something to do with advising the those 18 sheep who voted “NO!”
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    Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 7:10 AM
    Subject: [moyersandcompany] Re: Bill Moyers Essay: Fighting Disclosure, Killing Democracy

    Johnw Bowers (unregistered) wrote, in response to denise25:

    Simple solution: Dump the Democrats (in name only) who voted against disclosure. Could they be hiding something?
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  • Anonymous

    I agree with Johnw Bowers 100% in answer to Ruth.  SELECTED??? SELECTED 
    by who Ruth??? 

  • Pamgartland

    Thank You Bill Moyers . You are a true American and decent human being. What can the American people do to counter out this besides not voting for the lesser of the 2 evils?

  • Cliffmid

    The last time I checked, all 535 officials in the U.S. Congress were elected–one vote at a time. Folks, when we don’t pay attention to elections and read, discuss, question, we get what we deserve. Moyers has jointed the whining class. What people do with legally earned money is their business, not yours, not mine, not the government’s. Want change? Vote and think. A radical centrist.

  • Jagi Shahani

    Remember the quote: “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Can we start a write-in/blog campaign from millions of Amercians like us to force the change? We must do it now before it is too late.
    Bill? Will you create a Blog where we all write in and it then gets to the attention of those “elected” politicians and use the force of public opinion and People Power ot make them change?

  • Mick Lynch

    Keep disclosing Bill – where the Light shines –
    the shadows vanish –

  • Ellen Pierce

    Mr Moyer’s named democrats and POTUS too. but it is the republicans that are using most of the money and leading most of the resistance. We need the people to hold all representatives feet to the fire on this!!

  • Tim Iverson

    Superb commentary. Unfortunately, I’m not as optimistic about the results of full disclosure should we have it. This is not to say we shouldn’t have maximum transparency. Just that it’s not a magic bullet. IMHO, the sheep will never look up.

  • Helen711

    Check out Rachel Maddow:

  • Coming Apart

    Outstanding, just one correction, the word Republicans needs to be replaced correctly with “Republicans and Democrats!” I have found Gore Vidal’s 1968 debate comment that there was no difference in the parties, each were paid for by the same people, to be 100% correct today….
    Gore Vidal at 21 min into the segment….

  • realvieve

    Unfortunately not enough folks hear Bill. The comm links are saturated by big buck ad buyers that are sufficient ot inundate the opposition.

  • Andrew C Livingston

    Right… Because that is what happened… George Soros is the king… Right.