Baldemar Velásquez on the Need for ‘Freedom Visas’

Farmworker advocate Baldemar Velásquez tells Bill Moyers that we should treat the labor market like a commodity — allowing it to move freely over national borders with what he calls “freedom visas.” He also points out that — thanks in part to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) — U.S. trade policy has displaced millions of Mexican corn farmers, encouraging them to look for opportunities in America.

“We complain about these same guys coming over our border now,” Velásquez says. “If you want them to stop coming over, it’d be a good idea, but maybe we should stop displacing them, so they wouldn’t have to come here in the first place.”

Watch the full interview with Baldemar Velásquez

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  • John Bailo

    I absolutely agree…we need NAFTAH — Nafta for Humans. Most of the so called immigrants have no desire to be US citizens, and merely want to sell labor and use the money back in their home towns.

  • Shirley92346

    Maybe if the Mexican workers made the same living wage in both Mexico and the US, then opportunity would be equal in both countries. (I know there are Americans who would like to immigrate to Mexico.) As it is, the influx of Mexicans and other immigrants into the US is bringing down the wages in the US. This just gives the corporations an excuse to make higher and higher profits and squeeze out the middle-class in America, obliterates any chance for an equivalent middle-class in Mexico. This is leading to economic slavery for all except for the super rich. Getting rid of the Mexican/US drug problem would help too. We need to end the “War on Drugs” – legalize them, tax them, and treat the addicts as we do alcoholics.