Raise Your Voice Against Torture

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Reckoning with Torture is a film project directed by Doug Liman that features everyday Americans reading affidavits, government papers, witness statements and other documents related to U.S. torture and detention.

Make your own video and submit it to the project.

The project website includes a handy step-by-step guide or you could watch videos that others have made — including a few celebrities* — below.

Zach De La Rouda reads “Mistakenly Rendered to Torture”
A December 18, 2005 account by Khaled El-Masri, an innocent victim of the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program. Read the account “America Kidnapped Me”

Lili Taylor reads “A Soldier in Afghanistan Witnesses Torture”
The sworn statement, from February 13, 2002, of an interpreter at the Kandahar detention facility in Afghanistan. View the original document.

Robert Redford reads “The Repentant Prosecutor”
The January 12, 2009 declaration of Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld, former lead prosecutor in the military commission case of teenaged detainee Mohammed Jawad. View the original document.

Matthew Alexander, Esmeralda Santiago and America Ferrera read “Guantanamo Justice: A Detainee’s Hearing”
Documents from the October 11, 2004 Combatant Status Review Tribunal of Guantánamo detainee Mustafa Ait Idr. View the original document.

Don DeLillo reads “The CIA’s Blueprint for Rendition and Interrogation”
A December 30, 2004 CIA memo describing its rendition, detention, and interrogation program. View the original document.

* Some of these readings were taped during special events at Lincoln Center in New York City and the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

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  • Granny02

    The United States has become Germany of 1933-1945.

  • Jim

    This is a noble, creative, and powerful initiative. The filmaker and writer deserve appreciation as do the increasing voices who are echoing the truth across a landscape of silence.

  • Drbgol

    i watched the bill moyers interview with the authors and saw the reading by zach de la rouda.
    i was moved to want to do a reading of a document, but do not have the equipment. there should be a place where people can go to do readings–kind of like various oral history projects in n.y..

  • H Graybill

    Will President Obama be tried with them? He is doing essentially the same thing now. Of course now it is being done by drones so it’s not so personal.

  • David F., N.A.

    Besides the Bush, Blair and Obama admins, when was the last time an American or European government had used torture on prisoners and innocent civilians? 

    Quite the eye opener, huh?

  • http://dadarobotnik.com/ Davey Davis

    Hey there, 

    I’d suggest reaching out to your community via craigslist or other platforms, introducing the project and asking for cameras. I filmed Zack’s reading and some of the others around New York by making Couchsurfing events.