Take Action: Make TV Stations Do the Right Thing

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With both the authority of Citizens United and big money behind it, negative and misleading political advertising seems virtually unstoppable… or is it? Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center is raising her hand with one solution.

TV and radio stations are required to air political ads from candidates for federal office, Jamieson points out, but that rule doesn’t apply to third-party advertising; station managers run those at their own discretion. Jamieson is calling on regular citizens to encourage their local TV stations to reject misleading political ads. But can conscience defeat cash? Jamieson’s website, Flackcheck.org, makes it easy for users to contact their local station managers.

Watch Jamieson make her case:

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  • Abcasey

    This might sound like a great idea, but commercial radio and TV stations connected to the major networks depend on these revenues.  Do you think this is realistic? What about those stations that are pro one party or another? All I can say is, Thank Goodness for PBS.  

  • Ramonrapido

    Will be nice to don’t use expressions as American back yard,
    referring to Latin America, those are independent countries and neighbors, can
    be called neighborhood instead. Talk with respect about other countries and
    cultures will help to shape a more peaceful foreign policy. Freedom did not
    born in the United States, in fact slavery and prohibition of royalty titles
    and segregation where abolish first in Latin America. During all the political
    debates the references to foreign policy looks more despotic than libertarian.  

  • Lynn Allen

     Always operate on the idea that you will succeed.  Admit failure ONLY when forced to it.
      Some ideas take persistence and lots of people stating their desire.  For profit enterprises may change their mind IF they receive enough feed back from potential  or actual customers. 
      Keep expressing your voice, or face losing it.

  • Mleonjanssen

    I am but one voice among the billions of other voices striving for freedom in a world that does not care if I am here or not.   The only thing I can do is hope for the best and expect the worse of human nature which has become a distortion of real nature.
    May we all know the difference between what is real and what is not real.

  • GradyLeeHoward

    But don’t waste your energy on a fool’s errand just because an authority figure suggested it. Knowing the structural tendencies and probably outcomes of our maladjusted society is valuable knowledge. Confront  injustice where it is vulnerable, and do so in a public venue where your merits can be seen. Moyers has railed against the concentration of media power for a decade while regulators have let it consolidate among a few owners. It is perplexing he should expect the greediest and the most recalcitrant enemies of an informed public to relent now because of mild and polite complaints. Get real Kathleen and Bill. Occupiers put their entire being on the line and barely caused a ripple. America becomes more like Syria while we fiddle with politeness. Maybe tactics died with Saul Alinsky in 1972? No-o-o-o-t!

  • GradyLeeHoward

    I agree. Ralph Nader is suggesting a push to set the national minimum wage at $10 an hour and more. He reasons there is an existing  majority who support that already. All the cruel reactionaries would be forced into open opposition. Being drawn entirely into the election cycle charade is mistaken. Only real mobilized issues can push candidates to serve common interests. 

    If Nader’s idea were put in practice that would be a stepping stone for bigger reforms. For instance, we could campaign to “lower the maximum wage” and support candidates courageous for that value. And if the minimum wage were upgraded that could only benefit our economy.

    Whining to the Deaf station owners is futile.

  • GradyLeeHoward

    Add my voice to yours so we can be heard.

  • GradyLeeHoward

    Yep, we ain’t exceptional. We’re people.
    Media has had revolutionary applications in Central and South America
    we’ve neglected here. Our object should be to reclaim media, not to glorify the current  pirates claiming to own bandwidth resources.
    “Oh, please Mr. Patron could you see it in your heart to vet the accuracy of the lucrative political garbage with which you bombard us? We know it is difficult to displease the wealthy oligarchs who bankroll you, but do you not think one ray of sunshine piercing the thunderhead could win you favor with us tiny ones. Notice how even the druglords hand out favors to their fans. We beg your indulgence if we have disturbed your elite comfort so richly deserved.” (Is this Jamieson’s prescription? Maybe.)

  • GradyLeeHoward

    I’m agreeing here with Abcasey, but Disqus misplaced my response.

  • GradyLeeHoward

    This suggestion mistakenly assumes a level playing field.

  • Lynn Allen

    Technology has changed a few things lately ..  Short messages from cell phones .  alternative news from alternative sources etc.
    We have to see the new power we have and to manifest it.  If  the majority of people voice their concerns often and to every elected official, they will be heard. 
       I have sent this to my elected and other officials in an effort to give to voice another point of view.  We have to match or over take the voice of minorities that are our of control.    Here is my current message  –  To the officials elected to represent me.

       I appreciate your
    actions and wish to thank you for your service.  I do believe it has been difficult.


      Why is there no
    talk of the enforcing the constitutional separation of church and state?  

      I truly feel that
    my government is not protecting me, enforcing the Constitution or serving any
    interests other than a tyrannical “Christian Conservative” minority.  We are trying to stop bulling in schools,
    but not in our government?


       Enforcement of the
    Constitution’s first amendment gives freedom of religion to all, and not just
    to the “Christian Conservatives”. 
    Unless, and until the Constitution is enforced to provide religions
    freedom TO ALL religions, I will continue to speak out against the tyranny and
    bulling of all “Christian Religions” until they become more tolerant
    of other religions.  Religion must not
    be forced on others – ever!


       Since the other
    Christian religious institutions are not trying to moderate the “Christian
    Conservatives”, and have encouraged them by their non-action, I can only
    find all Christians guilty of Bulling and the tyrannical actions that mark a
    dark past when the church held trials and brutalized people they considered not
    in accord with their religion.  It is
    time to hold bullies accountable and enforce the First Amendment of our


       Please use my
    comments to express the feeling of tyranny and the frustrations of people with
    other religious beliefs feel toward being bullied by out of control
    “Christian Conservatives”.


       Thank you for your
    past actions, and I just wish to express my views more clearly so that you can
    represent more of your constituents.  I
    do believe you have acted in my interests so far, but wish to voice a silent
    majority view that needs to be equally represented.

  • GradyLeeHoward

    Problem: Christianofascists have phones too.

  • Lynn Allen

     Lets see if we outnumber them.  Lets try.  Lets have a voice.  It is still free,  for now, after all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sal3rd Seabury Lyon

    It is OUR media, after all and it is OUR responsibility to wake up to the need for transparency  and make OUR outrage felt as broadly and painfully as possible so that the moguls can only ignore us at their peril. Gene Sharp, MLK and others have shown us that Popular, non-violent Revolt is the antidote to oppression.  Hiding sources of lies and deception in media is a tool for Oppression.