Comics Artist Joe Sacco on His Work

July 20, 2012

Since the early 1990s, graphic artist and journalist Joe Sacco has collected acclaim for combining on-the-ground reporting in some of the grittiest international conflict zones with sharply stylized biographical cartoons. In this extended cut of the portrait of Sacco from this week’s Moyers & Company, we explore his full body of work and hear about the experiences that propelled him to spawn the unique genre of comics journalism.

Sacco’s latest project called Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, explores trenchant poverty in America’s “sacrifice zones” and is a two-year long collaboration with fellow Moyers & Company guest, the journalist Chris Hedges.

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  • Pam Krimsky

    I enjoyed listening to Joe Sacco speak and enjoyed seeing his artwork.  As an artist, he is able to represent his political ideas in his drawings, telling his personal perspective.

  • Guest

    Joe Sacco violates the no more than TWO CHILDREN rule, so he doesn’t understand the perils that face this planet. Until we mandate that no more than two children can be produced by any person, then we will continue on this road to annihilation.

    We understood this in the 60s and 70s but then the Republicans abolished that critical thinking and we find ourselves where we are today. Prior to the 70s, we had 60% college attendance and now that is below 25%. Start addressing the NUMBERS, such as, 4 billion over populated and rapidly increasing to extinction, etc.

    It is all in the numbers and no one seems to be addressing the crux of the problem. Please do so.

  • David F., N.A.

    I don’t know which I liked more: Mr. Sacco’s drawings or his storytelling.  What a gift.  Plus I thought his outlook on being a journalist was a given if you were a journalist.  Too bad, these days, this needs to be reiterated over and over again.

  • Anonymous

    I love and admire Joe’s work. His “Palestine” and “Footnotes in Gaza” remain among my treasured possessions. Hearing him explain his work and motivations I was delighted to note a man as serious, considerate, thoughtful as I had expected.

  • Marinadisalina

    where do you find his work ? newspapers, mags? I am in a rural area.

  • Brian Spence

    Comicbook stores (good ones), Amazon, etc.

  • Judith Lienhard

    my library