Tom Morello on Music for a Movement

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In this 2012 Moyers Moment from Moyers & Company, songwriter Tom Morello — known as the guitarist for the band Rage Against the Machine, and more recently as a solo performer under the name “The Nightwatchman” — discusses the role he and his music play at political protests, and the American tradition of social justice troubadours.

Watch the full conversation between Bill Moyers and Tom Morello.

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  • Kirk Anderson


  • Larry Walton

    Social protest through music in the United States has a rich history. This artist fails in two areas. First the music. I regret the demise of the big label artists at the hands of the Internet. Money music sometimes promoted the wrong group or failed to promote deserving group, but the overall quality was far superior to what we have today. The second failure of this artist is his message. Really in the bushes with a bat, what a chowder head.

  • MotherMac

    As a firm believer in Social Justice, this is one of my favoirte Bill Moyer’s interviews. I keep Tom Morella and other young people like him in my prayers, because our nation needs leaders with moral principles that question the status-quo.

  • Elaine Michaud

    This was an inspiration. Thank you, Bill, for bringing it to us.