Johnny Cash on Our Personal Prisons

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In the 1990 documentary Amazing Grace, Bill Moyers looks at how one song has changed people’s lives across America, from church choirs to opera singers to prison inmates. In this clip, Johnny Cash performs “Amazing Grace,” which he played for an audience at Huntsville State Prison in Texas. Cash reflects on the first time he sang it — in the fields with his family, grieving after his brother died. We also hear from members of Huntsville’s prison choir what “Amazing Grace” means to someone spending the rest of his life being punished for his crimes.

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  • Patricia Stidham-Burns

    excellent as usual Mr Moyers!

  • Steve Franz

    Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful clip with us.

  • Orafaelag

    Very moving.

  • Joanna Jones-Whitney

    Thank you for sharing this with me. Beautiful

  • Andrea

    Wonderful … there’s nothin’ more to say … Love it !

  • Sadie Custer

    Grace finds us in the most impossible places. Grace never leaves us, tho we only recognize it, when we have nothing left. This is so touching!

  • Francie

    It seems as though when there is nothing left to lose, this song really has meaning. Maybe the rest of us should take this lesson and listen more closely

  • Mary Johanna

    Beautiful, thanks for reminding us.