They Support Marriage Equality, But Olson and Boies Have Their Differences

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Star attorneys Theodore Olson and David Boies, who appeared in the Supreme Court today arguing in support of same-sex marriage, first discussed their legal challenge with Bill in 2010 on Bill Moyers Journal. The two have argued before the high court many times before but from opposite ends of the political spectrum, most famously during Bush v. Gore in 2000, when Olson represented soon-to-be-President George W. Bush, and Boies, his opponent. Despite ideological differences, the two say they are good friends and “respectful adversaries.”

In this web extra video from the 2010 interview, they debate the legal arguments and the consequences of Bush v. Gore and Citizens United, which Olson argued and won before the Supreme Court. That decision’s impact was felt during the most recent election cycle, when unprecedented sums were spent on political campaigns.

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  • Anonymous

    I guess one should not be surprised by the Court’s decision in either Bush v Gore or Citizens United — even if they were the worst decisions ever made by the US Supreme Court. Ted Olson is masterful. I was stunned watching the footage of him arguing Bush v Gore. Like David Bois, he was born with the gene for courtroom argument. They are quite simply rock stars.