The 113th Congress: By the Numbers

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Bloomberg Businessweek produced this colorful chart detailing what was gained and lost in terms of the occupations, genders, sexual orientation, religious affiliations — and mustaches — of our representatives in the transition from the 112 to the 113 Congress.

Click on the chart to zoom at Bloomberg Businessweek


For the record, we lost two ‘staches in the Senate, but gained one in the House.

(via exp.lore tumblr)

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  • Karen Weiler-Ortega

    mustaches????? lol

  • ProfessorHS

    And it seems that at least 3 of the mustaches are women.

  • Alaska Girl

    50% or more are Millionaires. Our “Representative” government doesn’t represent.

  • johnutah

    Too many lawyers!

  • Dave Atch

    “Medical Professionals” is too vague. If Studs had done this, we’d know how many nurses. Zero?