Activists Deliver 200,000 Petition Signatures to FCC

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Representatives of the media advocacy group Free Press deliver 200,000 petition signatures to the FCC. (Free Press)

Media activists delivered 200,000 petition signatures opposing the relaxation of media ownership rules to the Federal Communications Commission earlier today. The signatures were gathered by good government and media advocacy groups including Free Press, Common Cause, CREDO Action, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s RainbowPush coalition and the Communications Workers of America labor union as part of an on-going campaign against further media consolidation.

The petitions came after a week of growing support for the issue. On Monday, 44 members of the House of Representatives, including the chairs of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, sent a letter to the FCC expressing concern that relaxing media ownership laws would hurt diversity and local news coverage at broadcasters across the country. The letter cited FCC research released last month that found women and racial and ethnic minorities are dismally underrepresented in media ownership — women owned less than 7 percent of commercial radio and television stations, and minorities own only 3.6 percent of TV stations and just 8 percent of radio stations.

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  • Dean McCartney

    Rupert Murdock! Not a fit and proper person to have the stewardship of a major company.That was the verdict at his trial in Great Britten.I would like to know why you do not use this fact at the top of all your correspondence.People need to be made aware of this fact,there is to much assumption that people know this.I don”t know how you expect to get anything done when it sounds like you are sending a note to the tooth fairy. you might try and look a bit more serious in the photos.

  • Pat Elgee

    Once there were laws against monopolies. Are the laws gone? The last company that I recall that was busted was ATT. Ford busted that one. Of course, now ATT is bigger, but then they pay more in “contributions.” Media pays millions in political contributions. It is all about greed and lack of love for the future of the country.