“Perpetual Campaign”

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The Citizens United stimulus worked. Political spending is America’s economic powerhouse. Don’t let the voters put a stop to $6 billion in free-market activity that’s good for the economy and good for America. It’s time for the perpetual campaign!

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  • Elmer Gantry

    I don’t know about other states, but Tennessee does not tax advertising (or newspaper sales)…great satire amyway.

  • Ross

    Make no mistake the majority of spending is with television ads . Which is owned by Comcast or the other 3 or 4 cable companies where Comcast owns NBC universal which runs Bravo E sify a&e etc etc . all NBC affiliates across the nation . The money is not going to local economies , As VHF was killed by congress – now all television is bought or sold, aired or not by the cable giants . Nice work when you can get it from inside the belt way …..