Which Candidate’s Fiscal Policies Benefit You?

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This morning, as our team prepared to hunker down for Hurricane Sandy, Bill shared a website with us that provides a clear picture of how you — and people financially similar to you — will be helped or hurt by each candidate’s policies. Politify.com asks you to enter certain details that you provide when filing taxes (income, dependents, etc.), and then uses that information to explain how Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s economic plans will help or hurt you.

The site also gives the option to enter your address, then provides a map of how each candidates’ policies will impact your community. The site says that 69.8 percent of American households would benefit more from Obama’s policies, and 30.2 percent would benefit more from Romney’s. But many Americans will vote against their financial self-interest — Politify maps that too.

Check it out at politify.com.

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  • Sue Buttram

    It’s too bad none of the other candidates are included.