Jill Stein Weighs In on the Organic Food Debate

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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is a physician and environmental-health advocate known to prepare her own organic meals on the campaign trail. Her party’s platform calls for a transition to organic agriculture. When Stein was in the studio to record this weekend’s show, we asked her to weigh in on the debate over a recent Stanford study which found that organic foods aren’t any more nutritious than conventional foods. Food-fighting words to be sure. Here’s her response.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/lynnlwilliams Lynn Williams-Porreca

    finally someone understands the food epidemic in this country…….forks over knives? :)

  • http://twitter.com/Aine Áine MacDermot

    Not only should you look at a large number of studies, you also need to look at who’s funding them, who stands to gain by one outcome or another, the impact on the environment of long distance food, etc. No food that contains within its cells an insecticide or an herbicide can possibly be good to ingest, those crops are meant to kill living creatures.

  • Brian Kilpatrick

    Jill, the simple answer is twofold. Organic food is more nutritious when eaten fresh. All food loses nutritional value when it sits on a shelf. Second, while the nutritional value of food sitting on shelf may be similar, the pesticides are what is killing us. A lot of the pesticides in organic food come from traveling in trucks, and is non existent when fresh.

    And the next time someone asks you what is the first thing you would do, don’t say fire Wall Street. Say you would enact campaign reform to get wall street out of politics. Just a thought

  • Diane Noland

    …and the China Study.

  • http://twitter.com/donilo252525 doug lowe


    I appreciate your input re organic food. As to replacing “fire” with “enact campaign reform to get wall street out of politics,” why in the world use 10 words when one active, dynamic word will do the job with a lot more punch? Language has great power if it is used effectively, and in a campaign the fewer words needed the better IMO. Do you tweet? If so, that’s a great learning place for compacting what you have to say in as few words as possible.

    Keep up the good fight about the food we eat – it’s so true that what we are is what we eat, and I believe that spreads throughout all aspects of society.

  • Ed

    See http://hortsci.ashspublications.org/content/44/1/15.full The decline in nutrients is attributable mostly to faster growth produced by GMO crops and high doses of chemical fertilizers. It’s a well-done study without political motivation.