Video: ‘Nuns on the Bus’ Visits Paul Ryan’s Office

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A group of nuns led by Sister Simone Campbell is driving from the small towns of the Midwest to the urban centers of the East to protest the House Republican budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Yesterday, they brought their message to Ryan’s door, visiting the congressman’s office in his home town of Janesville, Wisconsin. There, Sister Simone spoke with members of Ryan’s staff and greeted supporters gathered outside.

Ryan was in Washington at the time, but issued this statement defending his budget plan: “Economic stagnation, and a growing dependency on government assistance, continues to push this country toward a debt crisis, in which those who get hurt the first and the worst are the poor, the sick and the elderly, the people who need government the most.”

To find out where the nuns are heading next and see how the Ryan budget would affect constituents in each state they pass through, check out our interactive map of their trip.

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  • Art As Social Inquiry

    My girls rock!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Classic GOP strategy: to claim that their policies are and will do the exact opposite. As IF “dependency on government services” were the cause of our debt crisis. As IF cutting social support like SNAP (aka Food Stamps) will really solve the problem.

  • Jesse Clark

    Right On Sisters…!  Actually doing the work that JC asked us to do…

  • Lawdog1947

    Hmmm…lot’s to think about.  I can’t help but wonder about all this hoopla the Nuns are talking about.  First, I assume its about benefits for the “poor” or “needy”.  I believe in doing everything I can for the truly needy and poor.  But, I can’t stomach doing things for those who refuse to do anything for themselves.  Not too long ago, I was part of a committee to raise funds for the needy.  After months of planning, then more months of actually collecting donations and funding, we finally made our first contact with a “needy” family.  They did indeed live in squalor, and a lot of filth.  The father was unemployed, and hadn’t worked for almost 2 years.

    As we were speaking with the family, we noticed the man had a very large bandage covering his upper and part of his shoulder.  We asked if he was okay and he said: “Oh, that’s nothing.  I just go some work done a new tatoo I’ve been wanting and it just needs to be kept covered for a few hours.”

    Huh?  I don’t know much about tatoos, but I’m told they are pricey.  Where did he get the money?  No one works, they all draw Food Stamps and Welfare.  And, both the Mother and the Father smoked cigarettes – and I think a carton of cigarettes costs somewhere around $25 or $30 dollars each.  In the trash can in the kitchen I noticed it was full of beer cans.

    So,  this is the family we are going to feed and clothe?  A man who takes the governments welfare money and spends it on tatoos, cigarettes and beer?

    I’m having a problem with sympathy.  So, this is what I meant by there is lots to think about.  Just handing out welfare is not the answer…accountability is.  We can offer help, but in return the recipients must help,  too.  For example…a needy or poor man or woman who is physically able to work should be required to work at a Government funded job that actually contributes to the welbeing of not only his family, but to the rest of us Americans (that work and fork over our hard-earned money to the government-after all THAT is where the money the politicians give away comes from.)

    Well, I have a soft spot in my heart for the needy, but not for bums.  I think if Jesus were here today, he’d probably have something to say about these bums – and he’d probably feed and clothe them, eventually finding a way for them to be punished for the slothful ways.  If you are Christian, you may recall the story of Sodom and Gomorrah…a group of humans who were not living within the standard of the Lord.  So, not likely those who refuse to help themselves and literally sponge off of others would find sympathy in the Christian community.

    Well, got that off my chest…now to all you street bums, go find a job!

  • Cathymulv

    Thanks Bill for keeping us updated on ‘the nuns on the bus!”  These nuns are the TRUE Christian values in action……..I commend them on their work.   I know that they will continue to take a lot of
    flack from the organized Catholic Church, but I am proud of them for following in Christ’s foodsteps….not what is acceptable to the Vatican!

  • Victor

    You make many valid points about welfare fraud.  I do agree with the Nuns on some of what they are saying to help the needy but like you said, there is alot of fraud and I would sure like to ask this Sister about that.  There has to be alot MORE accountability and politicians love to talk about that but do very little about that.  And what gets me so mad are the people who cheat the system with welfare handouts but on the other hand, the government’s incompetence makes it too easy for them to get away with all this fraud.  And we have enough of a problem with legal Americans cheating the system but it gets even worse when the ILLEGALS do it, too.  I wish the Nuns could solve some of this problem with their messages but I am not holding my breath for any real change anytime soon.

  • Mousie

    Just look art Europe – we are heading that way.

  • Strawman411

     Lawdog, you make a good point. 

    Now how are we going to wean huge corporations off of their welfare?  If they gamble and make a profit, it’s theirs.  If they gamble and lose, we pick up the tab.  A tab several orders of magnitude larger than that which might help a few bums scattered along with the millions of hard-working poor.

  • Ribeekah11

    Did you ever stop and think that there may be some mental health issues going on with this family.  After all, the behaviors do appear to be outside normal behavior.  Is the problem generational? Did you ask probing questions about the parents and grandparents?  I’m sure you would have learned a lot to  be more like Jesus.

  • nurseatn

    This response is so common.  I have heard this from other folks too that one story like this makes them judge all others with the same measure.  It is funny but poor people that are chronically poor may develop some very bad habits just like anyone.  First it is not the children’s fault, and they are still in need.  I suppose families that are well off and not asking for help are ok to drink and smoke, same bad habits, why should anyone else be different.  Who knows maybe he has a friend doing the tatoo.  But still Jesus does not want you to judge the people you are giving to.  Once you develop the attitude you have you think all of the poor do not deserve it . You see them as worthless and you think you are better.  You feel righteous.  From all I have learned from the Christian churches you will have a harder time going to heaven than those poor.

  • Gwells2001

    I hear you but you don’t have anyone scrutinizing your every move and where you spend
    your money…..they smoke because they have anxiety, stress, or who knows.  I worked for the housing court in Boston helping people being evicted and the most common thread 
    that I saw was physical illness that chipped away at their lives slowly or it was a mental
    disability.  There were definitely some drug and alcohol use but it wasn’t nearly as much of
    an issue as people who had no insurance, no where to go, lots of pain.  I’d medicate too and so would you.  There are plenty of creative ways for communities to work together and
    help and make them accountable.  You never know if you or I could be next to experience 
    a real family or personal hardship.  

  • Nurseatn

    More welfare fraud and medicare fraud was uncovered in this Administration than ever before.  Look it up.  They have stopped and uncovered quite a few very large fraudulent activities.  Some millions of dollars worth. They must continue to do this. There are individual things that happen.  Food stamps though is a very worthwhile program as it also puts money into the system increases spending, helps a lot.  Read about that also.

  • Gwells2001

    I may go back to being catholic if conclave made her the pope.  Refreshing, intelligent and spot
    on.  She’s worked with the poor and knows they are not different from anyone else.   Run for
    pres. pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!  I’m tired of all these instituions run by men failing……..wall street,
    congress, the catholic church, the sports industry (sandusky), military.  It’s time for men to 
    realize that a balance would benefit them and the world.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Sister!   The poor did not cause our budget crisis and making them suffer more  so the rich can get richer and the military can haver a bigger budget  is senseless and criminal. Let’s  solve our deficit by actually making the wealthy PAY their fair share of taxes and returning the Glass Stegall law to Wall Street so they can’t gamble away our money and economy anymore.  Blaming the poor–a classless Republican ploy– is only going to make people poorer and more desperate.  Is this the kind of America we want to live in?

  • Hardworkingcitizen

    I am a college educated person who adopted four children from the foster care system, and I have always worked since I was 17 years of age. Now my daughters are nearly grown, two in college with uncertain futures. Two in high school and I work two different jobs and can barely keep up with the cost of everything. We do not have fancy cable or cell phones, nor do I have car payments or credit cards. But I receive food stamps otherwise we would not have much money for food.Food banks are a hit and miss food supply. I don’t buy ready made food I cook the old fashioned ways.   I have been without health care for nearly 15 years. I am a recent college graduate in education in a market where they recently laid off many teachers. I have always worked hard and believed that America was a country that cared for it people. My beliefs have been shaken by all the political corruption and the tax laws that favor the wealthy. Paul Ryan does not have a program that makes any sense.

  • Shoregirl

    I find ironic in a kind of ignorant, pathetic way that not one person criticizing people on welfare  here said one thing about health insurance companies cheating them and robbing them of their money with corporate welfare…On top of that, insurance companies decide their healthcare, instead of a licensed healthcare provider doing this…As a mental healthcare professional, I didnt do this, insurance companies were the authorities…So many people remain silent on that…WHY???????..I always thought that was called fraud..So why is that okay for insurance companies to rob them of services and care  but people on welfare are the “cheats”??.Insurance steal far more of your money than any welfare recipient….Please get educated here….Illegal aliens are caught in a crossfire maze of being unable to complete their papers for citizenship because of   complicated red tape that keeps them in limbo for years, sometimes decades…So what are they supposed to do in the meantime???…And all those jobs that no one wants?…Those are held by illegals…What happens when the jobs  arent filled because illegals are deported?…Did the criticizers ever think of this??….Our economy plumments when that happens but they never talk about that….People like to scapegoat and criticize but are unaware of the realities that compound and slow down legalization of immigrants..Im really tired of this scapegoating and ignorance….Another irony that no one has mentioned is that poor people on welfare are stressed and may smoke or drink because they are often denied healthcare by health insurance companies….No one says a word about how they are denied care by insurance companies or how therapists like me are prevented from doing their jobs that insurance companies have taken over……That gradual chipping away of rights and neglect of care and denial of anything they deem medically unneccit is welll known evidence that neglected care for such ailments as PTSD leads to chronic problems of anxiety and addictions…which further   leads to long term  chronic social  and psychological problems……How do I know  all this?…I saw it all as a licensed mental health therapist working with the poor for 20 years..Working in the trenches and seeing the realities of what is happening..

  • skyblue

    of course. everything is wrong with Europe, and nothing wrong with the us. in fact, the us didn’t even get into a debt crisis before Europe, right?

  • skyblue

    perhaps you should find him a job. then you might notice they’re not so easy to find. govt is shedding jobs all the time. so don’t pin one bad family example on the rest of the unemployed, and pretend we don’t have a jobs crisis here.

  • Tfwelsh3

    ” a lovely visit”?

  • Alice Olson

    It was American bankers’ greed and criminal behavior that caused the crisis in Europe and worldwide.  I can’t take any great pride in that.  The difference between the US and Spain/Italy/Greece in the wake of the crisis is that we enacted a stimulus program that took away the sting of the very worst of it while the EU insisted on further crippling the economies of these countries by demanding austerity. No economy grows without someone putting money into it.  I’m guessing you don’t acknowledge that basic principle nor the power of the difference between the EU and Obama’s response to the crisis.  

    As well, “Europe” includes more than Spain, Greece and Italy.  The Scandinavian countries, the most “socialist” of all in Europe, are doing fine.  They know how to put money into the pockets of those who will spend it and, in doing so, stimulate their economies just as our too-small-but-at-least-something stimulus did for us.

  • Alice Olson

    Not to mention, the bulk of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid is perpetrated by doctors and lawyers, not by recipients.  It consists of unneeded  (and frequently fictitious) diagnostic tests and other medical services that line the pockets of these criminals.

  • mgtu

    So exactly how are people suppose to act to be considered worthy of your help?  You obviously need a better screening process. 
    Absolutely no alcohol or cigarettes?  When you can’t afford to go out to dinner or a movie are you allowed to buy a 6 pack instead?  Apparently not.  How often will you allow them to rent a dvd?  You ever talk to somebody trying to quit smoking or someone who couldn’t afford the gum or pills to quit?  Are there any regular jobs available let alone that government job for needy people you refer to?  Did you offer them a way to join your group and help in a non-monetary way?  Have you spent any time with somebody who struggles day to day to try to make ends meet?And then you top it off with Jesus would eventually find a way to punish them.  You and I do not know the same Jesus.    

  • Anonymous

    This is obviously a sequel to “Snakes on a Plane”.  This is more a group of “statists” than a group of religious people.  Their big idea…to force OTHER PEOPLE to pay for the things that they want.  Such arrogance.  They believe that other people are not charitable so they MUST be forced to help their fellow man.

  • Foggydew

     I have looked at ART in Europe. It was beautiful and awe inspiring!

  • Penlou

    Pfft! All that concern for the poor and those who struggle, ignoring the needs of the wealthy amongst us.  Who do these women think they  are?  Christians?

  • Sue L

    Great snark! 

  • cougar

    We are heading the way of Europe?????????  /which way, /Germany or France?  How about a little clarity on your post…

  • agingchildofthesixties

     wow, you have gone above and beyond in so many ways. And I know that you know there are so many others working just as hard to “make it.”  It just should not be SO hard, demand SO much in time, and energy, and sacrifice from individuals/families. We have no social contract left in this country, if there ever was one. I’m beginning to think that whatever social contract we had was a happy accident of circumstances and having the “right” politicians in positions of influence at the time many of these crucial supports were legislated.  I’m appalled by the selfishness and judgmentalness of so many Americans..

  • Essencedeva

    Actually, the cost of war is what is pushing this country toward a debt crisis.

  • Heart of the Matter

    Sister Simone is amazing, as is her entire “troupe”.  Hoping her spirit – and voice – holds out for the whole tour.  Her message is clear, right, and understandable.   Bless ’em.

  • samthevba

    What is Sister’s position on abortion?  

  • Erika

    If you haven’t heard, the nuns were attacked last week by Iowa radio personality Jan Mickelson. His guest on the show was Rep. Latham, and together they ‘joked’ about pulling them over and pistol whipping them. It is unbelieavable, and yet true. Please help us get the word out about their suggestions for using violence as a way to deal with people you disagree with, even peaceful nuns! 

  • Make38

    Re: Nuns-on-a-Bus


    On the evening of 06/29/12, I attended the
    “Nuns-on-a-Bus” presentation in Philadelphia, Pa. A heart-felt message was delivered
    by the novice who is a social worker in Kensington. The novice gave a face,
    name, pain to the poor. I am extremely concerned about the other sister’s

    Yes, I heard about the comedian who got her nose stuck in
    the door of the bus. Yes, I heard the sister who was on many talk/radio shows.
    Yes, I heard the sister who cried when a poor man wrote her a money order for
    $2.50. Yes, I heard how each sister loves working with one another, delights in
    a 12 seat bus for 5 sisters, hated the heat in one location and terminated the
    presentation because of the heat. I tried to picture Mother Theresa on the
    stage last evening…and, I could not – Mother Theresa would be out in the
    slums, the ghettos, the inner city streets caring for the poor, not giving
    cutesy versions of her traveling adventures. I think I actually heard one of
    the speakers refer to nuns on a bus as her “posse.” The audience chuckled. But,
    there is nothing humorous about the heart-wrenching condition of the homeless
    or the atrocity of a lonely senior citizen cramped up in an un-air conditioned
    dirty apartment in sweltering 100 degree temperature…and, dying from heat
    stroke. There is nothing humorous about unvaccinated children, or little ones
    with the teeth rotting out of their mouth due to no dental insurance. There is
    nothing humorous about the many, many people in our country today without a
    job. Additionally, the definition of posse according to is


    1645 (in Anglo-L. from 1314), shortening of posse comitatus
    “the force of the country” (1626, in Anglo-L. from 1285), from M.L.
    posse “body of men, power,” from L. posse “have power, be
    able” + comitatus “of the country,” gen. of L.L. word for
    “court palace.” Modern slang meaning “small gang” is
    probably from Western movies.


    Sisters, really? 
    Are you defining yourselves as a powerful body of men? Or, are you
    defining yourselves with the modern slang version of posse?

    The sisters talked about diversity, yet there were no
    people of color on the stage. There was no mention of the great civil rights
    leaders in our country’s history who championed the plight of the poor,
    underprivileged, mistreated citizens in our country…the very purpose of “Nuns
    on a Bus.” After listening to the stirring impassioned Martin Luther King “I
    Have A Dream” speech, I am compelled to promote social justice. I am concerned
    that on a public forum where the opportunity to raise awareness for social
    justice is profound, a sister needed to talk about one another’s sleeping
    habits. One of the nuns on a bus gleefully described a trite, sophomoric
    incident between two traveling sisters who slept through a storm.   

    The sisters talked about inclusion of all religions, yet
    there were no rabbis or religious leaders from other faiths on the stage. The
    sisters choose two Marty Hageman hymns to sing. Why not choose one Hageman hymn
    and make the second hymn a Spanish selection, or a Spiritual.  Why not invite an area Baptist/Methodists/Lutheran/another
    choir from each state to sing?

    And, perhaps the most disturbing event last evening was
    the slide presentation illuminating all five sisters faces among gold stars. Jesus,
    who hung on a cross, would never have his face shamelessly self-promoted in such
    an embarrassing childish shtick. Jesus chose to have His face imprinted in a
    dirty piece of cloth. Instead of tacky gold stars surrounding Jesus’ face,
    there was a bloody, piercing crown of nails. How could the sisters use their
    slide presentation differently? While traveling state to state the sisters
    could actually visit and photograph the slums, the ghettos, the boarded-up
    Section 8’s. A picture says a thousand words. The sisters wouldn’t have to
    speak and tell silly stories. The pain portrayed in their photos would quietly
    scream injustice.

    The sisters bragged how easily they raised $150,000. The
    sisters told us the check came in “fine stationary.” Why does the audience need
    to know the quality of note paper?  Why
    not give that money to the poor and instead take the train or better yet walk….like
    Jesus did in sandals…not in that ridiculous, pricey bus. Their message would be


  • forthelove

    You are right Gwells, I don’t have people scrutinizing every move I make with my money. I also don’t use OTHER people’s money to spend. I am a single Mom, doesn’t get child support due to an injured ex spouse, and worked 3 jobs at one time. It’s not the government that should be providing for needy people. It is our churches. My church does that. Regularly. We have a widows and single Mom’s program. We provide free health care at our Dream Center from physicians that volunteer their time. Our church provides medicines for the poor. Last week, we fixed a leaking roof of a church member’s Mom that had water in her house every time it rained. We help the elderly. The government didn’t help these people. Jesus’s command did. We obeyed.With gladness to serve in our hearts.

  • Ken Baron

    The Nuns of the Bus warm my heart. What they have done is the most meaningful, socially relevant, and loving gesture to come out of the Church in a long time. They deserve applause for their efforts.

  • OneOfUs

    There was very little logic, but a great deal of innuendo in Ryan’s statement: “Economic stagnation, and a growing dependency on government assistance, continues to push this country toward a debt crisis, in which those who get hurt the first and the worst are the poor, the sick and the elderly, the people who need government the most.” How unfortunate that we don’t even ask for clarification when our politicians use doublespeak when addressing the public.

  • uscitzn

    The Tea is throwing a welcome home rally in Waukesha, WI tomorrow for Romney and Ryan; I hope the Nuns can make it there!

  • uscitzn

    oops – Tea Party

  • NitaBoc

    That and corporate welfare and subsidies as well as the banksters.

  • NitaBoc

    Yes, we could learn a lot from Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Germany!

  • NitaBoc

    Oh, and I forgot France.

  • Anonymous

    The cruelty of people like Paul Ryan is unbearable. He will let his wealthy friends keep growing their wealth while the middle class and the poor fall farther and farther behind. Of course Ryan and those who think like him will continue pouring money into our already bloated military as they trade on the fears of those who live in the land that is called the “home of the brave.”
    This country needs far more people like the Sisters on the bus and far less people like Paul Ryan.

  • Betsy Biedebach Andronikof

    at last…. back to true Christianity

  • Richard A. Tucker

    Nurseatn, thank you for posting this observation. Considering the burden that naked greed has left on the rest of the population it’s always bugs me that the poor are the first scapegoat when it comes to government money being “wasted” even though it’s actually harder than ever to even be eligible for welfare and with so many unemployed we never had so many not receiving any funding. This has pushed up homeless rates for adults and children to record highs and once there it is very, very difficult to get back into a normal life again. Yet no one in the upper echelons of politics really focus on the handouts the KEEP GROWING for wealthy, very profitable industries. Gas, coal, oil and nuclear companies are subsidized in the name of keeping these things cheap but they get these subsidies every years even in their banner years and those subsidies combined blow away all of our social welfare costs to aid the poor. And I’m not even going to engage in our Defense spending which is both epic, and useless at for prices that are over half our tax payer funding. We live in increasingly STUPID times. The bigger the population, apparently, the dumber we get.

  • Richard A. Tucker

    forthelove (though all I’m reading in response is forthehate), so, mandatory church attendance will solve this? Sorry, but that’s another great myth. Welfare was formed at a time when churches were overwhelmed and no one, NO ONE is stopping them from filling the breach today and yet, they’re not. And let’s be honest. No one in their right mind leaves their kids for for three jobs IF they could get government assistance. I could also ask why you have kids at all if you can’t raise them any better than this but that would be rude. However, the fact is you made your mess. You could have had protected sex and not be in such a financial bind. Government assistance is not a hand out, it’ a helping hand, the same as what your church is doing. The difference is attendance at the church is not necessary to get the government’s help.
    Where’s Jesus help for the growing homeless? Where’s Jesus help for the disenfranchised? I know you and your ilk love to stand in judgement of others but that’s not a Christian virtue. In fact your faith tells you to eschew from such judgements as they are for God alone to make. You’d better get right with your understanding of your faith before you point fingers. It’s also odd that for the times the bible rails against greed, the true crippler of all nations, you have not one word of concern for how that greed has left so many without the means to support themselves. That’s convenient. Counting on that lottery ticket, eh?

  • wasblind

    I was an upper middle class worker with a graduate degree who lost my job when the CEO looted a highly profitable company and left with a golden parachute. I got five weeks severance for 15 years service. I was lucky; the ones fired later got nothing. I have not had health insurance for a couple of years. I am 63 so no Medicare either. I saved a lot of money; it is all gone. I am cashing in the remaining IRAs now. I am trying desperately to hold on to my house. My eyes have been opened to the plight of the poor, most of whom don’t have savings or a good education. I have taken in a homeless man who would gladly do any work, and he is a good worker. It is almost impossible now for him, much less me, to get any help. Recently I found a job at half my old salary but it is still not enough to pay the bills. Through my new housemate’s eyes I see that in this economy there is no hope for poor people, especially poor black men. People like Romoney and Ryan don’t even know that these people exist except as stereotypes of bums who are too lazy to find a job. People who say such things don’t have a clue. If they are Christians they need to spend some time reading about the life of Jesus.

  • Cherie Isakson

    When I was 15 I read Ayn Rand and thought she was great. Blessedly my Jewish father did not allow me to dwell in adolescent selfiishness without challenge. Wish Paul Ryan had been equally shaken by the shoulders! Being taught by the good Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur didn’t hurt either….

  • Jane McDonald

    Right – because the poor are going to need the government in bad times we have to throw them off any assistance now so we can get the government back in good shape so that when it gets in bad shape again it will be able to help the poor. That’s what it looked like he said to me.

  • John Talleos

    Aw, so cute. And its good PR too because they know if they were nunning on a bus against abortion shadowing the other side, we would never know about it.

  • kathy9446

    Lawdog, I see what you are saying about the family that you attempted to help.. You did not mention if that had children that were not responsible for their parents irreconcilable actions. It is my observation that some of the poor ( as the ones you described) are just plan uneducated and no one has tried to help them learn how to help themselves. So They need do more then money and sympathy. They even need more than a job. They need to be taught values of self responsibility. Without working on the whole family unit, we are building a next generation that does not have a clue and or has already given up before they start

    Also, it is my understanding ( and i could easily be wrong) but the work for welfare, and there is very little cash welfare since early 1990’s, is mostly working at profit making companies that are allowed to pay these employees below min wage for the jobs they do. in this high unemployment times it seems to me to be a way to take one low paying job from one person and giving a lower paying job to another person. i’m not clear on how that helps anyone but the employer who gets more low paid labor.

    I think that it is wonderful that you made an attempt to help, but next time more vetting might be in order. That is one thing that a government would be set up to do .

  • kathy9446

    If your church is providing help for people that is wonderful, but remember that part of that money is coming from the Government because donations to the Church are tax deductible.

  • Hopeful

    The nuns on the bus remind me of the Buddhist monks who marched through Rangoon with such courage a few years back!

  • Jeff from Indianapolis

    It is not too often that I read people more blind than Stevie Wonder. But then again this is Bill Moyers, a fellow UT grad, a very sad, pathetic, miserable human being who just can’t understand that the far left, including the good Sister (a lawyer) would prefer the poor to stay poor for the purpose of ostracizing the rich. To the good Sister—Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime…

  • Anonymous

    Interesting comments. None of them based on reality. MSM really has your number.

  • Angelica Christi

    My mom is a part of a group that is demanding equal rights for the Sisters of the Church… to serve and preform mass as the priests do… I suggested a quicker way to this happening is that all who agree show tell THE CHURCH…NO MORE CONTRIBUTIONS UNTIL THE NUNS HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS… that may get those old controlling men to move their behinds. (I raised Catholic and had to go to Sunday school, have little respect for the Church…. but all respect for God and Jesus… as They were not the ones to manipulate their positions for their own controlling interests)

  • krklek

    **just as our too-small-but-at-least-something stimulus did for us.** OMG!!! You’re kidding me right?? SMALL?? You call almost a TRILLION DOLLARS SMALL??????? And just the interest on what we borrowed is costing up billions of dollars in interest every day!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! We CANNOT keep spending that the rate we are withut BANKRUPTING this country. IT HAS TO STOP!!! If you are whining now, I would love to see you whine when the government can’t borrow ANY MONEY to meet its’ obligations!!