Nuns on the Bus Rolls Out of Des Moines

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Moyers & Company producer Andy Fredericks and production assistant Jackie Kostek are traveling with the Nuns on the Bus tour. They contributed reporting to this post and will be filing regular text and video updates. Check for more.

Sister Simone Campbell, organizer of the Nuns on the Bus tour, speaking in Ames, Iowa. Photo by Jackie Kostek

They call it Nuns on the Bus. A bus filled with Catholic nuns rolled out of Des Moines, Iowa this morning, beginning a journey from the Midwest to Washington, D.C. to spotlight social justice issues and protest the House Republican budget, which slashes spending on safety-net programs such as Medicaid and food stamps. Along the way, the nuns will visit homeless shelters, food pantries and hospitals to highlight their own work on behalf of the poor, and call attention to  services the nuns say will be “decimated” by the so-called Ryan budget. Their bus — of a type usually reserved for rock stars and their roadies (the driver dropped Dolly Parton’s name) — will also be taking the plain-clothed nuns to congressional offices in each state they pass through.

The tour’s first stop was at the office of Rep. Steve King (R-IA), a supporter of the Ryan budget. The nuns had planned to present the congressman with a copy of the Faithful Budget, an economic approach drafted by a group of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religious organizations as a rebuttal to the House budget. The Faithful Budget calls for increased aid to the poor and cuts in military spending.

Though the nuns say they had an appointment, the congressman’s office was shuttered and dark.

Tomorrow, they’ll be visiting the office of the budget’s namesake, Rep. Paul Ryan himself. The nuns will just miss Mitt Romney, whose own bus tour passed through Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin this morning. Ryan, a Catholic, has said his faith played a role in the drafting of his budget.

“The Holy Father himself, Pope Benedict, has charged [that] governments, communities and individuals running up high debt levels are ‘living at the expense of future generations, and living in untruth….

Our budget offers a better path consistent with the timeless principles of our nation’s founding and, frankly, consistent with how I understand my Catholic faith. We put faith in people, not in government.”

But Sister Simone Campbell, who organized the Nuns on the Bus tour, has a different interpretation, which she explained to our producer Andy Fredericks:

“Pope Benedict says that until people have justice you can’t give charity; justice is what is owed by society to a person, and charity is largesse above it….

We try to live in relation to people at the margins of society and lift all up for justice. Where there is one bit of injustice, we all suffer.”

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  • Magy Stelling

    Thank you so much for giving the Sisters you take on this campaign, Your integrity is impeccable!!!

  • Mary Ann Z

    Good for these Sisters!  These “renegades” are just following the example that they are supposed to be following — Jesus Christ.  It’s a sad day when the church gets in their way, or tells them they are “too much this” or “not enough that”.

  • Barb Shillinger

    Those nuns are my heros. We don’t have nearly enough people speaking up for the poor, the homeless, and the 99.9%. I wish I could get on that bus, too.

  • Soundslikesouth1 
    The Nuns on the bus tour Iowa Kick-off.

  • Sharon Wright

    These nuns are the true followers of Christ.   ” Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto Me.”

  • Livekindness6

    The Nuns are the only true Catholics left. God bless them, and thank you for following their journey so those of us not able to be there in person, can witness their courage.

  • Sharpe282

    I predict these nuns will become famous and make a change .  Thank God you are raising awareness!~ Keep going~

  • Bob Moore

    I think the nuns are rocking, they remind me of Doris “Granny D” Haddock. Keep on, keeping on…

  • Patty O’

    Bless you good sisters. I am 60 years old and went to Catholic school for 18 years K-College. I have given up on my Irish heritage and the Catholic Church as a misogynist, selfish, and intolerant institution. You give me inspire me. I will return to help you fight for social justice and because you have restored my faith. I will be praying a rosary for you every day. Thank you for showing what caring and a true Christian looks like in today’s world.

  • L. M. Rice

    I was educated & I mean EDUCATED,  by Sisters of Charity, BVM in New York. I now live in Iowa, from where those beautiful women came.  I hope the gutsy sisters brought their rulers to make sure the message gets through the GOP’s “Thick Heads”.  many Prayers are with you.

  • Michele

    Go, go, go!!! You are the only thing good about the church these days. Power to the people.

  • Hypatia755

    Sooooo true.

  • 3031je

    I’m a ‘reformed’ Methodist and went to the Prayer Service last night in Des Moines. I had seen Sister Simone on The Colbert Report last week and was thrilled to see them start in Des Moines. (Maybe Stephen can give them some of his PAC money, since he’s a good Catholic boy). I just saw Rachel Maddow’s report on the bus trip and she passed along words of wisdom “Don’t mess with nuns. You will not win.”

  • Anonymous

    they almost make me want to be a roamin’ catholic.

    brava to these wonderful women of conscience.

  • Margaret Ann Callcoott

    Please let us know how we could contribute to help fund the bus tour.  Thank God for these women of courage!  


  • sassie69too

     Sorry Sisters  the US has issues  but giving  away  all  we  have  to  those   who don’t work  nor letting OUTSIDERS come  into  the  country and live  for   free  ,  get   jobs  and   Real  Americans are  having   financial   don’t  get it..  Stop   pointing   fingers  at  one  side  of  the    Coin.  If  the  current guy  in the  White House  has  not  made   the  mess..  a lot of   things  would  not  be  happening.

  • TisAGift

    Awesome and inspirational–that what you are, sisters!  You help me believe there IS a God!!!

  • Anonymous

     You go girls, show others what Christ in action looks like.  Bless you.

  • Philip Lowe Jr

    Thank you sisters for what you are doing.  Bless you all.

  • Energynv

    Sisters, I am spreading your message and “breathing” upon all I meet in Northern Nevada !  This is the most human and humane action yet as response to the people’s cry for fairness, food, civil rights and the love of all mankind., not just a select few.  I love and believe in the kind, loving spirit of God and Jesus.  Parsing God’s words to fit an agenda is not doing God’s work.  I love you sisters!

  • Mary Ellen Casey

    Have a safe trip and that good weather will follow the bus tour.

  • Cheryl Lemke

    sassie69too , I will pray for you!

  • Blurd

    Wrong side of history and the argument ..Sorry!

  • Larry

    I see so many who are hungry around me that i don’t feel well eating by myself.  When i feed another i am in touch with who i really am and the mission i came here for.  Twenty years i contributed to the Hunger Project with no results beyond creating awareness.  While one of us starves all of us should go hungry.  Is there a day when we could all take a look at what  it is to be without food for twenty-four hours?

  • Anonymous

    Why would you assume that the government gives *all we have to those who don’t work*?  I am sure you know that the majority of the recipients of Food Stamps and other programs are children, the elderly, or working poor.  I know people who work two jobs and still qualify for food stamps.  The side of the coin they are pointing to is the side of the coin that is proposed by Congressman Ryan and completely tries to negate Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 25:31-46.  Granted, not everyone is a believer or a church goer – but they are nuns, it is what they do and is the tenet they believe in.

  • Sue L

    You can donate here: 

  • Faithfilledviewer

    Blaze away, Sisters!  wishing you a smooth journey and a successful mission

  • Joyce Moody-McGraw

    God will bless your efforts to help the poor and underprivileged….don’t let those Republican millionaire congressmen put you off.  They know they are destroying our Country…but their greed takes first place in their lives.

  • Barb Anderson

    My name is Barb Anderson and I live in Jeffersonville, IN.  We border Louisville, KY and have a very high and densely populated catholic community.  WE NEED YOU!  Our community (catholic, and I am one) has made poverty a very patriachal thing and support with zeal the GOP positions.  Please add us to the list of cities to be toured.  I can be reached at 812-697-1609.  Thank you and God Bless you for doing what you should do for the poor of this country and for humanity.

  • 4 whirledpeas

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing courage and work!

  • Heather Bott

    I hope that you will meet up with Paul Ryan in Wisconsin, whose budget you find abhorrent.  I hope that he will REPENT and listen to all of you.  He has tried to scramble and define himself as a Catholic, but this video is perhaps more revealing of the values that informed his budget:  Thank you very much for your sacrificial work in behalf of the poor and weak.  Best regards, and I hope to see you this evening on the overpass!!

  • From the land down under

    God Bless you all Sisters.  The world is awakening….to your solidarity with the Gospel.

    From the land down under

  • Phil

    Sisters – I have some difficulty understanding your priorities. The 4,000,000 plus lives that have been aborted and the freedom for my church to exercise her faith is more of concern to me. I pray you are asking God for guidance. I do. God Bless. Phil 

  • Anonymous

    Keep going!  Keep making news as big you can, please!  Clear moral leadership — genuinely moral, not moralizing — is what the world has needed more than anything since Thatcherism, Reaganism and the Church of the Almighty Dollar took over and perverted even the conversation. 

    Ladies, Brava You!  And thank you, Mr. Moyers, for covering this as the major breakthrough it is.  Now, if OWS and the nuns would only get together, perhaps things could be set right again.

  • Patrick Dean

    well- hear is a dose of reality for all of you who find the efforts of these Nuns so precious-  They all belong to orders that are DYING OUT QUICKLY DUE TO THEIR DISOBEDIENCE!  Notice the lack of religious garb, replaced by a lapel pin and the absent crucifix and rosary that has been replaced by jewelry . . . how sad.  They should just start their own church and leave Catholicism for those of us who are still familiar with it’s priorities and teachings.  Funny- they will pass dozens of Abortion mills on the way to hector some politician they disagree with without so much as a thought as to the true horror of Abortion in America.

  • Deena Mersky


  • Jan Bennett

    The sisters were told to change to modern dress way back in the 1960’s in response to Vatican edicts. I was a nun then and I can tell you that it was a painful progression for many. We were told to change how we served. And I might add, we were not supported financially to do so. Sisters had to go to work where they got paid enough to support their communities. My community got $60 a month to support me for teaching a full teaching load plus extra-curricular roles at school. Some had to get the educations and take non-church jobs to survive. Please take time to review history before attacking a group of women who have had to be self-supporting and obedient in the ways you so demean.

  • Toconnor8

    Bravo to you and all the nuns who worked so hard over the years to educate and serve the people of their communities. I went to Parochial School from kindergarten until my second year of high school. I finished in the public school system and had culture shock at the different between the two systems. I only wish there were more women and men serving in the reglious communities today. I have seen a upswing in Nashville where the convent of nuns there all in their late 20’s and 30’s were reopening school to give the children today the same excellent education I received as a child.

  • Campbell

    Phil, Perhaps God speaks to each … if you feel called to do something else, please don’t try to stand in the way if God is calling these Sisters to work for the disenfranchised.  Of course they are asking God for guidance.  It is obvious they look to Scripture for a blueprint.

  • Strand Catherine62

    THIS is the Catholic Church I want to be a part of, go Nuns!!!

  • Art Lambert

    Amen to that Joyce!

  • Br. Aelred Bernard, BSG

    As an Episcopal lay brother, I support these holy women of God who standing with Christ. 

  • Art Lambert

    Please spread this tour throughout the United States! Do not stop with Washington. Real change will only happen from the bottem up! You are doing wonderful work in spreading awareness and rallying the masses who have no voice, but suffer the most. God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes, the Abortion/pro-life issue.  Well, you see – as horrific as abortion is, some Catholics understand that prolife does not stop at birth.  We understand that being pro life includes all life.  That includes the abortion issue, yes, but also feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and healing the sick, as well as speaking out against war and capital punishment. Do not understand how you can call the Nuns disobedient when they are following the words of Christ.

  • Br. Aelred Bernard, BSG

     They are dying because of their obedience and have lost their prophetic voice. Clothing and outward appearance doesn’t make the nun or brother, but doing the actions of Christ makes their religious vows alive. I’m grateful for these holy women who are challenging the men with pointy hats.

  • Anonymous

    Do you pray equally for guidance in feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and healing the sick? I am sure you do, knowing as the sisters do, that pro life does not stop at birth.

  • Cheryl

    You have given me hope. Thank you for your bravery and courage. May God bless you everywhere you go.

  • Mumbo320

    Mr. Dean
    How interesting is it  that what you find to object to was their lack of obedience and their religious “garb”.  I’m always astounded by people who look at the outside inside of taking the time to actually listen to a message.  You are in my prayers and hope that your ears will listen to what your eyes cannot see.

  • Cher

    If you were in need, let’s hope there would be someone there to help you get back on your feet. All of us on this earth are in it together. We are made to be ONE body in Christ.

  • L. M. Rice

    Patrick, Nuns have not worn Habits since the 1960’s, where have you been? The second Vatican Council of 1962 let some fresh air into the Church at that time. Maybe you need to get more familiar with it’s priorities & teachings. And Patrick, the word is HECKLE, not HECTOR. Hector is a man’s name.  These Nuns are on the Bus Tour being supportive of those of us who are less fortunate & have difficulty feeding the children they already have. Jeasus said nothing about Religious Garb, as far as I can recall.

  • L. M. Rice

    Oh please,  you must be a REAL AMERICAN, it shows by your finger pointing. I wonder what other Countries think of us, hanging our attitudes out to dry?

  • Art Lambert

    Bellagramo8, you state well what I am so frustrated about regarding the narrow interpretation of what is “pro-life”. Our struggle to protect the sanctity of life (not just human, but our planet/environment) reasonably and logically should not end at the moment of birth. All the issues are connected and each threat is connected to the whole through cause and effect. If we continue to cut the budget on social programs, poor women become more desperate to seek abortions. If we do not disarm nuclear weapons, a WWIII will destroy the human race. If we do not stop burning fossil fuels at the current rate, the runaway greenhouse will destroy our species etc.

  • Anonymous

    Amen.  Have always wondered why those on the far right who seem to work for an end to abortion above all else, do not understand that the most effective way to end abortion is to end the need for it by ensuring that women are have good health care available, are safe, can feed and shelter their families, and have a sense of self worth..

  • Kc8tby

    Religion and politics NEVER are a good mix!!!

  • Joe L

    God Bless you Sisters. May our lord keep you safe & out of harms way. Very proud of you. Would be GREAT if our Holy Father would show his support.

  • Parker

    Well — your rant tipped me off right away that you didn’t pay enough attention to the nuns in grade-school English. It’s customary to capitalize the first word of a sentence, and “hear is…” ain’t spelled that way — it’s “Here is.”  It’s not necessary to capitalize “abortion.” I’m so tired of right-wingers with narrow minds and poor English skills, and your English is as weak as your grasp of facts. 

  • Centexcowboy12

    Jesus said the poor would always be among you meaning true social justice can never happen so skip straight to charity like the church was initially responsible for until the government got involved. Stop building mammoth churches,cathedrals,synagogues,and mosques. Start selling church assets to take care of the poor as vanity and pride are sins.

  • Centexcowboy12

    Which college class or corporate board member was this being submitted to? Oh yes, IT ISN’T ! Correcting one’s grammar, instead of addressing the poster’s points, just shows how little you don’t understand the issues.

  • Orlandobob

    Social Justice is not Politics…
    These nuns are great!

  • Orlandobob

    Thank you for your comments, Jan. 

  • Centexcowboy12

    L.M. maybe if more people would be more industrious and work harder there not be so many poor children to feed. If you can’t afford to raise them comfortably DON’T HAVE THEM! This is where I disagree with the Catholic Church. Tell your parishioners they can’t use birth control but then whine about not having enough money to feed and cloth them. I left poverty, joined the army, went to college, grad school and my oldest child is the first great grandchild to go to college.

    Ben Franklin had it right when he said: “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

  • Centexcowboy12

    “Render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s….” It is not, nor has it ever been intended for government to take care of the poor. Since 1607 our nation’s churches and charitable societies have cared for the poor until FDR and LBJ began to subsidize their work. In Jamestown initially, colonists were given food rather than grow it themselves. This created no incentive and soon they were on the brink of starvation until every family was issued their own plot of land and the edict “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” the colony thrived . The church needs to start spending their moldy $$$ rather than depend on the taxpayers to have their tithes AND taxes go to care for the poor,infirm,lazy, widows and orphans.

  • Moira

    Thank you dear nuns for your courage and action on this very important issue.

  • Popza

    So much more power of grace in habits, but roll on for ethical governance with compasion for the poor.

  • Madison61959

    Yeah…maybe they all should just be in back in the Catholic schools with metal rulers or in hospitals, but I say, nuns like these kept me as a youngster going back to church, seeking Jesus’ gospel, and urging me to lead a Christ filled life. I am proud to be a Catholic and proud to a woman because of nuns like Sister Simone Campbell. Abortion is one issue, but there are many more that need addressing. Funny, but even Catholics like me still say the rosary.

  • Madison61959

    I left poverty (thank goodness I lived due to HEAP, food stamps, Youth Employment, medical services, etc.). I went to college, thanks to grants and student loans and scholarships. I was a AFDW and received many benefits as did my children, as my husband served his country. I have a great family and a great career with a good income and benefits and have worked my TAIL off all my life. But…NO ONE does it alone. If you look at the data and the era, there are times when more people like us move into the middle class ranks because of our hard work coupled with opportunity. The challenge our society has is to provide this leg up without enabling those not willing to do the work.

  • Madison61959

    The deregulation of the banks, the tax breaks to the wealthy, the war in Iraq, the housing market crises, loss of manufacturing jobs…all these have shown that there is a much bigger problem than any “current guy” could cause. In fact, it is not the lower social economic classes that are receiving benefits, it’s now that many middle class, educated people are homeless and receiving benefits. Our president came into the worse recession, he didn’t cause it. Working, legal immigrants, in fact, contribute to the tax rolls, social security, etc. We are all immigrants, other than Native Americans, so what does REAL AMERICANS mean???

  • Madison61959

    Thank you, Nuns on the Bus, for making me feel proud to be a Catholic again!

  • Anonymous

    That is fine and you are welcome to your opinion. 
    The good sisters (and I) will follow the words of Christ.   You are absolutely right about FDR and LBJ, and since the things were passed under their watch, they have been and are the law of the land. The Church does indeed use a lot of their money to help the needy.  CRS is world wide. Once again, the majority of people the US Government currently helps are children, the elderly, and the working poor – oh, and of course the brave veterans who fought for our country.  Which one of that group would you like to see not eat? 

  • Jan Bennett

    That’s exciting that some of the schools are reopening. Many of us went on to other lives – I did so after 8 years. But my life since then has always reflected the intensity of the commitment that I grew up with in my Catholicism and my religious life. I’ve gone on to many different kinds of work in my life. At 72, I am speerheading the start up of a community radio station in my rural community. There is so much to be done. I have grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am blessed with a wonderful husband. I live in concert with my sister classmates with whom I have remained in contact for over 50 years. Most of us are no longer in community and not all are even Catholic but we all understand that we have work to do. And it’s all about the love.  I’m so proud to have been a part of the past and happy to have lived to see the day when women can be recognized and valued by so many who look beyond the stereotypes and can appreciate the vision that is our future and our now.


    I am not Catholic, but I am one proud American….Thank you sisters and God Bless you all.

  • Awinship

    Simone Campbell; organizer of the bus tour is the real deal; a beautiful person throughout.  It’s so heartening to know there’s people out there who are telling it exactly right.  These nuns are fantastic!!!!

  • Awinship

     These wonderful nuns are telling a story that very few speak about.  There are plenty of anti-abortion storytellers out there, plenty of them.  It appears that anti-abortionists who are for the Ryan Plan are pro-birth; not pro-life. These nuns are unalterably pro-life for EVERYONE in their message.  May they travel safely, teach and prosper!!!!

  • southtexasstar

    Thank goodness someone is speaking the truth to Congressman Ryan!!!

  • Diana Maldonado

    Well isn’t it interesting that Bill Moyers, who has a vendetta against the Catholic Church, is doing this Nuns tour.  Gee, I wonder if he also agrees with the liberal nuns who speak out on the right to abort, the right for men to have sex with men, the right for women to be priests, and their right to ignore and ridicule the Church. 

  • Christine

    The best of my values, sense of self, and activism for social justice were shaped and inspired, in no small part, by some of the BVMs who taught me at St. Anthony’s Grade School in Dubuque, Iowa in the 1950’s and ’60’s. I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and I am so proud of these women who are not afraid to speak truth to power. They are upholding the best teachings of the Catholic church. We must take every opportunity to defend them from attacks by the reactionary, hypocritical Church hierarchy. After all, they are standing for us.

    And to the boys in D.C. -Beware the narrow eye of the needle. It is worth remembering, Rep. Ryan, we were taught that Jesus said “whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, this you do to me.”

    My mother used to ask me why I was always for the underdog. Well, Mom, besides the fact that I was an underdog myself, it was the nuns! They taught me! They made me do it!

    SO, get up, stand up America! Do what Sister said, and MAKE SOME NOISE!
    WWJD? Throw the moneychangers out of the temple!

  • Anonymous

    No, no Jesus did not mean that true social justice can never happen read all of Mark 14: 1-9 for what He meant by that.    You said earlier to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. Christ was talking about taxes – even then. So what Caesar does with those taxes seems to be your point.  But what you forget is that these are Women Religious, their focus is on the *Least of these*, and on community response to those needs. 

  • Abdb2008

    The Nuns on the Bus Tour is the only public effort I know of by the Catholic church in this country, calling attention to the callous disregard for the well-being of the poor in the cuts to programs proposed in the Ryan budget. Pope Benedict is an out of touch, white cleric living in Italy, and has no business telling American nuns that they cannot speak out about social injustices in THIS country. I am a PROUD member of Team Nuns!!!!!!!!!

  • D.j. Rausch

    For all you liberal cheerleaders on this post, when did nuns start politicking?  They stopped being nuns when they stopped acting like nuns. They are acting like socialist thieves by demanding other people’s money rather than being an example of charity. If I want to give I will, but don’t use the government to be your thief for hire. Start acting like nuns. You didn’t see Mother Teresa on a bus tour politicking! She feed the hungry, and clothed the naked, and cared for the sick. She didn’t demand someone else do her job. These nuns are probably the same nuns that support Planned Parenthood.

  • Art Lambert

    Amen to that Christine!

  • Texan723

    These are not nuns! Who makes them nuns? Bill Moyers? Who died and made him Pope?
    Where are their habits? Where is their obedience to Holy Mother Church? Who gave them permission to leave their convents, monasteries and communities? They are just more bullying, publicity seeking, American feminists whose day has passed, but need to show by stirring a peaceful pot for a horrible brew.

  • maria

    i am catholic woman, went to parochial school, nuns have always been a part of our social conscience and fabric!! it’s not politics if it impacts families, homes, Mother Teresa certainly “politiked”, where were you when leaders came to her, and she was all over the world spreading the word about the plight of the poor, sick, defenseless…nuns aren’t taken care of like the priests are, no health insurance, no golden parachute, membership to golf clubs, no cars and housing, they have to rely on the kindness of family and strangers to live out to old age!!!

    Wake up and smell the sexism which has, and is rampant in the Catholic church!!!  these women have courage and integrity, and aren’t molesting children, like the heirarchy

  • Soundslikesouth1   another Des Moines send off video. A supporting Catholic community as well as other friends help send these justice seeking women out, to deliver there message to all who will listen. In the face a Vatican pressure, many Catholics stand behind the women religious.

  • CBSez

    You need to do a little more research concerning the nuns and Mother Teresa.  She did some big time politicking…just in her own way, like when she created the Missionaries of Charity.  How do you think she got money to feed people?  The nuns have always been the ones to do the real work of Jesus Christ.

  • Wakan1953

    God Bless these Lady’s. Their actions are true spirituality.

  • Mary

    I am so proud of these Women Religious, they live the Gospel & challenge the rest of us to care for the least of our Brethern. God Bless.

  • Liz Smith

    As a recovered Catholic I can honestly say that I thought there was only evil to be found in the Catholic church. Now to see nuns, of all people, actually trying to do something positive for this country. All I can say is perhaps there is a crumb of good to be found in all that evil.

  • Jkeenan53

    Go, sisters, go!   It’s time people saw Christianity in ways other than those portrayed by right-wing evangelicals, Catholic or Protestant.  The Ryan Budget runs counter to the Gospel!

  • Mamie1dog

    Your holy father! Are you referring to his holiness the dope. The one who looks the other way when dealing with pedophila? Or the last one who gave shelter to cardinal Law, who belongs I jail. Give me a break. Anyone who claims to be catholic should be ashamed. Your donations hide pedophelia and child abuse. Shame on you!

  • Amymuse2004

    We need to care for those on earth who are already born and living in poverty.  What are the poor unborn children being born into?  Certainly not money, mansions, or a stable lifestyle.  Our prisons are full of young men and women from the foster care system in the US.  These were the young people that weren’t considered “good enough” to be adopted, counseled, and taken care of in OUR OWN country.  These nuns are inspiring people to see the homeless, see the jobless, see the imprisoned, see the hopeless among us in our society, and to try to CARE for each other, as Jesus cared for us.  Don’t take my word for it. Go to a prison, and do some lay counseling.  Go to a rape crisis center, and talk to the women there.  Check out a men’s homeless shelter, and engage the guys in conversation about their lives’ experience.  These folks are US, you and me.  They are normal, everyday people trying to get along. 
    If the priorities of the Catholic Church (I’m Catholic) are to keep the clothing, the statuary, and the buildings all the same, we will lose the people.  Jesus did not construct a stone building, and have a lavish, opulent ceremony before he died.  He died naked on a common torture device, pretty much alone and rejected.  A huge argument within the church is that half of the people want to follow the rules and regulations set down by the Old Testament, and the other half want to try to embrace Jesus’s message of “love one another as I have loved you”.
    That’s hard, and to me, it’s very sad.  I understand both sides, and yet, I must encourage those people in the buildings with all the correct environment regulations and liturgical garments, to get uncomfortable, and to see the suffering that is within their own Church.  The messy, snotty, bleeding, jittery, coughing……..especially the silent and stark, suffering.
    I’m with the nuns on this.  They are not precious.  They are risking their necks and working very hard.  They might even end up socially “crucified” and alone….
    remind you of someone?

  • Gracie

    You’d think that being religious sisters, these ladies would know that only cloistered sisters are called nuns. Thankfully, these orders of “sixties sisters” who refuse to wear habits, and twist Church teaching to fit their own liberal agendas are drying up and dying out. The growing orders are joy-filled, young (avg age in early thirties), vibrantly Catholic women who WEAR HABITS as a witness to Christ and His Church, and also do much to help the poor.

  • Earlliz1992

    Guess you didn’t go to a catholic school where the nuns beat the crap out of the students on a daily basis. This is the first good thing I have ever seen coming out of an institution that is nothing but evil. I think in the end the evil will trump the good.

  • Earlliz1992

    If you were dumb enough to join. The convent you deserved what you got!

  • Emo1943

    We Are All Nuns:

  • Kc8tby

    Make no mistake about this,  this is not “social justice” as much as it is pure, unadulterated politics!  Everyone, please, wake up and smell the coffee, and check the calendar while you are at it!!  It is 2012…an election year!  Duh!!!
    As much as I fully support these women in their right to campaign as individual women, I hesitate their use of their title as “nuns” to so publicly use their Christian and Catholic identities to campaign for their own political objectives.
    Listen, our church, our Catholic Church, has to be very, very careful!  Our history is ripe with instances where our clergy and religious have been “used” by various political powers to claim that they had “God on their side!”  Look at the history of the Spanish conquest of Latin America!  Ask any descendent of the Mayan or Inca people what they think of the wars of conquest waged against them with the Catholic clergy wielding the Cross and the sword!   
    Remember the infamous “Liberation Theologies” that were the fuel behind so many bloody wars in Latin America in the late seventies and early eighties?  Oh, God was on the side of Ortega and his “leftist” government, wasn’t he?  That is until they were able to take over the governement and they decided that the “church” needed to be put in it’s place!
    What I am trying to explain is that these well meaning Sisters are nothing more but tools of the Chicago political machine.  (Think re-election committee for President Obama!)
    There are exceptions to what I am warning against, however.  The civil rights movement of the early and mid-sixties were a good example of where the religious leaders (Sisters and Priests) needed to take a stance and to lay their lives on the line for what was less “political” in nature and truly “civil rights” and truly “social justice”.
    Somehow, however, middle class women dressed up in middle class dress and jewelry, riding in an air-conditioned hundred thousand dollar motor coach, (and leaving a carbon foot print the size of King Kong!) hardly convinces me that they seriously, and truthfully, can affect any serious change in the condition of our fellow citizens who live in poverty. 
    They are being used.  Politics 101 folks.  Politics 101.
    Saint Francis of Assisi has a lot to teach these Sisters.  Much to teach, indeed.

  • Kc8tby

    They may think that their actions are “spiritual” but, in reality, their actions are really reflections of their individual “political” beliefs.  God is neither Republican nor is She a Democrat.
    We all need to understand that all too often we fall into the trap of blending our political beliefs with what we believe to be the “will of our God”.
    Think again….

  • Patricia O. Joppien

    you have the power to change things…. stop running away –

  • Bbaldry

    Nuns or Sisters, we know the difference and we know what we mean.  I don’t care what they are called, what they wear, but to do care about what they do———-keeping doing it.  The nuns give me hope for the church.  Some areas of the church are dead and should be dead, but not the the part of the church I belong to.  WE HAVE TO KEEP ON GIVING HOPE!  YES, WE CAN!   

  • Mary Fox

    this is awesome!! and  shame on rep steven king for running away but then i was a little afraid of the penquins myself growing up…lol. it is about dang time that someone stood up to these republican bullies who care so little about the poor and underprivileged and show them what real ‘christian’ values are. you go, girls!!  

  • Liz Smith

    I’m not running away. You could say that Im a secular humanist. I think all religions are the same. Wrong. The world be so much better without them. Catholics are the worst with their history of child abuse. Remember abused children become abusing adults. These nuns and their mission is the first good thing I have seen out of that church. I say it’s about time!

  • Earliz1992

    Proud to be catholic you should be ashamed. Your donations go toward sheltering pedophiles and giving a lavish life style to those who help cover up the dirt of two thousand years of their garbage. Shame on you and anyone else who owns up to being part of a worldwide multifaceted organization of evil. These nuns are the exception not the rule. It will be interesting to se what the Vatican does to them.

  • L. M. Rice

    It’s a pity how misinformed some people are & then feel the need to share it with others. This is the time for  research to be done, before the  keyboard is used.

  • L. M. Rice

    I went to Catholic School & the “CRAP” was NEVER beaten out of me. I was very well educated, respected, & guided by Women Religious, who were kind, attentive, supportive, & demonstrated that being a female did not mean being submissive.
    I was taught that anything was within my grasp, including fighting for what I believed was right, no matter what. That’s what the Bus Nuns are doing. Standing up for others, who can’t stand up for themselves.

  • Mary Aseltyne

    My husband has two aunts that are nuns, and they are the most amazing women I have ever met. One of them runs an orphanage in Texas, the other served over in Ghana for years, and both of them voted for Obama. They are not meek and mild women, they are strong, and brave, and to me-heroic. This is for you, Sister Ann and Sister Pat!

  • Kevinzpl

    Let me get this straight.  A group of women who have dedicated their lives to service and who live in relative poverty, many with Master’s Degrees or PhDs, have to listen and comply to what an out-of-touch guy in Rome has to say?  Really?

  • Mary Aseltyne

    I think, as a recovered Catholic myself, I can’t think of a better person to put in charge of a city, an army, a State, or even a nation, than a Sister from the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. If nothing else, everyone would have excellent penmanship and math skills.

  • Kevinzpl

    Gracie and L.M., I’ve known about the distinction for years.  However, popular usage designates all women in the religious life as “nuns”.  This goes back to when my mother was in school in the thirties.  Many habits grew out of utilitarian purposes and as such needed to change with the times.  Their is nothing sacred about them.  I find anyone who takes issue with these women clueless and offensive.  This comes from someone who has been a devout member of the church for all of his life, has gone through the Catholic school system, and has made a life out of studying Church doctrine.  To insult these women who have given up their lives and material prosperity to serve God and others is shameful.

  • Kevinzpl

    Nonsense.  I am getting tired of people accusing those with whom they disagree having some set of political beliefs or some agenda.  Social justice has been a major teaching going back to Jesus Himself.  It’s all over the scriptures.

  • Mary Aseltyne

    I agree with you, Liz. We ex-Catholics, or even practicing Catholics, have all been horrified by the efforts in the Vatican to protect pedophiles, or by the ruckus raised by the USA Council of Bishops over birth control, to even believe that the Catholic church will ever be in touch with humanity. The nuns of the bus tour makes us feel a little less disgusted with ever being a part of that religion, and revives the notion that not everything about Christianity is evil.

  • Kevinzpl

    How, exactly, is a nun supposed to act, and what makes you such an authority?  Don’t invoke Mother Theresa to serve your own ends.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Kevinzpl

    I, too, went to a Catholic school and I never had the crap beaten out of me.  Those poor women had to put up with me!  I will always be grateful to them.  I am sorry you are so cynical, but you seem to have had some very bad experiences.  I view the Church overall as a source of good, but there is no denying some of the evil that has been part of it.

  • Mary Aseltyne

    Jesus didn’t ignore the politics of His day. If anything, he saved his contempt for those he called “The Hypocrites”. The hypocrites in our day are men that say they serve God, while they openly serve money and power.

  • Kevinzpl

    Ask Paul Ryan and John Boehner.

  • Mary Aseltyne

    Jesus called hypocrites, ‘hypocrites’, and the nuns are following his example, not the Vatican’s dogma

  • Mary Aseltyne

    Christine, you speak to my soul! I always defend the underdogs, and I just now realized why, thank you!

  • Kevinzpl

    Oh, please.  Here’s some reality: people like you sit smug in your interpretation of the Faith, passing judgment on women who have dedicate their lives to the service of others.  How can you be so arrogant?

  • Mary Aseltyne

    no matter how harsh the discipline was, if the nuns were in charge then we learned to fear nuns. If I had to stick someone in the middle of a ghetto, and tell them to figure it out, with the order to feed them, clothe them, house them, make them well, etc. I would stick a Sister from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish there, and watch stuff get done. Quickly.

  • Kevinzpl

    You understand neither scripture nor history.  Jamestown experienced an extended drought; its people were not lazy, nor did they bring much food with them.  What you are asserting is puritanical (protestant) nonsense.  You bring in LBJ and FDR.  What kind of history did you read?  People were starving during the Great Depression – I have many relatives who lived through it – while Hoover kept saying that prosperity was just around the corner.  “Render unto Caesar” was about taxes, not social justice, and it was in response to a trick question.  People like you who throw out that nonsense and do it in God’s name are truly the ones who take God’s name in vain.

  • Dianne

    This is a good idea, helping out people and getting out there. Catholics have to be brave, outspoken and leaders. I’ve never been too fond of politics or politicians yet it is a duty to fight for justices. One thing; in order to not lose focus and make mistakes we must stay as One, we must be faithful to Rome. 

  • Dianne

    I respect your opinion, but I believe that we are the ones out of touch. Rome has the duty to watch over us, fine, but as Catholics we have to follow Rome.

  • Dianne

    Contrary to many, I agree with you Gracie.

  • Alinka

    Great job, Sisters! Keep up the good work. 

  • Sing2god Kathleen

    Bottom line… Whose side are they on? Whose side are you on? Whose side is Jesus on?

  • Sing2god Kathleen

    Beautifully stated!

  • Sing2god Kathleen

    Catholics must follow their conscience at all times. This is Catholic doctrine. Don’t give up your God given mind and heart.

  • Pmvaughan

    More free money for everyone!! Yea!!  Let our government keep on borrowing money from China to pay for all the freeloading of the ‘poor’.

     Makes me wonder WWJD.  I believe that he’d say that the money wasted on that $250,000  bus and all that pricey diesel (7 miles per gallon) would be better spent in a soup kitchen or better yet- teach the bums to fish!!

    These so called nuns make me sick; the ignorant can so easily be led around by their nose.  None of these women have worked a day in their life and have no clue how hard it is to pay for essentials out of a paycheck when taxes and inflation steadily increase.

    Our country is about to go down the financial toilet thanks to the power hungry, the greedy, the uninformed, and the self appointed ‘do gooders’, such as these devel’s diciples.

  • L. M. Rice


  • Strawman411

    As one of, according to polls,* the most hated group in America, i.e., those who don’t believe in the supernatural, I do believe in a dictum that far pre-dates the Abrahamic religions:  that of the Golden Rule.  

    In light of which these nuns have my unalloyed support.


  • Jobenney

    The VERY BEST representatives for what is the right thing do do…do you no LOVE these activist women?

  • L. M. Rice

    You are right, “the ignorant CAN be easily  be led around by their nose..” .  What make you believe that “none of these women have worked a day in their live…”? My mother taught me that it is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth & remove all doubt. I think this might apply, here.

  • Guest

    You are sadly misinformed as no one works harder than nuns, despite not getting a paycheck.  And …

    US government ranks 19th out of 23 countries in assistance to poor nations, giving about two-tenths of one percent of US gross national income to poor countries.  Source: Global Issues: Foreign Aid for Development Assistance. 

    The US spends $100 billion more on our military than the next highest 15 countries combined.  More than China, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Canada and Turkey combined.  Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 2011 Yearbook. 

  • Ann neale

    These sisters are using the opportunity of the Ryan budget bill to echo the bishops’ verdict about it — that it does not comport with Catholic social teaching. In fact, it hurts those who most need and deserve our compassion and assistance.

  • Martha

    Those lovely women lit up the night on the Atkinson Overpass in Milwaukee last night.  Their joyousness was contagious.  The social justice goals of both groups (the Overpass Light Brigade and the Nuns on the Bus), combined with their energy and creativeness, made for a magical evening.  Both groups know that we are in for a long battle to build/ rebuild a world in which we admit one another’s humanity and help those in need.  Religion optional – Golden Rule mandatory.

  • Reality Check

    If you go the way of the Ryan plan your paycheck gets even smaller, your health insurance costs will be more than you can afford and there will be no medicare, medicaid to supplement your health care. Do you know what they charge for a simple blood test now? Around $95.00 where I live, if you have insurance your good, if not your toast!
    How long could you live without your paycheck, before you are knocking on the doors of these women looking for food, shelter, medical care for you or your children.These women work everyday for no pay to help people who have fallen between the cracks. I pray you will never need the services of others, and that your family prospers and remains in good health.

  • eddy

    I support you and your vision, keep up the good work.   Mary and eddy 

  • Bonniel1179

    You go, Girls!!!!  You could make me consider converting!  Can’t you extend your trip to Florida?!

  • Stephen

    The fact that you take a political stand on some subjects while remaining quite on same sex marriage and abortion, while refusing to summit to Vatican direction causes further damage to ourChurch !

  • Anonymous

    you go girls! Keep up the good work. Keep to your convictions, you are strong, brave leaders in a world of followers.  You are an inspiration to all.  This is the new face of Catholic church. People who will put it all out there to enact social change that will benefit the poor and underpriviledged. 

  • Jeanne Raboin

    This evening on CBS Evening News Sister Simone Campbell stated, “We are strong women. We’re educated women. We ask questions….We stay faithful to the gospel and trying to live it. But in living it, you break it open and ask questions…” I totally agree with this and hope that ALL women will speak out against social injustice…this is exactly what Jesus, and his mother, Mary did.

  • Carolynhuffman

    Go girls go

  • Utopiahead

    it seems to me that intelligence, common sense and fiscal responsibility is devoid in this conversation … what these nuns dont seem to understand is that money to do good things for the needy doesn’t grow on trees … we are all operating under a corrupt government mostly comprised of immoral thieves only interested in self-greed and the retention of ill-conceived power … those who want the best for the needy are proponents of the republican agenda of fiscal responsibility … what makes political thievery especially heinous is that every dollar squandered and pilfered could have been used to benefit the needy …  i will never believe that those in support of the democratic agenda of tax and frivolous spending are true philantropists … come to my state of new jersey and see what…like jon corzine have done to our economy by giving away the farm by pandering to unions for political favors … then tell me what the money that… has blown could have done for the needy … we best start using our damn heads before it’s too late and use our vote wisely

  • Carol Cronin

    Come to Omaha! 

  • Karla Golay

    I’m ‘on board’ with this.

    They have my full suppport.

  • carol cronin

    Gosh, but the sex scandal and pedophile cover up didn’t hurt the Church, right Stephen???????  And so WHAT if the Susters  remained quiet on those issues?  They aren’t “allowed” to make policy.  Did Jesus qualify his directives in Matthew 25:35?  Feed the hungry only if they are white straight christian males, for example?

  • carol Cronin

    You sound like Judas win John 12:4-6 “But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected,5 “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.[a]”

  • jackie

    You have my support!

  • Evelyn

    I’m celebrating and cheering.  You’re all fabulous and I am THRILLED that you are ‘on the bus’ and speaking out in faith and truth.

  • Liz

    You go, Sisters.  Don’t you wish that Sister Marie Agusta Neal, SND were here to be on that bus with you.  Thank you for all you do.

  • Shirley Girdner

    Well, Stephen, It’s mighty hard for these Nuns to take a stand on all the subjects you have in mind all at the same time.

    Perhaps you can get your own bus and stand up for some of your pet issues.  Be sure to let us know when and where you are going so we can watch for you.

  • ruleoflaw
  • S Myers

    Ladies, you rock! Thank you for standing up against Ryan’s deception and for showing the world what real Christians look like. You’ve renewed the hope that truth will prevail.   

  • BGuest

    Wrong!  WE are Americans, and this is OUR political system.  Rome needs to keep it’s nose OUT!  They need to be working on controlling the damage THEY caused within their own church with  all the sexual assults that have been perpetrated on our society for decades.  I FULLY support these nuns; and like others have said, these are intelligent, educated women who have worked for decades for little or now pay.  Show me where Jesus said that we are to “follow the teachings of Rome’s self-appointed men.?”  It’s NOT there! Wake up little sheep!

  • BGuest

    You sound like an idiot!  Clothes do NOT make the person or determine how “holy” they are.  I mean really Gracie (if that is your name) your name sure doesn’t fit you at all, and I bet you are in your 60-70s and wish for the Catholic church to be the way it use to be.  Oh and bytheway.  Not that many young women are entering religious life these days because the DON”T want to be stuck wearing a habit and being treated like a slave (in the type of orders that you seem to think are so holier than thou!)  WE have a lot more options, alot more education than the sheep that just filed into the convents in your day. 

  • Jan Bennett

     How sad.  It was the foundation of a wonderful life. Perhaps you missed the point?

  • Obamabad1

    Pro Life Nuns and Priests were told not to make political statements, or get involved politically otherwise the Roman Catholic Church might loose their tax status.  Here we have nuns working with liberals making political statements, campaigning against Republicans.  My opinion is that these nuns should be kicked out of the Church. 

  • Obamabad1

    Bill Moyers a far left liberal is probably funding the whole thing.  Why don’t the nuns state who is giving them the money needed to put on this liberal show?

  • Obamabad1

    The nuns should state who is funding this liberal trip aimed at putting Republicans down?

  • Rosannesctt

    I am in awe of these women. Not only speaking truth to power within the Church, but stepping it up to the National level. They are truly doing God ‘s work.

  • Peggy Wireman

    Peggy Wireman: The nuns’ bus tour has it right



    POSTED: From the Cap
    Times (Madison, WI) June 20, 2012. Letter to the Editor


  • Peggy Wireman

    Peggy Wireman: Nuns are right to worry about Paul Ryan budget



    June 19, 2012 Letter to the Editor in the Wisconsin State Journal.

  • Shirley Girdner

    Welll, why don’t you go visit these nuns on their bus tour, listen to them a while, and then go and ask them who is giving them the money since it’s so important for you to know.

    Personally I admire the nuns and their stance on the matter.  Ryan’s budget is immoral.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first time in my life that I have ever heard anything from the Catholic Church which inspires me.  The Pope in all his gold and pomp has always struck me as so far removed from the foundation and teachings of Jesus.  These women are actually walking the walk but somehow this doesn’t sit well with the Vatican or Republicans.  The Church has been working hard for years to cover up the abuse of children and now seeks to cover up these brave women who are actually giving life to Jesus’s teachings.  

  • Cliff Bowman

    I donated.  You can, too, at

  • Anonymous

     Is that you Jesus?  You sound much differently than you do in the book.

  • Wilhelm Schroeder

    Charity is fine if there are babies  alive to receive.
    It was charitable to call NARAL “A bunch of Liberal Pagan Women.”

  • Belle

    It is not fiscally wise to cut funds to Head Start as Ryan proposes, as that investment saves money later and provides a solid base for kids at a critical developmental stage. If Ryan wants to be fiscally responsible he can write out of the budget the building of the southern border walls which cost $16 million per mile and even more to maintain at no real benefit. I’m all for the nuns’ message and will go to their event in Cleveland.

  • Belle

    Are you saying the Church is more important than the people it purports to serve?

  • Pmvaughan

    I thoroughly agree with your mother;  you should definitely keep your mouth shut-  oops, too late!

  • Nun on the Bus Groupie

    As a Catholic, I am so inspired by this worthy cause of  justice for all people. The GOP has robbed the middle class. Paul Ryan touts of his “Catholic Upbringing”. He himself lost his father at an early age unfortunately. He paid for his college with the Survivor benefits that he recieved with his Social Security. The same program he wants to slash. He doesn’t want to make it affordable for anybody to go to college. Shame on the Republicans. I am tired of the Tea Party and all their hate. 

  • Dave

    I am inspired

  • Jan Bennett

     Silly me. I thought we were following Jesus, not to mention God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. “Rome” is not in the same league. The nuns vows are made to God, not to “Rome” which is not watching over anything but our money. Where have they been as their very own representatives have plundered the lives of children? Why weren’t they watching – and not hiding? There is no perfection here – lesson learned. We are required to make judgments on our own with the guidance of Spirit.

  • Jan Bennett

    Thank heavens and thankfully for us, Jesus and Francis didn’t get your message about being careful. They were rebels and dissidents in their day and paid great prices for their vision.

  • Barbara

    How and where do I send money to support these women?

  • Samster

    It really comes down to is whether or not Sister Campbell is pro-life or pro-choice.   If she is pro life all of this rhetoric or back-biting with the Vatican is just an argument amongst friends.  If she and the other nuns are pro-choice than we’re talking abomination.  Poverty was never an excuse for abortion.   

  • L. M. Rice

    We’re still with you, Girls. Prayers are with you. Go, Go, Go!

  • Joy M Mvguire

    I went to Catholic school straight though to college.  I always new nuns were amazing people — Now the rest of the world knows it, too!

    Unlike the Pope, these women make me proud to be Catholic again! 

  • Make38


    Re: Nuns-on-a-Bus


    On the evening of 06/29/12, I attended the
    “Nuns-on-a-Bus” presentation in Philadelphia, Pa. A heart-felt message was delivered
    by the novice who is a social worker in Kensington. The novice gave a face,
    name, pain to the poor. I am extremely concerned about the other sister’s

    Yes, I heard about the comedian who got her nose stuck in
    the door of the bus. Yes, I heard the sister who was on many talk/radio shows.
    Yes, I heard the sister who cried when a poor man wrote her a money order for
    $2.50. Yes, I heard how each sister loves working with one another, delights in
    a 12 seat bus for 5 sisters, hated the heat in one location and terminated the
    presentation because of the heat. I tried to picture Mother Theresa on the
    stage last evening…and, I could not – Mother Theresa would be out in the
    slums, the ghettos, the inner city streets caring for the poor, not giving
    cutesy versions of her traveling adventures. I think I actually heard one of
    the speakers refer to nuns on a bus as her “posse.” The audience chuckled. But,
    there is nothing humorous about the heart-wrenching condition of the homeless
    or the atrocity of a lonely senior citizen cramped up in an un-air conditioned
    dirty apartment in sweltering 100 degree temperature…and, dying from heat
    stroke. There is nothing humorous about unvaccinated children, or little ones
    with the teeth rotting out of their mouth due to no dental insurance. There is
    nothing humorous about the many, many people in our country today without a
    job. Additionally, the definition of posse according to is


    1645 (in Anglo-L. from 1314), shortening of posse comitatus
    “the force of the country” (1626, in Anglo-L. from 1285), from M.L.
    posse “body of men, power,” from L. posse “have power, be
    able” + comitatus “of the country,” gen. of L.L. word for
    “court palace.” Modern slang meaning “small gang” is
    probably from Western movies.


    Sisters, really? 
    Are you defining yourselves as a powerful body of men? Or, are you
    defining yourselves with the modern slang version of posse?

    The sisters talked about diversity, yet there were no
    people of color on the stage. There was no mention of the great civil rights
    leaders in our country’s history who championed the plight of the poor,
    underprivileged, mistreated citizens in our country…the very purpose of “Nuns
    on a Bus.” After listening to the stirring impassioned Martin Luther King “I
    Have A Dream” speech, I am compelled to promote social justice. I am concerned
    that on a public forum where the opportunity to raise awareness for social
    justice is profound, a sister needed to talk about one another’s sleeping
    habits. One of the nuns on a bus gleefully described a trite, sophomoric
    incident between two traveling sisters who slept through a storm.   

    The sisters talked about inclusion of all religions, yet
    there were no rabbis or religious leaders from other faiths on the stage. The
    sisters choose two Marty Hageman hymns to sing. Why not choose one Hageman hymn
    and make the second hymn a Spanish selection, or a Spiritual.  Why not invite an area Baptist/Methodists/Lutheran/another
    choir from each state to sing?

    And, perhaps the most disturbing event last evening was
    the slide presentation illuminating all five sisters faces among gold stars. Jesus,
    who hung on a cross, would never have his face shamelessly self-promoted in such
    an embarrassing childish shtick. Jesus chose to have His face imprinted in a
    dirty piece of cloth. Instead of tacky gold stars surrounding Jesus’ face,
    there was a bloody, piercing crown of nails. How could the sisters use their
    slide presentation differently? While traveling state to state the sisters
    could actually visit and photograph the slums, the ghettos, the boarded-up
    Section 8’s. A picture says a thousand words. The sisters wouldn’t have to
    speak and tell silly stories. The pain portrayed in their photos would quietly
    scream injustice.

    The sisters bragged how easily they raised $150,000. The
    sisters told us the check came in “fine stationary.” Why does the audience need
    to know the quality of note paper?  Why
    not give that money to the poor and instead take the train or better yet walk….like
    Jesus did in sandals…not in that ridiculous, pricey bus. Their message would be


    Maryanne J. Kane

  • Aneesah McNamee

     Thank you Kevin. People who make such uninformed statements are living in the past — they want the old ways what ‘nuns’ used to look like. Times have changed and the reason WHY women enter religious life is NOT the same reason it was 40-50 years ago. The women then were used as a ‘work-force’ to teach in schools and be nurses in hospitals….. that they built. Women today in our society have so many more open doors and choices, they don’t have the limitations of years ago. Women who enter today, are called to social justice, called to help the poor, called to feed the hungry.
    It is true that the more conservative orders are getting more vocations. I challenge you to research how many of these young girls are STILL there, make final vows and stay. not many. i myself have looked into it, and was not given an answer. A habit, or what you wear does not make you a NUN or a SISTER….it is your life. what you do, and what you say.
    My guess is that those of you who want it to be like it was 50 years ago, never really looked outside your own door and saw the world and who was in it — what they needed.
    I wonder if we can all just get along?? is there room for the habitted nuns and sisters, and room for the ones who are not called to wear a habit. Why is there such discussion and argument over the decisions that women make with their GOD…. why do you feel so emotionally tied to this, so much so as to degrade such women who choose this life.??? it is amazing to me.

  • Judith K. Claire

    Make 38….join all the women who celebrate Jesus. Allow women of good will and energy to help solve the problem. What a joy it was for me to meet Sister Simone Campbell and other nuns and sisters over the 4th of July!  Women can do so much. Actually, as a long time activist, I was aware of how much more I have to do…all of us need to step up, educate ourselves and others and especially study and educate others on the behavior of Congress! I am not Catholic…I have learned so much up close and listening. Women do not have to bow down to the Pope nor to any other men who discount women and our ability to educate others.  I will support Nuns on the ! Celebration- celebrate all of our talented, curious, educated women who work for justice and help educate all of our daughters!

  • Judith K. Claire

    Celebrate women and educate young girls!

  • Magy Stelling

    Maryanne, why so critical? If you can explain your message so much better why not get your own bus and travel around  and spread your message in action  instead of just writing about it!!!

  • Make38

    Because Magy, I am working full time. If I did raise money, it would go towards feeding the poor not decorating the outside of a bus. I am not critical of the message. I am concerned about the presentation of the message. Donations used for this unecessary travel expense (Why a bus that seats 12, when 5 nuns were on board?) could have helped the needy. I spread my message in action everyday through serving God’s people.

  • Make38

    Judith, We are in agreement here. I certainly want all women to help solve the problem. I am concerned that the presentation of Nuns On The Bus did not solve or present the message in a clear manner. You can be joyful meeting the nuns. I wanted to be educated with specific points on issues that help the poor in our country. Nuns on the Bus did not address any issues in detail. The presentation required more data, fact finding, specific issues. None of that was give at the presentation I attended. But, I respect your opinion.

  • MannyOrden

    Sisters, you are in the best position to encourage high school and college students to organize transportation relays for voters to and/or from voting centers for registration and for voting. Only by involving them can they appreciate the high stakes. They can solicit food and water to support those long lines; take and upload pictures; develop mini-command communication centers in the high schools, colleges and universities. God bless you all.

  • Mike

    To truly solve a problem, you address the root cause and not treat the systoms. Nuns, would you please address the real problem of the deteriation/dissolve of the family unit…Dad, Mom and kids all living together in one household…with Dad present and supporting the family. No, the NUNs want the government to pick up the slack of the family unit breakdown with government re-distribution of wealth. Spend the time on saving family unity and personal responsibility!!!!! We have a great country with opportunity for all. America will provide a temporary saftey net for those falling down, but NOT a life style. America guarantees equal acces for all, America does not guarantee success for all.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that when anyone mentions requiring the very wealthy to pay the same tax rate as middle income individuals that it is presented as if we are asking for something that is bad or wrong? Why should Mitt Romney pay a 13/14 percent rate and someone making $60K is paying a 25 percent tax rate? To add insult to injury, Mr. Romney is not paying any tax on his off shore money. How can we have a serious discussion about fiscal policy with this current situation?

  • Thomfolio

    The sisters and their very well appointed bus sure have the ability to re-write history. They push one issue while the locomotive they are steaming down the tracks is loaded with more than just hugs and kisses. I’ve met a few of these good old gals. I was lambasted for sticking to Catholic Theology and Morals. They let me know in no uncertain terms that the positions they think I stand for are not what they want to remodel the Catholic Church into. Since I attend the Traditional Latin Mass, and pray the rosary, and stick to traditional Catholic Moral teachings on sex, I was told by a couple of these out of touch, lacking in charity wymen that I was just following the bygone anti-woman biases of some senile old bastards. If they had engaged in conversation or as they term it, Dialogue, (usually meaning listening to their own monologue and giving it more credence than the Church gives the Pope) they would have learned that as a convert to the Catholic Church from a jewish family who survived the Shoah, due to the intervention of the same Pope Pius XII they hate, being one of the few from my circle of friends who is alive today because I followed the chaste lifestyle the Church urges all men like myself with same sex attraction (as well as all unmarried heterosexuals) if I had followed their reccomendations to give up the Moral teachings of the Church, I’d probably be dead. So too with Birth control and abortion on demand which many feel should be advocated. Hey Hey, Ho Ho, how many women have to die from the Side effects of Yaz Sister?
    These women hiding behind the label of Religious have been given the opportunity long before the rest of society to become lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and Educators with advanced degrees while other women were tied down to a world with no opportunities. They come from a long history of women and men who entered religious life to provide a spiritual, moral and temporal life for all others while sacrificing their lives for the greater glory of God first. Now we see them stand up, and it would seem deny that any other solution but theirs is valid, they gave me not a moment to “dialogue” about all the Good that the Church still does aside from their efforts. Uniting with efforts that support Catholic Social, Moral and Theological teachings, healing the wounds within Catholic Communities, and between Catholics and Non-Catholics does not seem to be their goal. Demanding that they alone be heard does. Sadly I was judged by them, with no chance to illuminate them about the time I volunteer medical services in an inner city free clinic because my confessor and spiritual director at the FSSP (Latin Mass Chapel) I attend encourages it, nor when they decried the Church before Vatican II as a male dominated women hating machine, did they let me explain how much it had done to make my birth possible, since only those Jews who excaped my grandparents village with papers forged by the parish priest, when the bishop who had recieved a communique from Rome cooperated with as they termed him “That senile old bastard.” If only they could understand that not everyone who seeks spiritual growth in a manner they seem to have rejected as antiquated is that different when it comes to Catholic Social Doctrine. I can’t stress too much how much more they could accomplish if as in the words of Christ Jesus, they practiced “Ut unum sint.” That they all would be one, rather than bang a drum that the Church is out of step, and has been for two thousand years until they came along after Vatican II to push their policies. The Church is the same as it always was before and after Vatican II, something that should not have survived, because it offers hope of heaven, and provides for the needs of the underserved on Earth. Don’t drive us apart Sisters, But like real Nuns (you being lay sisters, and not Cloistered Nuns in Solemn Vows) show us how to loose ourselves for Christ and work with rather than against the Church.