How Much Money has Been Spent in Wisconsin?

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A record-shattering amount of money has been spent on today’s recall election in Wisconsin, thanks to the Citizens United decision, which paved the way to unlimited corporate and union spending on elections, and to a state law that allowed Republican Scott Walker — but not his opponent Tom Barrett — to accept unlimited donations from wealthy individuals.

Walker's Cash Advantage

Mother Jones

Mother Jones compiled more stats on the money spent in Wisconsin this morning. Here are some highlights:

$63.5 million: The minimum amount spent by both sides in the recall

70 percent: How much more expensive the governor’s recall election is than the state’s second-most expensive race (the 2010 gubernatorial campaign)

$30.5 million: Amount raised by Walker to fight off the recall effort

$3.9 million: Amount raised by his challenger, Tom Barrett, the Democratic mayor of Milwaukee

$10,000: Maximum individual donation Barrett may accept under state law

Unlimited: Maximum individual donation Walker may accept under state law

(View a list of the largest Walker donors. Many are not Wisconsonites.)

Some other impressive numbers, also courtesy of MoJo:

1 in 3: The proportion of people who say they’ve stopped discussing politics with someone because after a disagreement over Walker or the recall elections.

60 to 65 percent: Official projected turnout among voting-age adults in Tuesday’s election. The highest recorded turnout in a Wisconsin midterm gubernatorial election was 52 percent in 1962.Milwaukee Journal Sentinel political guru Craig Gilbert writes that the 60-to-65-percent-turnout forecast is “more or less insane.” But then again, these are not normal times in Wisconsin.

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  • Mac25

    Please help me understand why the millions spent in this recall and the multiple elections across the country are justifiable.  I have tried to wrap my highly educated brain and my practical daily life around what I considered an highly unethical and uncompassionate behavior of the American public and business.

    To help one to understand, I am on my third year of being unemployed in which I have lost everything.  While I remain responsible and have no debt, I see no light at the end of the tunnel.  I am one of the millions of highly skilled American citizens.    Why is the obvious available cash in this country being spent on poltics and not getting back to work, rebuilding the infrastructure or questioning why millions of dollars are leaving this country to help others and yet we are not working to help us?

    Lastly, Bill, thank you for all you do.  I have appreciated your indepth perspectives and conversations very much.

  • JonThomas

     I was watching the show Jeopardy, and Alex Trebek, whom I like,  joked with one of his guests about her monthly salary as a substitute teacher. He didn’t mean anything bad about it at all, and I’m not slighting him in the least, he was just making her feel comfortable as he does with all his guests.

    But, he mentioned her monthly salary might be a low $8000. I couldn’t help but shake my head. From what I know about his reputation, Alex is a great guy, but as a “celebrity,” he seemed to think $8000 a month was a low wage. To be fair it was probably a number that came off the top of his head.

    It just crossed my mind about how out of touch many of these people (not really Mr. Trebek) must be with the American Worker’s experience.

    This woman is probably lucky to bring home $8000 every 4-5 months!!!

    They want people to work hard, appreciate their jobs, be proud to be an American…yet they throw political money around on the b.s. promises that they do it so they can be in a position to create more service industry (re: life time slave position) jobs for the American worker.

    Pundits throw statistics around about how union workers are ‘so highly paid,’ or even… ‘overly paid…’ and have no clue about how difficult it is for the average person.

    Union workers make what should be the average wage for the inflationary status quo we face today.

    It makes my blood boil when I think of our present conditions.  What increasingly comes to mind are images of 18th century France. Sharpen the guillotines my friends!!! Well, at least put your lack of money and wealth in your impetus bags and speak up and act!

    For full disclosure I too am unemployed, and… since I was self-employed, I did not qualify for, or receive a penny of unemployment benefits.

  • That one guy

    Because it doesn’t matter what you think of yourself, it only matters what employers think of you. You say you’re “highly intelligent” and “highly skilled”, though it may just be a matter of perception. Either A, you are worthless in the eyes of people with money who need a specific skill, or B, the people with money that would find you useful don’t know you exist.

    There is also a third possibility; you, who speaks so highly of your self, feels that your worth is greater than what it actually is and so ignores the many opportunities around you because they are “below you”.
    So there you are, your joblessness stems from either arrogance, ignorance, or bad marketing.

  • quinn

    This seems like a cruel and judgmental response. Our economy is in a recession and many jobs have been shipped overseas. There are many reasons people are unemployed beyond the blaming the victim reasons you note. Kindness is a more useful tool in general and more so in hard times. Perhaps you are afraid it will happen to you.

  • dmic

    Where does it say how much the unions spent on this election?

  • betty jones

    We have many things to be concerned about in America. The cost of elections….all money going toward people who are suppose to support the will of the people, which is questionable. We now don’t trust are election process.
    Politicians now lie and media seems to support that lie by reporting it. Whatever happened to finding out if what politicians say is right before we report it? We now don’t trust the media news stations.
    Americans trust of politicians is at an all time low. Due to greed we have degraded what it means to be an American. We have allowed trust in big business only to find too many out of jobs while poverty is at an all time high. It seems that the wealthy are gambling now with the world market and have no interest in Americans best interest. Time to find out what real power is. The wealthy may feel the power of their wealth, but the only real power is having power over ones own self. We support them and soon we’ll find they will fall to their weaknesses as well.
    We don’t trust our scientists who have been reporting time and time again about the dangers of global warming to our environment, our air and water are being polluted by the greed of few.
    The division of our country is dangerous. Divided we fall, United we stand.

  • gerald berke

    Why is this unethical and why uncompassionate?  (Not a rhetorical question)… how unethical, how uncompassionate and against what costs.   What skills you have, and I assume they are sizeable, why are they not in demand and what does that indicate about the larger issues… eg, a large demand for soldiers is not, I suggest, a good thing.  We are a consumer society our acceptance of that suggests we are first about making money to where product and quality are ancillary.

  • PRdream

    My first reaction is, what a waste of money that could have been put to good use if it were taken out of elections.  Second is the voter turnout which is being called highest recorded is still low.  In Puerto Rico voter turn out is 90%.  So there is in Wisconsin as in the U.S. a large disaffected population and the way elections are set up and scheduled works against having an active, participating electorate.

    It’s unfortunate that elections here are so rigged around money and spin.  What concerns me now is the spin towards anti-unionism, cutting the social safety net even further, etc.

  • Anonymous

     What unions?

  • Anonymous

     Right!  We are no longer needed as producers or consumers.  World wide markets are taking our place.  Turn out the lights America!

  • Voted

    Can the be another recall election to waste more money?

  • JoAnn Christensen Scott

    It’s too easy to blame the rich who poured the money in to save Walker.  In the end, WI voters bought that crap and proceed to implement what all the money-folk want.  

  • Hunbry

    $30.5 mil (Walker) + $3.9 mil (Barrett) = $63.5 mil (total spent)??? The article does not explain where the other $29 mil in spending comes from and is therefore obviously biased.

  • Narnia☆Nitro

     How is there “spin towards anti-unionism”, and how is it any different from the “spin in support of unions”?

  • Sideliner

    The other $29 million was for the continuing union left efforts to first derail the legislative process. When that failed and the WI GA did their jobs the union left them tried to recall a Supreme Court Justice and win that way. When that didn’t work they tried to recall the Governor and that didn’t work. Lesson learned by union left? Fight, fight, fight and call everything a “war on” something, and play that victim card. Lesson learned by rest? The union left will never stop their “war on taxpayers”. Ever. 

  • JonThomas

     Perhaps, but instead of just saying… “in the end the baby died,” is there anything wrong with pointing out why the buggy rolled down the hill?

    There are reasons behind results. I agree that each person has to live with the result and the consequences of their own actions and in-actions, but things do not happen a vacuum and the money spent is a huge contributor to the results.

    If you don’t believe that, go ask the people who spent the money. Right now they see, and will probably brag about, the great return on investment they received.

  • JonThomas

     Waste? Like it or not that money was SPENT.

    From the perspective of those who used their resources to keep the Governor in office, they have gained what they see as value.

  • JonThomas

     I don’t know enough about what happened to speak to specifics on what the unions did or did not do in this case…but, I can speak to your propagandist use of language.

    The Unions did not “play the victim card.” They were attacked and compromised by the Governor and his policies. You may or may not like what happened to those unions and especially their members, but they aren’t “playing” anything. The attack was real and they became victims of the Governor’s policy.

    The “taxpayers,” as you phrase citizens of Wisconsin, and by extension of the idea, all U.S. citizens… are not just taxpayers.

    The unions are not fighting a war on taxpayers. Whether you agree with their goals or not, they are trying to act in the best interests of their members.

    Those members, just as 99% of all taxpayers, are workers, citizens, and consumers.

    The unions are not fighting a war on workers or “taxpayers.”

    The unions of this country have gained the ability for workers to earn a real living wage.

    The vast majority of workers, not members of a union (comprised of Government union workers or not,) make far below what a fair return on their time and effort should bring.

    When the top 1% bring in 10’s of millions of dollars, and the workers who make it possible have to worry about where the money to pay the next bill will come from, there is a problem!!!

    I don’t care if they are flipping burgers, digging ditches, or trading on the exchange…without that labor the results are mute.

    If workers were smart they would plant vegetables and food everywhere possible. They should stop buying merchandise. They/we should stock pile wood for heat and tell all those barely subsistence job creators, who think that the current average wage to profit ratio is fair, to just get lost.

    I don’t know you personally, but I have to wonder if you are one of the people behind the brainwashing or if you’ve just bought into it for either self interest or belief.

    If I’ve misunderstood your comments I apologize, but I don’t think I have.

  • NobamaYOMama

    That’s called “Libby Math”.      Funny how they take issue with a republican “outspending” a  demo, but actually BOASTED in 2008 when Obama got 1 BILLION in campaign money – HISTORICAL amounts.    Bet some of that was from those “rich folk” :)    Funny we don’t hear complaints about Obama catering to the 1%’ers like Clooney & Jessica Parker – heh heh.    Double standards indeed.

  • NobamaYOMama

    Mac – what kind of a degree do you have?  I am curious why you have been unemployed for 3 years.   Sorry to hear you have lost everything, but there are jobs out there – maybe not making what you want now, but at least something is better than nothing…  maybe you have a talent that you could market starting your own business?   

  • NoBamaYOMama

    I am a public worker in a union and I wish our state would be as responsible.  Unfortunately, I live in Illinois.   The demo won – a Blagojevich offshoot, so we are doomed.   They’ve stolen from state employee retirement fund for years and not funded the system for 30 years all under demos.    I don’t think our state should pay people FREE HEALTHCARE FOR LIFE for 20 years of service or the legislators after 4 or 8 years of service.    I am rather ashamed of that union greed and KNEW if they asked for TOO MUCH it’d all come down to this one day.   

    Besides being hijacked by the democratic party, the unions got greedy – their leaders make quite a chunk of change and they’d have a much better reputation if they had been more conservative with demands and STOP donating all our money to democrats.    

    My state pays over $8000/year for my health care and that is nearly $700/month!!!!!!!   In Wisconsin, I understand that Walker found a cheaper insurance company NOT tied to the unions which saved millions.    I am healthy and the state should NOT be paying that much for my health insurance.  

    All this because the union employees had to contribute 12% to their own health care and 5% to retirement.  Whah.  

  • JonThomas

     It seems to me that if you were a man of character, yet still willing to throw the stones you are at your own union, you would quit and find a job more in line with your principles.

    Even a dog doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it!!

    Your standing on your ivory tower while casting dispersions is contemptible!!!

    I’m sure that there are lawyers that could, on your behalf, draft a statement of some sort containing your desire of refusal to partake in the acceptance of union health benefits.

    You insult the people who have to pay for their own insurance and condemn those without any health insurance.

    There are many good arguments for state sponsored, single payer health care, but your comment is the best example of why we need it then any reason I’ve heard in a long time!!


  • Richard

    Democrats stole it and gave it to the professionally poor!!!!

  • Guest

    Let’s don’t even mention the $21Million spent by the union…

  • Lwayman

     Sad, from afar in Hawaii; however, our Democratic Governor Aberchrombie seems to be taking a page from Walker’s playbook with the Hawaii State Teachers Union. In some states “Democratic” does not necessarily mean “democratic.”

  • Raf

    A luta continua… on to Elizabeth Warren wining the Massachusetts senate race.

  • Hermitlbot

    I would recommend reading “America’s Great Depression”, by Murray Rothbard.  That’ll be a good start.

  • Dbaric

    What happened is that people voted for fiscal responsibility.  They saw public unions abusing their power by getting more benefits than the general public.  People like fairness, when one person or group gets more than they are getting they resent it and this is their backlash.  If Dems were smart they would emphasize fairness in government and benefits and talk less of union solidarity.  It’s nice to belong to a group but when you brag about it people resent it.

    A good example of fairness in difficult situations, If you’ve ever been to an amusement park and stood in line for a ride you’ll understand fairness.  People hate it but they do it, why? because everybody else has to stand in line too.  Fairness,  Disney learned this, just look at the long que lines there, zig zagging back and forth like they will never end and yet they work, and yet people stand there for hours inching forward toward the goal.  Fairness, it works.

  • Anonymous

    Dirty secret, the Unions spent millions to first get to the point of a recall and later in the actual election. The media don’t want you to know that. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

  • Anonymous

    You mean he is trying to save the taxpayers from funding waste? 

  • Anonymous

     You mean the same Warren who lied about her ethnic background in order to get ahead? Oh right, model citizen right there.

  • Anonymous

     Look at it this way. Every dime of that money went into the economy.

  • Anonymous


  • Morgan

    Wisconsin demonstrates that any and all elections are now for sale.  

    So does prop 29 in California.  An initiative that would add a one dollar tax for cancer research to the cost of each pack of cigarettes was ahead by an estimated 10 percentage points in the spring.  Big tobacco poured $46 million into the no on 29 campaign and the day after the election it is still too close to call.  It may be days before we get a result.

  • Everyoneknowsbut you

    Union is another word for hard working people, who are barely making a living, drive 10 year old cars, pay the babysitter, buy (make) cookies for their childs class, drive their children to the dentist, pick up granma and takes her to the grocery store…  They are not the managers or supervisors who keep all the bonuses, tips and raises for themselves ,so that they can drive new SUVs, belong to the country club and work out at the gym on the way home while their nannies take care of their children. 
    Everyone knows that this is the truth, except children of managers and supervisors.

  • Larson E. Whipsnade

     What no one seems to want to talk about is why money influences elections – because people aren’t willing or able to think for themselves. The result: Money buys ads and people aren’t smart enough to see through them. It’s very disheartening. How can an initiative like the California cigarette tax go from an almost 2-1 edge in the polls in March to a defeat in June? Because Big Tobacco rolled out a huge ad campaign. But the facts didn’t change. The only thing that changed was the minds of people so simple they could be manipulated by Mad Men with big money. Makes me sick.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if the democrats actually represented more people they would have gotten more money.  I am tired of people attacking those who gave to Walker’s campaign.  We have a right to give OUR money to whom ever we choose.  This goes for private corporations and the unions.  BTW, I know many middle class citizens who sent money to Walk and they are far from being rich.  Maybe the $40K tickets for the Bon Jovi concert to support Obama should be the focus of how the rich contribute to political campaigns.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree.  I use common sense when voting and the ads may sway me if they make sense but have little to no affect on me if they do not make sense.  Maybe the big tobacco ads were a good counter argument so people voted against the bill.  Unions spend money on ads so are you saying they make you sick also?  You need to be careful trying to limit who can say what.  Any tax payer, corporation or individual, has the right to contribute money to whom ever they wish.  We as citizens need to see through the rhetoric and research the facts.  I blame the people who are swayed by negative ads and rhetoric not the corporations and the unions. 

  • Anonymous

    I disagree.  I know union workers and have worked in factories. State employees make good money considering most of them barely finished highschool, besides the teachers.  I respect all workers including the blue collar workers.  I am not against a decent salary but I am not for lavish retirements that far exceed the rest of the country.  It is impossible to tax the public anymore than they are being taxes now so what is your solution for the public worker’s unions.  Remember the local and state governments are who hire most the public workers and the worker’s salaires and benefits are the vast majority of the local and state budgets.  I am not willing for my taxes to go up $3000 a year to save a unions worker $1000.  This is actually greedy of them to expect us to do this for THEIR benefits.  BTW my wife is a teacher and her pay sucks but she  likes being off work for 4 months a year, so to her it’s worth it. I would rather see the wages go up and the benefits go down.  Put all public sectors workers in a 401K and make them retire at 65 but pay them 25% more.  I bet most of them would agree to this plan. 

  • JonThomas

     Hmmm….that is no secret. Every article I’ve read, especially on this site, and if you actually read this article we are all commenting on, has contained the fact that unions also are included in the Citizen’s United Ruling. In this present article it’s in the first sentence.

    What this article shows is the disproportionate amounts spent and how that may translate to voting at the polls.

    The fact that, by law, the sitting Governor can accept more than the challenger, is most telling.

  • JonThomas

     It was mentioned. It’s in the very first sentence. None of the spending was itemized by donor.

  • JonThomas

     That woman stood up and explained what happened. Quite a model citizen!

  • JonThomas

     True fairness isn’t taking away benefits that should be available to all workers in our society. But instead, fairness would be doing what we can to spread that largess to all who work in any, and every, way possible to advance society and better the standard of living for all citizens!

    “Mommy, Johnny has a lollipop, take it away… take it away!”

    Why shouldn’t little Mikey also be able to have one?

    When inflation, wages, and the standard of living all clash at the point of barely subsisting, the stress created on individual citizens creates unhealthy conditions!

    Unhealthy for the individuals, and unhealthy for society!

  • JonThomas

     People like think they are immune or above such efforts, but the truth is that we are all susceptible to such influence.

  • JonThomas

    I do like some of your points but please be careful… It is NOT “impossible to tax the public more…”

    You can’t build an argument on a false premise.

    You could have said for example, that present conditions make it difficult to tax the wealthy more than present levels.

  • JonThomas

     If you do “research the facts” you will understand the psychological conditions that make humans susceptible to influence.

    The state the mind enters when watching television is especially dangerous  in regard to influence.

    I won’t disagree that corporations AND unions can develop ads that sway or dissuade potential voters, but the “right” for them to contribute at present levels is a new one, and not yet set in stone. Personally I would like efforts to  restrict all such external, and especially, anonymous- contributions and spending…union, individual, and corporations.

    Blaming the people who are not actively forming their own opinions and critically analyzing what they are told, is a valid opinion, but it does not reach the core of the argument…Is it moral or ethical, and should it really be legal, to influence people in ways that can cause them to be unaware of the exerted pressure.

    Even if they are aware, I easily envision a circumstance where corporations control the media, thus the messages people receive, or more importantly, DON’T receive…oooops sorry I forgot I was awake and this is already happening!

    If it is moral, and stays legal, then whomever has the most power of influence (money,) will rule. That is the plutocracy that many of us abhor.

  • JonThomas

     You may want to live in a plutocracy that is controlled by the richest segment of society, but many of us do not!!!

    A lot of “middle class citizens” are not even aware of how they are being manipulated into working against their own interests by monied and powerful groups.

    Media outlets, such as FOX news (not to ignore the others, but they are the worst example of such plutocratic propaganda,) provide content that sounds reasonable but is not anywhere close to fair OR balanced.

  • guest

    Where is the record of all of the outside money spent by Democrats, unions and out-if-state parties trying to oust Walker BEFORE the actual election to initiate the recall?? Just showing the money spent by Barrett DURING the recall is ignoring all of the money that Barrett didn’t need because a large part of the job was done before he was even nominated as the Democrat candidate. Walker had to play catch up to defend himself against a highly organized and well-funded recall effort.

  • JonThomas

     There sure seems to be a lot of people commenting here to attack unions in the face of the actual statistics.

    The problem is that none of you are supplying proof. Please show some evidence!

    You are just casting dispersions.

    If you think or claim Barrett had more funding, then give the documentation. This article provided facts, statistics, and verifiable evidence to document truth. If you, or the people who are feeding your opinions can supply such documentation, then post it here.

    If you can’t supply such evidence then your comment, such as the one you posted here, has no purpose other than to diffuse the truth and shadow the facts with apocryphal suspicion.

    This tactic is one of the many that have served to mislead and brainwash an already discouraged and fearful electorate.

    Please stop using such fascist propaganda tactics.

  • Anonymous

    Is this is how Wisconsin’s teachers’ union teaches math????
    $63.5   million raised and or spent by both sides.  Minus
    $30.5   million raised and or spent by Walker equals
      $3.9    million raised or spent by Barret…. What the!!!!

    Where the Sam Hill did the remaining $29.1 million go?

    Or did Barret raise and or spend $33. million but Barret is ashamed to admit that he could not win even when he out spent Walker by $3 million?????
                 $29.1 million
         +        $3.9 million
         +      $30.5 million
    Equals  $63.5 million

    See my math is correct, or did Obama spin the copy for this piece?

  • Anonymous

    Is this is how Wisconsin’s teachers’ union teaches math????$63.5 million raised and or spent by both sides. Minus $30.5 million raised and or spent by Walker equals $3.9 million raised or spent by Barret…. What the!!!!
    Where the Sam Hill did the remaining $29.1 million go?
    Or did Barret raise and or spend $33. million but Barret is ashamed to admit that he could not win even when he out spent Walker by $3 million????? $29.1 million + $3.9 million + $30.5 million__________ Equals $63.5 million
    See my math is correct, or did Obama spin the copy for this piece?
    show more show less
    Cast some dispersions on this!!!

  • JonThomas

     Just click the links in the article that takes you to the page with the stats.

    It’s a highlighted link and you’ll find that the information, including the where money you seem to think is missing, yet blamed solely on Barret,  really came from.

    Your math is again the type of information that covers the truth.

    If you did the research and looked into the matter, in the time it took you to write your comment you could have found out where that money came from and who did the spending.

    It had nothing to do with Obama at all, but you of course had to throw that in also…another shot without foundation or provocation.

  • JonThomas

    Thank you moderator. I accept that edit graciously. I just get upset when people use obfuscation in an attempt to hide facts on such important subjects.

    This really is the wholesale buying of the Government, literally!! There is no more important political subject right now.

    Although I must point out that I did say “Please…”  😉

  • JonThomas

     Just click the link in the article above that says… “stats on the money spent in Wisconsin.”

    There you will find that your math is missing some numbers, and that you are the only one spinning anything.

    See, I didn’t have to cast dispersions, just had to teach you how to do research.

    Hopefully next time you can search for yourself so you don’t post things that might make a person look foolish.

    Teach a man to fish…hmmm…that sounds oddly right wing-ish…

    See, some things the right believes in are good.  I guess it IS better to be open minded.

    But if you are hungry right now, then I’ll share a loaf and a fish. :)

  • Patrick

    This is a joke.  This is so slanted toward the Dems it isn’t even funny.  I know you don’t want to look, but the elephant in the room is the unions

  • Patrick

    Oh, I forgot, it was 35 mil.  What the heck, it’s only union dues.  What do the unions care about that. 

  • Yogiobear

    Bill: What are we going to do about education in this country? How do the little people fight psychopaths like Rove and the Koch brothers.

  • Anonymous

    Good old common sense will be put to test when
    you to vote for Obama in Ohio in 2012, eh. 
    After seeing our Venture Capitalist Presidential candidate Romney stand
    outside Solyndra and give a campaign speech tying Obama to Crony Capitalists I realize
    that Governor Romney is more a political bureaucrat than a businessman.  Nor-Easter Romney is an Upper Midwestern Plutocrat’s
    version of George W. Bush and we all know how that turned out for America.  Rather than get sucked into some TEA Party Knee
    Jerk reaction to take the U. S. government hostage, think I’d just soon stay at
    home as to vote for Romney!

  • Anonymous

    Madison Avenue don’t influence me none ’cause i’m wearing my Super-Cali-Fragilistic Super Duper Man underwear.  Thus My Lord keeps the devil away so I can do the Right Thing.  “In God We Trust.”

  • Anonymous

    At least with a 401k when the venture capitalists swoop in buy you out and lay you off you still have your retirement, eh?  Think again, and get a financial lawyer to look at the fine print on your employer’s 401k plan for you.  Whom do you think benefits the most with the defined contribution 401k verses a defined benefit retirement plan?  Your common sense politics here may deceive you?

  • Anonymous

    In America we are all Hollywoodland Marlboro men!  I’ve the old black and white TV commercials with Medical Doctors pitching the “healthy’ brand cigarettes.  They used the same tobacco tactics with Climate Change & global warming debate too… They? The GrassRoots Free Market Anti Tax Job Creators.

  • Anonymous

    One drop of black blood makes you black unless you can “pass!”  Warren is morally flawed compare to her “beefcake” opponent?

  • Anonymous

    American exceptionalism — the best government
    that money can buy.  

  • Anonymous

    That literally made no sense. Try again?

  • Paula Schramm

    Ringostarr1 – I wondered about this too, but I think the key is that there was lots of super pac money, which is not included in the figure for what the candidates raised themselves, but is counted as part of what is spent “by both sides”. I know a lot more was spent on the Walker campaign than  the $30 million he raised.  The figure I heard again & again in different places was that Walker outspent Barrett by 7 to 1. Wonder why the incumbent can accept  unlimited donation from a single donor, but the challenger is limited to $10,000.Dems made mistakes in this campaign, but still, it’s a good example of huge amounts of money making the difference. We Americans just can’t resist advertising !      (Otherwise known as propaganda…..I’m sorry, but I saw some of the ads, and they misrepresented the reality, but were great propaganda ! ) Welcome to the age of billion dollar presidential campaigns. This is just a waste, and obscene, but won’t change now until we amend the constitution.                                                                           

  • Guest

    Of course YOU use common sense.  It’s just all those other rubes out there who are swayed by attack ads, right?  Corporations are not people, money is not speech–our Supreme Court is frighteningly wrong.  It’s been wrong before–Dred Scott, for example–so all is not lost, I hope, but our republic is in dire straits and Scalia, et. al., need to wake up.

  • Fred Flintstone Workerbee

    Taxation, but no representation (for ‘ordinary’ folk) !

  • Charlotte Shapiro

     “The proof is in the pudding.”  You can’t change the FACT of mountains of out of state money going to the Republican…  The problem of CAPITAL, LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT is longstanding globally.  It’s past due time to find equitable ways to heal this schizm.

  • Farber Boy

    From the lefty “Mother Jones” website regarding the earlier senate recalls, facts ignored now because they don’t fit the schema:

    “The $31 million spent on the recalls—the six August 9 elections and
    two more targeting Democratic state senators on August 16—splits evenly
    between left- and right-leaning groups.”…

    The biggest spender on the Democratic side is We Are Wisconsin,
    a coalition of labor unions. Campaign finance filings show about $8.8
    million in spending by the group so far…

    The conservative playing field is more scattered. Instead of one
    powerhouse coalition, numerous conservative outfits have trained their
    sights on a few individual recall races, rather than blanketing the

    I love the slant of Moyers though.   He is very consistent.

  • Anonymous

     The problem is not just the fact that billionaire Republican backers have more money than God.  Most areas of the U.S. have no access to progressive media, so they never get a chance to hear any news or opinions that don’t fall into the category of GOP propaganda.

    Moreover, Democrats and unions seem to have no knowledge of the art of propaganda, while Republicans are experts at it.  Progressives keep ranting that they need to get the “facts” out to the people and they will take logical action.  NO!  Voters are more emotional than logical.  That’s why they usually fall into the GOP trap of voting their grudges and fears (public employees, blacks, immigrants, religion, guns, abortion, etc.).  Progressives don’t know how to manipulate emotion even when they have the money for ads.