Interactive: Gay Rights, State by State

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Just as President Obama’s views on same-sex marriage have evolved over time, laws across the country have also evolved to grant — and sometimes deny — LGBT rights on a range of issues. The Guardian newspaper website launched a new interactive yesterday that details the laws in each state regarding same-sex marriage; hospital visitation; hate crimes; adoption; and workplace, school and housing discrimination. Compare the laws in your state or region with the rest of the country. You can even sign in to Facebook and focus on rights in the states your friends live.

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  • Robert S. Kirsner

    It is fascinating that although news shows will sometimes discuss comparisons with other countries, such as Norway being 1, the Netherlands 10, and the US 25 in the ranking of the best countries to be a mother in, no one looks at Gay marriage internationally. The Netherlands have had gay marriage since 2001 and Dutch society does not seem to have fallen apart. How about a program on THAT? That is, do the data on the countries of the world show that gay marriage destroys society or not?
    Robert Kirsner
    Los Angeles