Majority of Super PAC Money Comes From Few States

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According to analysis by USA Today, a handful of rich donors in six states — Nevada, Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Utah and Oklahoma — and Washington, D.C., are fueling the 2012 election campaign. Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, notes in the report that the geographic breakdown is a function of where wealthy super PAC givers happen to live.

The concentration of political money in just a handful of states illustrates how the free-for-all spending of the 2012 election has changed the campaign fundraising map in ways not seen the post-Watergate laws imposed contribution limits. Outside spending already has topped $113 million in this election, more than four times the amount at this point in the 2008 campaign.

By contrast, three crucial presidential battlegrounds — Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — together account for less than 2% of all super PAC contributions. …

Individuals and organizations in the securities and investment industry have donated $31 million to super PACs, the most of any sector, Krumholz’s group found. Not surprisingly, New York, the nation’s financial center, emerges as the No. 4 city in super PAC donations in the USA Today analysis.”

Map showing states with the largest super PAC donations so far; Produced by USA Today.

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  • SilverThimble

    It breaks my heart every time I read about the massive amounts of money being thrown at campaigns. Imagine what this nation could be like if that money were spent on food, housing and education of our populous?

  • Dan Freese

    So very few willing to risk everything to tell us the truth! Please pay attention! This information can change our world if we all ignore it!

  • Anonymous

    America is for Sale to the Top Bidder !!!!  Step right Up !!!  Listen to the lies being told to you by groups who know you are a gullible bunch.

  • Jim Finger

    Where do you think that the money goes when it is spent for political ads? 
    Don’t ad sales people pay for food, housing and education? 
    Don’t the creative people who craft the ads pay for food, housing and education?
    Don’t people who own and/or work at every kind of media outlet pay for food, housing and education?
    Don’t they all pay taxes?
    You betcha… on ALL OF THE ABOVE!

  • Jim Finger

    Start with the biggest LIE of all… that Government can continue sustaining entitlement spending that is growing at 4 times the rate of the economy and an indebtedness that is growing at 10 times the rate of the economy.

    Gullibility thou art Democrat!

  • Anonymous

    Um, sorry, we had our best days in America when we had high taxes to pay off WW2 and the Korea an Vietnam wars.  Reagan’s Trickle Down Economics all Trickled Up.  Yes, that American Dream is so not alive anymore.  Sorry, but if we do not invest in our people, whether they are children or the sick and poor and disadvantaged, then our country is going down, the way of the British Empire – remember?  Not long ago they were the world’s biggest empire… now look at them…. all happy because they get an education, healthcare, etc.

    And don’t tell me we are the only people to invent either… The French created the Concord – remember?  The Germans build Mercedes, England is actually doing real testing on marijuana as a medicine.

    Sorry, but I believe the health of all the people in a country matter, not just the top 1% or those who DREAM of being in the top 1% (who have a better chance of winning the lottery).
    And what is so wrong about raising taxes?  Because Grover Norquist got all his Republican friends to promise to never raise taxes – he has created a total stalemate in our Congress.  What a F’ing loser and selfish person, well, anyone who signed it is selfish.  Trust me, they are getting every penny they can out of the taxpayers.

  • Anonymous

    And don’t they lie to the American voter !!!  You Betcha !!!