Keystone XL Pushes Ahead and Inspires Unlikely Alliance

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With gas prices across the country averaging $3.78 a gallon after rising 13 cents last week, Republicans railed against the Obama administration’s energy policy. Chief among their complaints was President Obama’s denial of a permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline last month.

TransCanada, the company that wants to build the massive pipeline from Alberta, Canada through America’s heartland to the Gulf of Mexico, announced Monday that they will begin construction on the southern section without congressional or official White House approval. The Los Angeles Times reports:

“While an international permit is needed for the northern segment because it crosses the U.S.-Canada border, TransCanada needs mainly state and local authorization to build the southern segment. With strong support in states along that section of the corridor, TransCanada officials said, they expect to have the southern segment operating by late 2013 at a cost of $2.3 billion.”

The White House supported the move. Press secretary Jay Carney said, “Moving oil from the Midwest to the world-class, state-of-the-art refineries on the Gulf Coast will modernize our infrastructure, create jobs, and encourage American energy production.”

Protestors against the Keystone XL pipeline dressed as referees throw red penalty flags during a rally on Capitol Hill in Washington. Jaunary 2012. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
Protestors against the Keystone XL pipeline dressed as referees throw red penalty flags during a rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Environmentalists, including Bill McKibben, who have organized several protest against the pipeline, expressed dismay: “Even though this doesn’t bring new oil in from the tar sands,” Mr. McKibben said, “we stand with our allies across the region who are fighting to keep giant multinational corporations from condemning their lands. This fight is uniting people, from environmentalists to Tea Partiers, in all kinds of ways.”

Wait a minute, environmentalists and Tea Partiers? It’s true. Talking Points Memo reports:

“on the portion of the pipeline that would link Nebraska to Texas, TransCanada has threatened to use disputed eminent domain powers to condemn privately held land, over the owners’ objections. And that’s creating unusual allies — Occupiers, Tea Partiers, environmentalists, individualists — united to stop TransCanada from threatening water supplies, ancient artifacts, and people’s basic property rights.”

Farmer Julia Trigg Crawford fought back, filing a restraining order against TransCanada earlier this month. But on Friday, a judge rescinded that order.

Despite the setback, environmentalists and Tea Partiers vowed to continue the fight against the pipeline.

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  • Anonymous

    How did they get as far as they did? Obama is a worm, a nematode, a low life Republican BlueDog pile of excrement. I’m voting Rocky. 

  • Anonymous

    What’s the name of the judge who rescinded the stay of execution of our lands.  And who gave Canada the power to declare eminent domain in our country? I want names, I want connections, I want to know how much that judge got paid to rescind the stay!  I’ll sleep at work before I buy another teaspoon of gas. The oil oozing through what amounts to the lower colon of the wealthiest people on earth will not be for sale in America, it will be sold overseas! Rotten criminal psychopaths! Enough is enough!

  • Anonymous

    mdm713 – If I read correctly, the rescinded order was a local issue affecting only a few acres, which they could have built around fairly easily (isn’t the next guy usually willing to sell out?).  Obama has nothing to do with this as they only need local support to build as far as the national border, which is 90% of the pipeline.  

    What I don’t understand is; if there’s so much oil up there why doesn’t Canada build a refinery and keep a chunk of the expenses as profit?

  • Kneely1

    Issues make for strange bedfellows…This is what really scares the Powers that be…UNIONIZATION and COOPERATION of the people on an issue…

  • dona

    I love Texas United!   Thank you for saying “no” to tyranny!

  • Don Gadberry

     They need the deep water port to send it to Asia.  Going west from Alberta is meeting a great deal of resistance and building a big refinery on the Pacific is not doing well either. 

  • Onequitamrelator

    The stopping of the Keystone XL pipeline has nothing to do with the exceleration of gas prices over the last month and everything to do with punishing Obama and his Decesion and punishing the American People !

  • Poweredbyenoch

    Jobs for WHO Canadians or illeagle undocumented Mexican slave labor? Americans won’t benefit from the XL Pipeline, who are they kidding ? This Canadian oil company will hire the cheepest labor to construct this pipeline and that won’t be Americans 4-sure !

  • GradyLeeHoward

    I’ve  seen much worse, so you’d better approve it. You cannot deny it is true.