Margaret Flowers — The American Dream

Communities are organizing and fighting back

Margaret Flowers — The American Dream

Back in 2009 at Bill Moyers Journal we asked all our guests to share with us their vision of the future of the American Dream. We’ve followed up with some of those guests and they’ve shared their thoughts with us on where the American Dream stands today. Tell us what is your vision for the American Dream on Facebook, Twitter, email or at (347) 974-4181.


The United States and the world are at a crossroads. In the face of multiple crises such as climate change, militarization, poverty and lack of universal access to basic necessities, and elites in power who refuse to solve these crises, communities are organizing and fighting back. The election of President Trump has brought long-term problems to a head, and this presents us with an opportunity. My vision for the future is that people take this opportunity to demand transformational changes that get to the roots of the problems we face. This is the time for a strong offense, because the only way we will achieve a transition to a clean energy economy, peace and fulfillment of our human rights is by building people power to overcome those who profit from opposing them.


My vision for the future is that we would overcome the special interest power that’s been dominating our political process for so long. And that citizens would become engaged and active and create the government that we were supposed to have by and for the people, so that we’re actually making a system that works, that uplifts our people so that they can be healthy, productive, take care of their families, be creative and become a nation again that we can be proud of.

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Margaret Flowers

Dr. Margaret Flowers ran for the US Senate seat left open by the retiring Barbara Mikulski. Margaret is a Maryland pediatrician and mother of three. She has practiced medicine in hospitals and in private practice. In 2007, she stopped practicing medicine to start advocating full-time for a state and federal single-payer health care system. Follow her on Twitter: @MFlowers8.