Commentary: Trumpollution

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In their ongoing attempt to make sense of the world, the ancient Greeks told of hateful half-human beasts called Harpies. These mythical monsters, with the body of a bird and the head of a woman, lived up to their etymology (“harpazo” ([ἁρπάζω]  to snatch or carry off; to seize, overpower…plunder) by stealing cherished items from individuals — or the individuals themselves — and so defiling or destroying them, they became untouchable. The contamination was lethal. If this sounds like the sadism of mobster families and horror movies, you get the picture.  Or maybe you’re thinking of Donald J. Trump.  We are not the ... Read More


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A mob sporting BLM flags invaded the Capitol yesterday, breaking windows and doors to gain access to the House and the Senate chambers, the Rotunda and congressional offices. It appears that they had been summoned to Washington from around the nation by Black revolutionaries. President Trump, calling the mob’s activities “sedition,” vowed to quickly put down this violation of the greatness that is America. Sedition is defined as “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state.” By mid-morning the demonstration had become violent, overwhelming the Capitol police, who had not been prepared for such an eventuality. ... Read More