Who’s Getting it Right on Climate Change?

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David Suzuki

David Suzuki. (Photo: Dale Robbins/Moyers & Company)

Environmentalist David Suzuki tells Bill that while the United States has procrastinated on tackling climate change, other countries have taken steps toward cutting their emissions and preparing for a more volatile climate future. And in many cases, their efforts have succeeded without the negative economic repercussions that America’s politicians fret over.

The David Suzuki Foundation, a nonprofit group founded by the scientist to research and promote sustainability, gave us a few examples of successful tactics that countries (and a few cities in North America) are using to fight climate change that the US might want to take a closer look at. They note, however, that there “isn’t a country in the world that’s on track to reduce emissions to the extent needed to keep global warming under 2 degrees Celsius (3.7 Fahrenheit)” — the target experts hoped we would meet to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

First up: Sweden »

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