Video: 10 Years After Katrina, Has New Orleans Recovered?

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This post first appeared in Yes! Magazine.

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, a new documentary from The Laura Flanders Show and teleSUR English explores the race, class and gender outlines of the reconstruction of New Orleans. At least $71 billion in federal money has been spent. But has every opportunity been seized to bring back not just the place, but its people, so they’re stronger and healthier than before?

In this documentary, The Laura Flanders Show explores, from the grassroots, systemic changes in housing, economic development and policing. How have federal, state and city policies affected the people of New Orleans?

Laura Flanders is a best-selling author and broadcaster. After many years in public and commercial radio, she founded The Laura Flanders Show/GRITtv in 2008 to serve as an online channel for in-depth conversations with forward-thinking people from the worlds of politics, economics, business and the arts. A primetime, daily broadcast, GRITtv with Laura Flanders aired for three years on Free Speech TV before moving to KCET/Linktv and teleSUR as a weekly program. Follow her on Twitter: @GRITlaura.
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