How to Get Money Out of Politics: Ideas For Change

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Tired of Money Buying Politicians? So Are We. Here’s How to End It.
By Adam Smith, Every Voice
“Floods and tsunamis and natural disasters are unavoidable and devastating, but the influence of big money in politics is created by people — which means it can be fixed by people, too.” Read more »


occupy chevron in Richmond, California
In Richmond, We Would Not Let Democracy Be Bought
By Gayle McLaughlin, Richmond City Council
Citizens United is a curse on our democracy and if it remains in place, our democracy nationwide will be destroyed.” Read more »


People Really Care About Campaign Finance Reform. The FEC Needs to Listen.
By Ann Ravel, Federal Election Commission
“We must involve and engage those whose participation and ideas are now shut out of the political process.” Read more »


The Government By the People Act Would Give ‘Citizens United’ a Run for Its Money
By Lee Drutman, New America
“What if we stop focusing on limits, and start focusing on opportunities?” Read more »


Money Is Shredding America’s Democracy
By Cynthia DiBartolo, Esq., Greater New York Chamber of Commerce
“Long-term growth will come through innovation and an open marketplace that is free from corruption and applies the same set of rules to everyone.” Read more »


stacks of paper
Transparency Is Key to Campaign Finance Reform
By Chris Gates, Sunlight Foundation
“Transparency is the first step in a reform agenda, because informed citizens can and will make the right choices about their country.” Read more »


courtroom gavel
Soliciting Campaign Cash Threatens the Integrity of the Courts
By Alicia Bannon, Brennan Center for Justice
“States should adopt strict recusal rules that bar judges from hearing cases when lawyers and litigants spend substantial sums to get them elected.” Read more »


yes or no voting paper
Sick of Money Corrupting Politics? Take the Fight Local.
By Charlotte Hill, Represent.Us
“The best way to counter the dangerous misconception that nothing can be done to stop corruption is to start winning meaningful policy victories in cities and states.” Read more »


Jeb Bush
Already Time for Accountability in the 2016 Presidential Race
By Paul S. Ryan, Campaign Legal Center
“Not only are the early 2016 presidential election frontrunners claiming they’re not yet candidates, nearly all of them are denying that they’re even ‘testing the waters.'” Read more »


The United States Constitution
End Big Money’s Chokehold on Democracy. Amend the Constitution.
By Robert Weissman, Public Citizen
“As a matter of basic democratic principle, we need to make clear that We the People have the authority to set the rules for election spending as we see fit. We must overturn the Supreme Court-created doctrines that ‘money is speech’ and ‘corporations are people.'” Read more »


Welcome to Maine sign
Maine Shows That Publicly Financed Elections Really Can Work
By Andrew Bossie, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections
“The Clean Election Act has allowed Mainers to have a government that’s truly reflective and accountable to the voters.” Read more »


Photo: David Goehring/ Flicker CC 2.0
Conservative Campaign Finance Reform Increases Participation
By John Pudner, Take Back Our Republic
“The fundamental problem isn’t that there’s too much money in politics, it’s that too few Americans are participating.” Read more »


Zephyr Teachout
The Path to Freedom From Corruption Goes Through New York State — And Your State
By Zephyr Teachout, Law Professor, Fordham University
“In New York City, where I live, candidates are free to fund their campaigns privately or publicly, and that freedom from begging has transformed politics and policy.” Read more »


Freshman Congressman
Our Diverse America Deserves a More Representative Democracy
By Heather C. McGhee, Demos
“This imbalance makes it easier for candidates for public office — of whatever race — to neglect the issues that matter to communities of color.” Read more »


Fifteen Years Later, Granny D’s Walk for Democracy Continues
Fifteen Years Later, Granny D’s Walk for Democracy Continues
By Daniel Weeks, Open Democracy
“Through ice and snow, the “Granny D walkers” made their way down city streets and mountain passes, sleeping in churches, libraries, homes and motels, educating their fellow citizens along the way about how we can end the corrupting influence of money in politics.” Read more »

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