John Oliver Takes on the FCC: Nothing but Net

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Let’s not forget that the fight for Net neutrality continues and that the new proposed FCC rules present a clear and present danger to an Internet open and accessible to all. Which doesn’t mean we can’t have some laughs.

Of course, part of the problem in combating public apathy on this issue has always been that the phrase “Net neutrality” sounds like an obscure tennis rule or something sort of Swiss. In fact, according to John Oliver, “the only two words that promise more boredom in the English language are ‘featuring Sting.’”

On the latest edition of his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, Oliver dissects the issues surrounding Net neutrality with a brilliant, funny argument that manages to combine truth and clarity with cat videos, the PBS kid’s show Caillou, dingoes and Ralph “Karate Kid” Macchio. He ends with a clarion call to arms urging all Internet users — even the most egregious trolls — to let the FCC know just what they think at

Oliver suggests a substitute phrase for Net neutrality that while appropriate can’t be printed here. But watch the whole segment, keeping in mind that some of the language is blunt. And at and elsewhere on our website, learn about other actions you can take.

Michael Winship is the Schumann Senior Writing Fellow for Common Dreams. Previously, he was the Emmy Award-winning senior writer for Moyers & Company and, a past senior writing fellow at the policy and advocacy group Demos, and former president of the Writers Guild of America East. Follow him on Twitter: @MichaelWinship.
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