Morning Reads

Good morning! Here are some of the stories we’re reading at Moyers & Company HQ this AM…

The president gave a speech:

Doesn’t look good for Christie –> Shawn Boburg and Jean Rimbach report for the Bergen Record that Chris Christie’s brother Todd bought a bunch of property near a train station that was scheduled for a quarter-billion dollar renovation that the governor had championed.

Falling down –> One third of Americans who saw themselves as middle class in 2008 no longer do, reports Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum.

Busted –> Bitcoin pioneer arrested for laundering drug money. Antonio Regalado has the story for Tech Review.

Not lovin’ thy neighbor –> At The Monkey Cage, Lilliana Mason writes that political polarization is making us more prejudiced against our opponents.

Nobody would cross that picket line –> A group of Northwestern University football players is trying to form a union, according to ThinkProgress’ Travis Waldron.

Rise of the robots –> At Policy Shop, Sean McElwee says the story of automation taking our jobs is a bit more complicated than many people believe.

They know best –> Fox News had a panel of four men to discuss the GOP’s “war on women.”

Getting hot –> BBC: “Ex-president warns Ukraine ‘on brink of civil war.'”

Frankenfoods –> MoJo’s Tom Philpott wonders whether Monsanto is quietly getting out of the GMO business.

Breaking down the wall –> At the School of Doubt, Tori Parker looks at an Ohio bill that would offer credits to public school students for getting off-campus religious instruction.

And you thought your dog was bad –> This Reuters headline says it all: “Flatulent cows start fire at German dairy farm.”

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