Morning Reads

Good morning! Here are some of the stories we’re reading on a crisp day in NYC…

Fits every occasion –> Former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell laments the “unjust overreach of the federal government” after he and his wife were indicted on 14 felony counts in the gift scandal that dogged him for much of his term in office.

Must-read –>  At TNR, Mark Schmitt writes that the inequality debate is too sprawling, and we need a whole new framework to discuss what’s ailing our economy in the 21st century.

Best defense? –> Slate’s Dave Weigel: Chris Christie’s strategy is to attack the “liberal media” and hope for the best.

Green shoots of democracy –-> John Nichols writes about the growing movement to get money out of politics for The Nation.

You might be a terrorist –> Nafeez Ahmed reports for The Guardian that Western spy agencies and giant energy corporations are trying to criminalize anti-fracking activism.

Priorities, priorities –>Patrick Temple-Fest reports for Reuters that the GOP is expected to call for the repeal of a law that makes it harder to use offshore accounts to dodge taxes.

Good question –-> At CIF, Nicholas Freudenberg asks, “How has it come to pass that corporations now have a stronger influence on the health of Americans than public health officials, doctors or hospitals?”

Do the right thing –> Juan Cole argues that now that he’s come out in favor of medical marijuana, Barack Obama should pardon medical pot-growers who were jailed by his Justice Department.

The high costs of trampling women’s rights –>  Sharona Coutts at RH Reality Check: “Texas Spends Nearly $650,000 Defending Anti-Choice Laws.”

Departed –> Politico’s Dylan Byers and Hadas Gold on why the WaPo let star wonk/columnist Ezra Klein go.

Utilities v. Solar –-> Member of California Public Utilities Commission steps down due to illness; blasts utility companies for wanting to “strangle” rooftop solar power. David Baker reports for the SF Chron.

Not exactly The Logical Song –> Salon’s Elias Isquith on how the classic rock band Supertramp came to be part of one of the weirdest 9/11 conspiracy theories yet.

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