Morning Reads

Good morning! Here are some of the stories we’re reading as we try to keep warm on a freezing morning in NYC…

Revealed –> 40 years ago, a couple of burglars broke into an FBI office and exposed COINTELPRO, a program to surveil and undermine domestic political groups. Now they they’re beyond prosecution, the burglars have come forward for a new book — Mark Mazzetti reports for The New York Times.

Battle continues –> At The Hill, Alexander Bolton writes that we should expect the fight over extended unemployment benefits to consume DC during the next few months.

60 Minutes at it again –> Fresh off of its embarrassing Benghazi report, CBS offers a factually challenged narrative about renewable energy. Zoë Carpenter catalogs the problems for The Nation.

Closing the courthouse doors –> At Politico, labor lawyer Craig Becker explains how a court’s little-noticed ruling threatens the right of all workers to take their bosses to court.

Ideological harm –> TPM’s Dylan Scott offers a chart showing the human cost of “Obamacare sabotage.”

Beaten down –> W.J. Hennigan and Maria La Ganga report for the Los Angeles Times that the raw deal Boeing machinists in Washington state accepted in order to keep production of the 777 shows how weak labor is today.

Polluted –> AP investigation in four fracking-friendly states reveals that contamination issues are far more common than the states reported.

Yellen era commences –> At the National Journal, Michael Hirsh says that newly confirmed Fed Chief Janet Yellen’s agenda has the potential to transform our economic discourse.

Clueless –> The deficit has been cut by half since 2009, but as John Aziz notes at The Week, the vast majority of Americans never get the memo.

In brief –> The great Jim Hightower ponders what a tranquil Texas county could possibly do with a 14-ton, mine-resistant and ambush-protected armored vehicle.

A strange idea of reform –> Nebraska GOP senate candidate says that since all the lobbyists are in Washington, DC, simply moving the nation’s capitol to Nebraska might fix our corrupted democracy. Ed Kilgore has some fun with it at WaMo.

Baby it’s cold outside –> Jon Stewart loses his mind over conservative claims that cold weather disproves climate science.

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