Morning Reads

Happy Tuesday morning! Today is InterNet Day, and here are some of the stories we’re reading on the old interwebs this AM…

Unconstitutional –> Federal judge overturns parts of Texas’ controversial anti-abortion law. Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick says pro-choicers got a big win and anti-choicers got a small one, but nothing is really settled.

Surveillance state –> David Sanger and Mark Landler report for the NYT that Obama may ban NSA surveillance of friendly heads of state. Blistering NYT editorial says: ‘too little, too late.’

Rate sensationalism –> Lots of talk about cancellations and  insurance rates under Obamacare, which makes this factual rundown of what’s really happening out there by Jonathan Cohn in TNR a must-read.

Heritagecare –> Robert Reich notes once again that the problems with Obamacare are rooted in its conservative, business-friendly origins.

Redistribution –> At Ten Miles Square, Don Taylor notes that red states’ refusal to expand Medicaid will result in a redistribution of wealth from poorer states to richer ones (the headline’s reversed).

Bring back the suffragettes! –> MoJo’s Dana Liebelson on 9 states that are making it harder for women to vote.

Dependency? –> Group of Minnesota lawmakers challenged each other to live for a week on the average food stamp budget of $1.29 per day. None of them made it. Jennifer Brooks reports for the Star-Tribune.

Minority outreach –> Over at Salon, Brian Beutler says that the failure of immigration reform is a bad sign for the GOP’s future as a multicultural party in an increasingly diverse country.

Virginia –> WaPo’s Laura Vezzella and Peyton Craighill report that Terry McCauliffe is poised to win the governor’s race, breaking a long streak of the state going for the party that doesn’t control the White House.  TNR’s Nate Cohn on why you shouldn’t make too much of it.

Corrupt –> Former Arizona Rep. Rick Renzi sentenced to 3 years in prison for being really sleazy.

We saw that movie –> UN developing an asteroid defense plan, according to Clara Moskowitz in Scientific American.

Submitted without comment –> Greek ad agency promotes breast cancer awareness with a bra that automatically tweets when it’s taken off.

What else is going on? Let us know in the comments!

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