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Day 15…

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Evil donut hole –> Texas is just one state that refused the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, but it will leave one million residents without coverage, writes Andrea Grimes at RH Reality Check.

Sorry ’bout that –> Judge who ruled that voter ID laws are constitutional in 2007 says he made a big mistake, according to The Nation’s John Nichols.

Why we can’t have nice things –> At InfoWorld, Serdar Yegulalp writes that contractors and poor management were the cause of the awful rollout of the ACA’s online exchanges. ALSO: Ezra Klein doesn’t mince words; calls it a “disaster.”

Shocker! –> A study of articles in the conservative National Review found that they really care a lot about deficits… when Democrats are in power.

Rape culture –> Shocking story about a family whose daughter was raped being persecuted in a small Missouri town while the alleged rapist got off. Anonymous is threatening revenge. Emily Bazelon with the story for Slate.

Another economy is possible –> AlterNet’s Tara Lohan talks to Rob Hoskins, a visionary who’s working to make sustainable local economies work.

Watching your friends too –> NSA is collecting millions of email address books, report Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani in the WaPo.

Religious wrong –> At Salon, Elizabeth Stoker and Matt Bruenig point out that in other countries conservative Christian groups have poverty on their agendas.

Not so valorous? –> McClatchy’s Jonathan Landay continues to report on inconsistencies between a Medal of Honor winner’s story of a firefight in Afghanistan and other available evidence.

Unfortunate for them –>  New study finds that bonobos manage their emotions just like human children.

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