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Happy Friday morning! Almost made it to the weekend. Here’s some of the stuff we’re reading this morning at Moyers & Company

Day 11…

Other news…

Watching you –> Jim Sensenbrenner authored the PATRIOT Act, and now he’s pushing a bill that would sharply curtail NSA’s data collection, reports Dan Roberts for The Guardian.

A telling vignette –> a 10-year veteran McDonald’s employee tells the company CEO that she can’t afford shoes, gets arrested.

Heroism and bad governance –> At TAP, Matt Bruenig considers what it says about our society that a hedge fund billionaire who campaigns against public pensions is stepping up to fund Headstart during the shutdown.

 Talk about a safety net! –> Switzerland to vote on guaranteeing every adult a $2,800 monthly income, reports Josh Eidelson at Salon.

Regulators informed by media –> At Truthout, Mike Ludwig says that federal regulators had no idea companies were fracking in the waters off of California until activists and the media started asking why there had been no environmental review.

We’re not dumb –-> The Guardian’s Sadhbh Walshe says American kids aren’t inherently challenged when it comes to education — it’s the inequality that’s bringing down our scores.

Tribalism –> At The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf takes a shot at the conservative media for celebrating conflict with liberals above all else.

Barackalypse Now –> Doomsday preppers are sure the end is nigh, and the survivalist industry is raking in the loot, according to Tim Murphy at MoJo.

Talking-point goes down –> Slate’s Matt Yglesias looks at a new study and concludes that “business friendly” tax policies don’t help states’ economies.

I meant Elmore Hitler! –> An Arizona lawmaker called Obama “De (sic) Fuhrer,” and then went on at length about how Hitler began the Holocaust with a national healthcare system (no, really). A day later she released a statement claiming that she hadn’t compared the Democrat to Hitler at all — she had just used the German “for emphasis.”

Headline says it all –> Science Magazine: “Cyborg Cockroach Sparks Ethics Debate.”

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