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Happy Wednesday morning! Here’s a look at some of the stuff we’re reading over our coffee at Moyers & Company HQ…

Day eight…

In other news…

Latest fad in voter suppression –> Two-tiered system of voting rights unveiled in Arizona and Kansas, reports Erick Lach for TPM.

The thaw continues –> Jay Solomon reports for the WSJ that Iran is readying an offer to limit its nuclear program.

Radioactive stupidity –> At Salon, Lindsay Abrams says nobody at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has any clue what they’re doing.

Working on the price side –> For all the “glitches” we hear about, an analysis by Peter Gosselin at Bloomberg Government finds competition in the Obamacare exchanges is pushing rates down significantly.

Cuffed –> Eight legislators were arrested at a big immigration reform rally in DC yesterday, reports Seung Min Kim for Politico.

Plutocracy win? –> At TAP, Scott Lemieux predicts a big win for the 1% when the Supreme Court rules in McCutcheon v FEC.

Sad trombone –> That ‘truckers are gonna shut down the Beltway’ story we mentioned? Not gonna happen, according to WaPo’s Lori Aratani.

Cut off –> US leaning toward withholding military aid from Egypt in light of the latest bloody crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters, reports Reuters.

As funny as shooting a buddy in the face –>Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith reports that waterboarding was the subject of many hilarious jokes at a roast for Dick Cheney last night.

Speaking of laughs –> Jon Stewart talks to a real hostage negotiator about the standoff in DC.

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