Morning Reads

Here are some of the stories the editors at Moyers and Company are reading this morning…

Red-line dead-line –> Shashank Bengali and Paul Richter report for McClatchy that Syria may miss the first deadline for cataloging its chemical weapons. Also: The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple on the weird interview Dennis Kucinich – now a Fox News contributor – scored with Bashar al-Assad.

Casualties of the crisis –> Study attributes 5,000 suicides to financial crash in 2009, reports Melissa Pandika in the Los Angeles Times.

You kids better get off his lawn –> John McCain publishes retaliatory op-ed in the wrong Pravda. Russian gov says they haven’t had a chance to read it, but they totally bookmarked it for later.

When the rich protest –> At The American Prospect, David Cay Johnston looks at a new book about “rich people’s movements,” and links it to the tea parties.

Détente? –> Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told NBC that his country will never develop nukes — and that he’s ready to deal with the West. Meanwhile, Washington Monthly’s Ed Kilgore marvels at super-hawk Lindsay Graham’s proposal to pre-authorize an attack on Iran.

Block the vote –> AlterNet’s Steve Rosenfeld says the recent Colorado recall elections were won with voter suppression.

It’s getting better –> At Buzzflash, Chris Geidner reports that the feds will recognize all same-sex marriages under private pension law.

Spillin’ it –> Making an already awful situation worse, Reuters reports that there have been two oil spills into Colorado’s floodwaters. Somewhat related: Mother Jones’ Tim Murphy on the giant lawsuit against Big Oil that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal helped kill.

We need a better media –> Chuck Todd says it’s not the media’s job to correct the GOP’s Obamacare falsehoods. Also: Slate’s John Dickerson writes about how the media could do a better job on the campaign trail in 2016.

Headed for a shutdown –> Jonathan Weisman writes in The New York Times that Speaker John Boehner caved to his right flank in the latest budget showdown. Budget guru Stan Collender thinks a shutdown may be Boehner’s only option at this point. Karl Rove pleads for sanity in The Wall Street Journal.

They don’t walk far for the money –> Sunlight Foundation maps political fundraisers over the past five years; finds Congress critters rarely leave the immediate area around The Hill to raise bucks.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches? –> With the news that Iran plans to send a cat into space — a Persian, natch — National Geographic runs down a history of shooting animals into the cosmos.

What are you reading? Let us know in the comments!

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