Morning Reads

Here are some of the stories we’re reading this morning at Moyers and Company …

Unstable people with guns kill people –> Alleged Naval Yard shooter had a concealed carry permit despite multiple firearms-related incidents in the past. Seattle PD’s blotter and The Smoking Gun with more details.

Gruesome detail –> A UN report provides previously unknown details about the August chemical weapons attack in Syria. McClatchy’s Mathew Schofield has the story.

What’s bigger than too-big-to-jail? –> Jim Puzzanghera reports for the Los Angeles Times that several of those “too-big-too-fail” banks have gotten bigger, creating widespread risk in our financial system.

Something else to worry about –> “Drug-resistant bacteria pose potential catastrophe, CDC warns.” Brady Dennis and Brian Vastag with the story for The Washington Post.

And your iTunes playlists? –> Supreme Court may decide whether police can search your smart phone without a warrant. Mother Jones’ Dana Liebelson with some background.

Answers to your imaginary questions –> AlterNet’s enviro editor Tara Lohan with five things you should know about the Colorado floods.

Dueling pundits –> The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber writes that we’re heading for a government shutdown. Ben Terris writes in National Journal that we’re not heading for a government shutdown. Meanwhile, House GOP again moves to cut funding for nutritional assistance for the poor.

Putin may have to keep his shirt on –> When the USSR collapsed, Russia withdrew from the Arctic. Now that it’s thawing and exposing new mineral and energy resources, the Russian Navy’s moved back in. Fred Weir with the story for The Christian Science Monitor.

New territory –> Anti-choicers are trying to turn moderate New Mexico into the next battleground over reproductive rights, reports Amelia Thomson-Deveaux in The American Prospect.

In case you missed it –> On the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Rebecca Solnit reflects on the joy and hope that shine out of moments like the one that sparked the movement, and what real changes might emerge.

Are you a Martian? –> Could be, says prominent chemist. Could be. Carl Zimmer with the story for The New York Times.

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