Morning Reads

Here are some of the stories the Moyers & Company crew are reading this morning.

First up, Syria…

  • An elite Syrian military unit has scattered Assad’s chemical weapons stocks to over 50 different sites around the country, reports the WSJ.
  • Ezra Klein on Bashar al-Assad’s new demand for turning over his CW: the West has to stop arming Syrian rebel groups.
  • Roll Call’s Steven Dennis has highlights of an interesting White House press briefing following Putin’s op-ed in the NYT.
  • Politico reports that Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., is trying to place a Putin-style op-ed in a major Russian paper.

And in other news…

Biblical –> Chicago Tribune reports that thousands are fleeing lethal floods in Colorado.

Corporate crime –> In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Andrew Maykuth reports that a prosecution of a major Marcellus Shale natural-gas driller is sending shock-waves through the industry.

Unhinged –> In a series of emails obtained by Think Progress, George Zimmerman’s local police chief, Steve Bracknell, agreed with a correspondent that Zimmerman is a “ticking time bomb” and another “Sandy Hook” waiting to happen.

Unfazed –> The recalls of two Colorado state senators who supported new gun safety laws was a major setback for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign for tighter gun laws, but it’s not slowing him down. Daniel Strauss has the story for TPM.

Is our children learning? –> At the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,  Michael Leachman and Chris Mai note that most states are spending less on schools than they did before the crash.

So very sorry –> Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel apologizes for two decades of police torturing mostly African-American Chicago residents.

Government meddling in private business –> Over at Lawyers, Guns and Money, Erik Loomis considers Tennessee Senator Bob Corker’s freakout over VW inviting the auto workers’ union into its Chattanooga plant.

Strange bedfellows — Anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist sides with marijuana businesses… over tax breaks.

Vicious NIMBY –> Rod Bastanmehr reports for AlterNet that Nevada allegedly put 1,500 people suffering from mental illnesses onto buses with one-way tickets to California.

We saw it on “Star Trek” –> After 36 years of flight, and some scientific debate, NASA confirms that the Voyager-1 probe became the first human-made object to leave our solar system… a year ago. LAT‘s Monte Morin has the story.

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