Thank You, Facebook Fans!

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Bill Moyers's Facebook PageThis week we reached 250,000 fans on our Moyers & Company Facebook page. We’re thrilled that so many of you have chosen to follow us online. While we can only provide an hour of content on television each week, our journalism expands in the digital universe, perhaps the paramount venue for the conversation of democracy.

In the more than 80 hours of TV programs produced since we started Moyers & Company in 2012, we have kept a steady focus on our main beats: Money and politics. The economic system and inequality. Our endangered environment. The need for citizens to become engaged. The power of ideas to inform and inspire.

We have sought out guests who reach back into history for insight, who are exploring ideas and ways to achieve a fairer and just future, and who have gone beyond self to engage in what could be called “compassion in action.”

One viewer wrote us: “Your show brings me to tears, and laughter, and gives me that most dangerous of gifts: hope. Thank you for that.”

We would say the same about our Facebook fans. Thanks for liking our page, sharing our videos and telling us what you think about the issues that matter most to us all. In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you programs featuring poet and prophet Wendell Berry — an American treasure — and political economist Robert Reich, whose Facebook notes get shared around our office.

I hope that we can continue talking and taking action to achieve our overarching goal: the renewal of democracy.

— Bill Moyers
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