Bill Moyers Journal (2007-2010)

Bringing back the landmark PBS series that first aired 35 years ago, Bill Moyers Journal, a weekly show with the goal of enriching the conversation of democracy, featured some of the most articulate, original – and independent  – thinkers of our time.  Each show included produced analysis of vital issues, strong interviews with unique voices on politics, the arts and letters, science, religion, and the media, as well as debates on public issues and documentary specials.

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November 23, 2007

Bill discusses symbolism of the cross and lynching tree with theologian James Cone. Continue reading

December 12, 2008

Bill and political blogger Glenn Greenwald look back at the legacy of the Bush Administration, and ahead at President Obama’s prospects. Continue reading

November 28, 2008

Bill talks to Michael Pollan about U.S. food policy and our food future. Continue reading

November 7, 2008

Bill talks with Columbia University professors Eric Foner and Patricia Williams about Obama, law, and race. Continue reading

November 7, 2008

Bill shares his thoughts on President Obama’s place in America’s black history. Continue reading

October 17, 2008

The economist and activist talks about the people who will be most hurt by a protracted recession: everyday workers. Continue reading

March 12, 2010

Bill and NYU president John Sexton cover God, baseball, politics, and more. Continue reading

December 12, 2008

Bill talks with legal and finance scholar Emma Coleman Jordan about the big business bailout. Continue reading

September 19, 2008

Bill talks about a shining illustration of our new gilded age. Continue reading

November 2, 2007

Bill asks why the news media is overlooking today’s war protestors. Continue reading

November 2, 2007

Bill talks about the missing class — the “near poor” — with professor Katherine Newman. Continue reading

October 26, 2007

Bill talks with professor Charles Fried and author Fritz Schwar on growing executive branch power in the name of national security. Continue reading

October 19, 2007

Bill talks to investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill about Blackwater spin vs. the truth. Continue reading

October 12, 2007

Bill talks to author Anouar Majid about cultivating creative thinking in Muslim society. Continue reading

October 5, 2007

Bill reflects on Amish grace and forgiveness. Continue reading

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