Vandana Shiva on Seeds of Humanity

In a video excerpt from this weekend’s Moyers & Company, scientist and philosopher Vandana Shiva explains how “everything begins with seed,” and addresses the perils of patenting them. Shiva also encourages each of us to ask “where am I complicit in the war against the Earth?”

Watch the full conversation this weekend on Moyers & Company.

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  • mem_somerville

    She is such a liar. Plant patents existed long before GMOs. I hope you didn’t let her get away with the continual falsehood of the terminator seeds that she loves to flog too. 

  • Ann

    I think you’re missing something in  your comment. 

  • Themarydouglas

    Thank you bill.  I think for the longest time the media has been so scared to talk about GMOS.  Ive been seeing it being talked about now more openly- be it on “alternative media sources”  Like PBS or the recent segment on Bill Maher.  Im glad to  hear it out in the open.  People need to admit there is a problem first before we can solve it.  Honesty and truth about what is happening is the first step.  We can get over this & soon we will have labels, soon Monsanto will loose it’s patents( they are to expire in 2014) and soon the technology will fail- as it is as we speak.  I just wish all of our politicians were not bought by Monsanto.  I applaud Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer for adding the GMO labeling amendment to the Farm Bill- it did get rejected, but at least it was there.  And I commend the brave Senators who voted for it.  We will Prevail.  But what our government is doing in regards to GMOs is highly corrupt and EVIL.  SHAME.

  • Anonymous

    Why let any plant into the biosphere that has not been tested on humans?  Terminator seeds have never been tested on humans.  Round Up Ready GMOs show infertility and organ damage in every single independent test, yet regulatory capture means they are ‘fast tracked’.  if you think this will not affect you, your children and grandchildren you are mistaken.  The effects get amplified over successive generations.  Face it, these GMOs have no advantage other than selling more pesticides & herbicides using more fossil fuels and more water than regular plants.

  • Anonymous

    You must work for Monsanto. 

  • mem_somerville

     Sorry, you are wrong on everything. Well, except terminator seeds–which were never released, so there was no issue of testing.

    Please find better sources. Your current ones are flawed. You might try scientific publications and/or national scientific academies and agencies reviews for quality data.

  • Anonymous

    Purdue University showed a 50% abortion rate in cattle fed GMO wheat.  You are an industry shill. 

     I find them on every board where this issue is discussed.  We need labeling for GMOs in the US like they have in Europe.  

    If the FDA refuses to test these new biotech plants for human safety, we have the right to know if they are in our food and decide for ourselves if we want to take that chance.  What is Monsanto afraid of?  

    And yes, there is a terminator cotton seed, so you are the one who is trying to lie about this issue for your corporate masters.

  • mem_somerville

     No, you are still wrong. Again. I’m sure you believe it, but you’ve been lied to by people who are using you to spread misinformation. Like Shiva.

  • Anonymous

    Look, I have been a farmer for 35 years.  I remember when no till corn came out into the fields with the assurances that Round up was bio degradable and safe.  
    That, my friend, was and is a LIE.  They no longer make that claim, do they?  Round up persists in the soil and in water and is responsible for poisoning of farmers.    They just lost a court case in France over farmer poisoning.How many lies from this industry do you want to try and debunk here?  You cant because industry has lied and lied to the public and have the cover of the FDA to do so.  I challenge you to provide any evidence that Shiva is misleading anyone.Industry needs to adapt to the fact that the internet makes all their lies transparent.  We no longer have to believe advertising.  I advise you, if you want to stay healthy, to stop eating GMOs.  Try it for a month and see how you feel.  You will be surprised, no doubt.  People get used to feeling terrible from eating these GMOs, and they are experiencing organ damage, usually the liver…..  Look at the growth industry of fertility clinics if you think this food is now safe for humans to eat.  It is not even safe for animals to eat.

  • Anonymous

    These plants in the past were cross bred hybreds, plants that had pollen from other plants applied to their flowers.  they were  not plants that have had genes inserted with a ‘gun’.  
    Genes that are tagged onto bits of viruses and bacteria.  Genes that would never get inserted into plants in any natural process of hybred crosses.  

    Genes that produce pesticides in every part of the plant.  We NEVER had this sort of genetic manipulation in plants before.

    You are so deluded you have to be an industry troll.

  • mem_somerville

     You keep changing topics, but let me be clear:
    No terminator seeds. Period. That is 100% lie.

    Your other unsourced claims are also false or not what you claim. Such as: there is no GMO wheat.

    But I don’t expect you’d accept any source I offered anyway. You don’t offer sources though, so I don’t see why you demand mine.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • mem_somerville

     Ah, I see–you don’t understand the difference between an actually study and a random claim on the internet. That explain part of your problem.

  • mem_somerville

     That is not a reliable source, it’s just random lies on the internet. You need to have better filters.

  • mem_somerville

     They were still patented. As I said, patents are not tools that were suddenly used for one purpose.  They existed long before GMOs.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, sure I should go check on the Monsanto site or the FDA or the USDA.  You do not know that our government has been captured by Multinationals?                                                If not, why did they mandate Monsanto by law in Iraq, the cradle of agriculture?  Just stop, industry shill, you are not even a very good troll.  the science is in on GMOs and that is why they have been banned in the EU and other nations.  The claims they make about them are lies.  They even use more water than conventional seed.  Most GMOs should be banned for the same reasons that  US meat is banned in Japan and the EU, our food production system is corrupt and dangerous.  NOT TESTED BEFORE RELEASE.  GMO alfalfa is a national tragedy, it will contaminate all the wild alfalfa strains and landraces.

  • Anonymous

    I am done with you troll.  You provide no enlightenment.  Just lies.

  • Praised

    I am so glad i listened to vandana shiva. She really gave me food for thought on being connected globally. I am a 72 year african american woman and was enlighten by her knowlege and her passion. Thank you.

  • Kamck

    As a past member of the National Association of Conservation Districts for one of the Midwest states I can’t help but wonder why at their most recent National convention they were so pleased that one of their corporate sponsors was Montsanto.l  Complicit I say.  Did I waste my time promoting that Farm Bill when I should have been protesting this travesty?

  • Rdborlandjd

    Norman Borlaug said in 2008 GMOs are not inherently dangerous “because we have been modifying plants and animals for a long time. Long before we called it science people were selecting the best of breeds.”  During the 1960s the Indian subcontinent was at war experiencing widespread famine and starvation despite receiving millions of tons of wheat from the U.S.  The Indian and Pakastani bureaucracies opposed Borlaug’s introduction of new strains of wheat until 1965 when famine became a crisis.  Indian wheat production went for 12.3 million tons in 1965 to 20 million tons in 1970.  Today it produces more than 76 million tons, and is a net exporter of wheat. Since 1968 India’s population has more than doubled, but it’s wheat production has more than tripled.
    Borlaug won a Noble prize and some say he saved more lives than anyone is history.
    I don’t agree with allowing patents for seeds, but I think knee-jerk opposition to all GMO foods needlessly kills millions of people every year.

  • Roger

        “It took Mother Nature
    millions of years to create a perfectly balanced & orchestrated,
    endlessly varied & abundant food supply with  countless varieties of
    Wonderful Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, and other Wildlife, all sustaining
    each other in perfect Harmony.  Wow !  Beautiful, Bountiful Mother
    Nature, generously & perfectly providing everything we need to
    sustain life on earth for ALL species!  And now, the insatiable greed of
    a few hideous corporations that  are
    willfully and diabolically messing with the very God Given DNA of this
    planet,  may very well disrupt and destroy the perfect Harmony that
    Nature has evolved over eons, in just a few decades!  What they
    are unleashing upon the delicate balance of Life on this Planet is
    deplorable and unthinkable !”
                                               Maria Maldaur

  • mem_somerville

     Here, read the actual story from Steward Brand–found of the Whole Earth Catalog.

    The story being told by Shiva and her team is a fraud. It’s taking donor money effectively though.

  • Anonymous

    All the claims for Round up Ready crops are false.  all of them.  they do not increase yield, they do not increase nutrition, they do not lower input costs at all- to the contrary- they increase input costs for commodity crops.  Further, none of these crops were ever tested on humans or animals.  The story you tell is a fraud.  A Terminator seed could spread to wild plants like GMO Canola, no doubt about that.

  • Anonymous     GMO foods have not been tested on humans and the claims they make on increased productivity and less inputs is a lie.  Monsanto Cargil et al have a monopoly and they buy our government to get favorable laws,  It has not much to do with evaluation of the seeds, plants or nutrition.  It has to do with profits, damn the consequences.

  • Anonymous

    Here is an expert and a farmer boy talking about GMOs:

  • Jbayeur

    But we didn’t used to inject pig genes in tomatoes before…

  • Jbayeur
  • Michele Peel

    I LOVE what this wise woman has to say!  Listen and put her words into actions!  You CAN do it!  

  • Jbayeur

    “Roundup Ready seeds have what is known as “terminator technology;” seeds that are grown for a second generation are sterile. Farmers need to purchase seeds from Monsanto each year if they want to continue to use their crops.”

  • Gerdt

    I fully agree with the statements  Ms or Mrs Vandana Shiva has made, Monsanto and  the US Government are out to control the World.

  • William Summerour

    More of what she speaks about needs to be introduced to the whole population of this Earth.  If people are introduced to the we will eventually
    Stop this world domination that is taking place.

    Blessed BE, 

  • mem_somerville

     Student projects aren’t always good sources. Please find quality information.

  • Pipeline Audio

    Wow, my gast is flabbered that even educated PBS listeners can’t recognize The Naturalistic Fallacy when they see it. PBS, please save the psuedoscience for sylvia browne and uri gellar

  • McNamara

    Bill, Many thanks for bringing this topic to your show as “so” many are afraid to touch it and fear litigation like what happened to the FOX affiliate when they tried to do the story on the perils of rbst.

    64 countries presently label GMO’s and the only reason they are not labeled in this country is the overreach of the bio tech’s on our regulatory process.

    In Europe, the EU takes a cautionary approach to GM which protects people; America’s approach of “substantial equivalency” was created by industry, to protect industry.

    More attention is still needed. The GM rat studies of Pusztai, Seralini and Carmen, who found tumors inflammation, organ damage are barely know in this country. When Seralini’s rat study,detailing massive tumors appearing in rats fed GM was released, an attack piece was published the very next day in Forbes, showing the strong orchestration of the narrative by industry and media.

  • McNamara

    Or Dow