Defending Race-Based Affirmative Action

November 1, 2012

The Supreme Court issued its ruling on Fisher v. University of Texas on June 24. In a 7-to-1 decision, the justices ordered the lower court to take another look at the case under a “more demanding standard.”

The decision was a long time coming. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case, which challenges the constitutionality of race-based affirmative action, back in October. Shortly after, Laura Flanders talked with Kimberlé Crenshaw and Luke Harris, co-founders of the African American Policy Forum, about the case, the precedents, the potential outcomes, their personal stories and why they believe we still need race-based affirmative action.

More about Kimberlé Crenshaw and Luke Harris

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  • Glenn Robinson

    Excellent interview

  • Joseph A. Mungai

    Do we want the person responsible for Kill Lists, drone strikes killing innocent families and NDAA choosing supreme court justices? From the author of the documentary “American Autumn” comes an “Open Letter To Michael Moore” :

  • Grouse Feather

    Or…do we want a guy born with a golden spoon in his mouth, who has no idea what it means to be economically insecure, desperate, a minority, or being in the military, who pretends to have answers to everything when his answers boil down to giving tax breaks to the wealthy and little more.

  • Arizona Eagletarian

    Restating your question getting at the REAL underlying question you are asking, “Do we want the President of the United States (whoever might be in the office at any given time) choosing supreme court justices. Do you genuinely think Romney or any other person that could possibly be elected President would have done differently than the things you now attribute to Obama?

  • Joseph A. Mungai

    I genuinely believe we’d have a better chance of survival with alternatives to the corporate party system. Wall Street puts profits above all else and with politicians begging for their money, stringent regulations and prosecutions won’t happen.

  • Joseph A. Mungai

    Or — Do we continue demanding alternatives to the Evils of 2 Lessers political system along with other progressive measures? Some people will undoubtedly find ways to trap us between 2 corporate parties and some will imagine a better future.

  • Mark

    Laura Flanders does a great job of interviewing Crenshaw and Harris guiding the conversation in ways that really inform us about what is really at stake here. Good person to have on board Bill’s show. I hope Moyers and Company will cover this issue after the decision by the supreme court is handed down also.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    The #1 social group to benefit from AA were white women.