Web Extra: Goodnight Democracy

February 15, 2013

Remember Goodnight Moon, the children’s book about a young rabbit going to bed?

Rootstrikers, a nonpartisan network of activists seeking to get money out of politics, put together their own Goodnight-inspired eBook called Goodnight Democracy. In this video, we read it to you.

It’s like Goodnight Moon, except instead of telling the story of a rabbit saying goodnight to things in his room and outside his window, it tells the story of Americans saying goodnight to a political system that’s supposed to serve the people. And instead of making you feel warm and cozy, it’ll likely leave you feeling cheated and angry.

Narration by Rob Kuhns.

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  • davidp

    Yep…democracy turned on its head!!

  • LandShark

    This Country is so far down the rabbit hole I think it will take a revolution to restore a Democracy for and by the People!

  • Voter

    Methinks they were inspired by W. Kamau Bell’s “Goodnight, Election” from his show Totally Biased (which is at least funny, not just depressing):

    (NSFW: Language)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t find the mouse

  • http://www.facebook.com/patty.grahamsmith Patty Smith

    Buy the People has come to an abrupt halt! We will return to By the People, For the People.

  • Michael Toler


  • An American CAN Grant

    Good night AmericaCARE?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bkort Barry Kort

    Corruption is but one of ten big unsolved problems in our culture. The other nine are conflict, violence, oppression, injustice, poverty, ignorance, alienation, suffering, and terrorism.

    All ten of these hellish problems have something in common. Like cancer, they tend to reseed themselves, round-robin, from one instance to the next, in a never-ending cycle of recursion.

    Systemic problems call for a systems approach to problem-solving. That’s not going to happen until we elevate our problem-solving skills to near-genius levels.

    I would like to see President Obama convene a national problem-solving congress, staffed with the best and the brightest systems thinkers our society has to offer, to systematically address, analyze, and solve the interlinked systemic problems of conflict, violence, oppression, injustice, corruption, poverty, ignorance, alienation, suffering, and terrorism.

    Nothing short of that will restore my long lost faith in the system.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1539003561 Kay Collins

    Those other nine you listed cannot be addressed without a clean decent government. You can give all the best suggestions to the current government but until they lose their incentive to act on behalf of only a few and rather act on behalf of the many nothing is going to change enough to matter to most of us.

  • Melissah Watts

    The one thing is, all those dollars couldn’t buy the vote. My vote was never for sale . Democracy is still alive, it just needs a little more demoglobin in its bloodstream !

  • http://twitter.com/papermooner PAPERMOONER

    Welcome to PLUTOCRACY and KLEPTOCRACY folks and buckle up…they aren’t about to give back what was stolen, a robotic police state is upon us and only going to get worse. This is a tragic outcome the world’s most hopeful attempt at Democracy: GRADE? FFF FAIL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502061487 Vlad Jersian

    You mean “Buy the Power, Fok the People”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502061487 Vlad Jersian

    Trouble is, it’s not “one person, one vote”.. with Millions to spend, it’s “one person, many thousands of votes or more”.

  • Anonymous

    OK, so how is big corporations buying elections different from Rockefeller, Gould and Morgan buying elections 100 years ago, or large landowners and merchants buying elections 200 years ago, or Tammany Hall, or any of the other hundreds of ways economic and social power has swayed the votes of the electorate for as long as there has been democracy?

    This nation still has one adult, one vote. We don’t have to allow advertising to sway us, and not all of us do. We don’t have to let ourselves be bought. We are thinking to small if we say this nation can be bought and that overturning Citizens United is the only way to prevent that.

    Think! Talk! Listen! Vote!

  • Beth Bailey-Kingdon

    We will not go gently into THAT good night.

  • EG

    Is there any end to the countless parodies of the iconic Goodnight Moon, the most innocent and cherished of picture books? Thanks for perverting it’s sweet sensibility.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like an appropriate way to help people understand that it really has happened…Democracy is gone. It really is difficult for them to acknowledge that. Wish my fellow Vets would understand and step up. Unions have the ball right now.

  • Anonymous

    The difference is that this is the 1st time they have actually bought the Gov’t, SCOTUS, 34 State’s, Universities, Schools, and written thousands of laws that have eroded Democracy. That is called a Coup.

  • Anonymous

    Did your vote Count? Voting is not the end of the line and we continue to see our Constitutional Right to verify the count erode. Detroit is trying it now. CO made it extremely difficult to even see a ballot. Little pcs of our Rights at a time & poof, they are all gone. Romney owns voting machines. We have no control over software. We have won in court showing the machines are easily rigged. The ports of the modems are susceptible to rigging. Does your vote Count?

  • Anonymous

    Ever wonder why POTUS isn’t stopping it?

  • Anonymous

    When the ruling party can gerrymander their way into office, while losing the popular vote by twenty million, tell me again how democracy is still alive.

  • Sonia Sheridan

    Yes, simple and true.

  • Anonymous

    All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others.

  • Anonymous

    As my social studies teacher, Myron Feinstein always used to say: “money talks, B.S. walks and we are all running a close third.”

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t want to be assassinated and loves the power of the office. He wants to try to do the right thing, but lack of experience and a difference in style has got in his way. The Republicans have tried to block and undermine him in every way possible. Anything he says they are automatically opposed to it, regardless of what the issue is.

  • Anonymous

    It changed way before Citizens United —

  • Brian Mathus

    We don’t have to rise to a genius level of thinking. We need to take advantage of the brain power that is being wasted on manual labor that isn’t really required and beuracratic redundancy that serves to keep people busy for no real reason. We have the ability to solve these nine problems. We have the social technology to do it. Its more the people who are in good places to implement now don’t want to for what ever reasons. It’s like the way certain DIY projects are engineered or how linux is written. There are enough people who want a different life that would volunteer there time to figure out these problems, in fact there are people already trying to solve it. They are all over society. The problem I see is that they are desperate and separated. I see your a fan of a systems problem solving approach have you heard of the ubuntu movement? If these different movements start working in sinc with each other we could really have something

  • Mikey Mikey

    I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it did in the closing frames: the blanket on the bed said Koch Industries. No mention, of course, that both sides play the game, and in fact that Democrats played it better in 2014, raising more money than the GOP.

    Note that I’ve never voted for either party. Just keepin’ it real.

  • Anonymous

    Well, then the railroad barons and captains of industry also staged a coup in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I’d be careful about using that word, “Coup” here, because I think it leads to false hopelessness. The democratic mechanisms are still in place. There’s nothing in law that would keep a progressive president and legislative majority from taking back government. Comfort, apathy, fear of the “other” and other non-structural things are the biggest reasons why this hasn’t happened yet. Likewise, it is true that wealth owns the press… but there’s structurally nothing from changing that, and in fact with the internet there’s a structure in place to undo that. It just hasn’t been done. Remember: things looked pretty damned hopeless for progressives in 1900. People turned to revolutionary thinking in surprising numbers. Then we got two Roosevelts in 50 years and things turned around to what we now think of as the “status quo” of a capitalist society with a very basic social safety net. Will things change again in 50 years? I vote yes.

  • Anonymous

    No, they did not raise more money than the GOP. Fascists now have non-transparency laws that we cannot see how much, from whom. Koch’s and their Birch members have a VAST net of web organizations that push the money around so no one knows the truth.

  • Anonymous

    I like what ur saying; but, I feel you are blinded by the ole light of Democracy and not seeing reality of Fascism in our daily lives thru ALEC laws – which have eroded not just the Democratic process; but, our individual Rights/Freedoms. They didn’t have the laws to back up their coup then and we do NOW. You admit that it takes a progressive POTUS AND majority legislature. We don’t have that…..so, tell me again how we regain our land? Don’t say vote when we do NOT have Fair Elections any more, either. I work with Election Integrity and I will attest that we Do NOT have Fair Elections! We don’t even have people that understand what is going on here. They support Fascism so they can hate & make $$….no other reasons. Our population is brain-dead and brainwashed which is exactly what Koch’s Charles Murray has been so very successful at.
    Even you as an intelligent person is blinded by the light.

  • nojinx

    Good Morning Elitist Plutocracy!

  • CJSeymour

    I believe he was told before he took the oath of office that not he, but the shadow state runs the show. They painted him into a tiny box, making his job of keeping the ship from going under all the more difficult. They held him back from making things work for the people, though he tried again and again. The only way out of this mess is for mass enlightenment to bring even the corrupt politicians and psychopathic CEOs to their knees, because their financial power is needed to save the planet, democracy, and all living things from the devouring greed of capitalism run amok.

  • Anonymous

    But Citizen’s makes it much much worse…

  • Anonymous

    …and unable to sleep at night.