Trade Secrets (2001)

March 27, 2001

A two-hour special report on how chemical companies have collaborated to keep from American workers and the American public the full truth about the impact of chemicals on health and safety.

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  • Janice Gintzler

    Have you encountered Beth Terry’s blog, In her book of the same name, Terry describes the chemicals in each type of plastic. Also, The Chicago Tribune did an investigative series on anti-flammable chemicals and the big joke played on American legislators and people. It was just a way to put chemicals into everything.

  • LIberal Whackjob

    Great report, even more appropriate than it was when I first saw it in 2001!

  • John Drake

    This is our “free market” system. Industry gets all the profit and the public gets all the toxic pollution!
    Thanks Bill, your voice will still be heard!