The Power of Myth, 25th Anniversary Edition

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Twenty-five years ago, renowned scholar Joseph Campbell sat down with veteran journalist Bill Moyers for a series of interviews that became one of the most enduring and popular programs ever aired on PBS.

In dialogues that span millennia of history and far-flung geography, the two men discuss myths as metaphors for human experience and the path to transcendence, touching on topics including world religion, heroic figures, and pop culture. This series demonstrates that, despite superficial differences between cultures, all stories are humanity’s story.

Filmed at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch and New York’s American Museum of Natural History, this series redefined “good television” through smart conversation that connects to us all.

The anniversary edition features new introductions from Bill Moyers for each episode, extended conversations with Campbell from Bill Moyers Journal, selections from Moyers’ interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas, a 12-page viewer’s guide, profiles of Campbell’s influences, and episode photo galleries.

Watch video excerpts of Bill’s conversation with both Joseph Campbell and George Lucas.

Purchase The Power of Myth, 25th Anniversary Edition.

Read a biography of Joseph Campbell.

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  • MDH

    Your guest Mr.R Wolff said he did not blame the bankers for going around rules to make a profit! Thats what all crooks do!so who do you blame? the crook the crime the rules the law?just because you can get away with it! dont make right! we need to get things fare in this country or revolution will be the next step! history always repeats its self when things are not fixed right!no healthy middle class means the U.S.A. well be history! thank you for caring about us middle class people!we need a voice!love are country hate the rich crooks!


    Just read LBJ The Mastermind of the Kennedy Assasination. What do you think of this, Mr. Moyers, or can’t you safely say what happened? Would like to know since this is the 50th Anniversary of that shooting. Thanks, you’re just the best!

  • Common Sense Pete

    ??? Please leave a comment that is pertinent to the article.

  • Joe. Baker

    Listen republicans.

  • Luis Louro Oliveira

    What languages are available in subtitles?

  • Mike pappas

    Bill just bought this thanks. Its always comforting to watch this from time to time.

  • Wes

    The Power of Myth series was absolutely THE most significant viewing of event of my life. It completely re-wired the way I think, act, and proceed in life. I’m so glad to see it available again – not to mention the re-emergence of Mr. Moyers on our media landscape. It’s so true, as Joseph Campbell has urged: “Follow Your Bliss!”

  • Luz Marina Pilares Longoria

    To SAVE the world and educate people, we have to present this AMAZING work on at least 10 major languages SUBTITLES AND SOUND. SPANISH CHINESE GERMAN RUSSIAN PORTUGUESE and others. is 2012 how hard or expensive this can be?. this is the most important video ever to be produce, next i will place COSMOS from Carl SAGAN. we really need to offer this in many languages.

  • k l m

    Why are these disappearing?? Its not yet 5:00!!!

  • Fabien Beaudet

    Oh very interresting. Do you expect produce a french adaptation?

  • Kaye Armstrong

    It’s hard to believe we shot this 25 years ago!

  • Diane

    It’s hard to believe I watched the whole series 25 years ago. Since then, I passed on as much as I could remember of it to my daughter, who is 21 now. I took her to a Christian church service when she was about 6. After the service she looked up at me and said “Mommy, this sounds like a myth.”

  • Jocelyn Weimar

    Going back through memory lane I looked for Bill Moyers and his wonderful
    interviews with Joseph Cambell, 25 years ago. I saw these programs of
    interviews on the Dutch T.V. I was then very impressed in the way Bill Moyers
    interviewed with such a dignity and devotion, but also staying close to his own
    believes . Today I looked for interviews
    concerning the differences between man as being fathers and woman as being mom’s
    after their time as a family ended. To build a new life after divorce by still
    keeping respect en faith in the former partner is hard to do. I am looking for
    answers and found a few in Bill’s interview with Martha Nussbaum. I really like
    to hear from you some suggestions here to look further.

  • Alan Roberts

    I’m with WES, this show was a major turning point for me. It started me on Joe Campbell’s books, which greatly influenced my world view, and it put Bill at the top of my list of interviewers to follow. Neither has disapointed in the last 25 years.

  • Peggy Smith

    I recently watched a portion of an interview between Bill and Jonas Salk . The short segment demonstrated the power of asking questions: when asked about discovering a new vaccination, Jonas’ response was :”It is there,we just have to ask the right question”. I want to use this in a seminar that I am teaching about the “art of asking the powerful question”. Can you help me find this interview please.
    Thank you.

  • moderator

    Hello Peggy,

    If it’s still in distribution you might have luck contacting Films for the Humanities ( , they are our educational distribution outlet.

    Thank you for watching!
    Sean @ Moyers

  • Anonymous

    I remember stumbling upon this series when it was originally aired all those years ago and thinking that these were the kinds of people I definitely wanted in my life! I was so grateful for that introduction to the brilliant Joseph Campbell by a journalist whose intellect I also admired greatly.

  • Sean D Ferris

    I remember seeing the series and was forced to read Cambell’s trilogy because of the compelling nature of the interview. I found the question of God and where he is found amongst the many different cultures a mystical journey that continues with me everyday

  • Adam Greenberg

    An amazing conversation. I feel fortunate to be able to learn from the depth of his knowledge and perspectives which his experiences inform. I certainly feel more informed.

  • Ghoul Rul

    I search for this, but in Spanish, I don’t know where buy this serie in Spanish, and this DVD is for only region 1 and I’m region 4, why only small part of the world can see this and no efforts for the rest of the world. I see this documentary where I kid and have no money, I’m adult now and have money but no one sell me, and the Joseph Campbell Foundation put down the video from the people who tried to shared this with everyone (this no bad) but no options for the others languages.

    who its better?, nobody knows about of Joseph Campbell and his knowledges?, or illegally share videos of the documentary?.