Marty Kaplan on Planting Seeds of Participatory Democracy

April 26, 2012

In this exclusive web clip, Marty Kaplan, director of USC’s Norman Lear Center, describes the digital civic operation he conceived and produced in collaboration with The Los Angeles Times to make sure the community’s voice played a strong part in designing a 16-acre local park in downtown Los Angeles. He calls it “civic mischief.”

“Ordinary citizens can band together and suggest something, use new technology, maybe make alliances with journalists and nonprofits and academics in a region and and say ‘we can change the way this thing plays out,” Kaplan tells Moyers.

Watch the full conversation between Marty Kaplan and Bill Moyers.

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  • Carl Vilbrandt

    Bill Moyers you must dig deeper to the root cause of the cause of the big brother and brave new world media circus of depraved entertainment.  The source of big money for media is rooted in the unethical system of investment of which the investor takes no risk or personal responsibility for what is done with the investment.  What would you expect this capitalistic system were there is no accountable other than to foster the most brutal corrupt and environmental destructive  methods of creating money by the inhuman entities to big to redress giving rise to catastrophic results for all.   Capitalism with an equal playing ground and enforcing a code of human ethics as outlined in the bill of rights is the best system of governance that has ever existed.  Global catastrophic capitalism the only high profit game in town now is feeding and promoting an endless source of blood money from endless warfare.  War profits must be taxed.   Money is not free speech. Global corporations are not people.  The WTO should be run by nation states who really vote on issues as the charter by which its exists states.  Anyone who continues to invest in current catastrophic capitalistic system should have any  of their resources confiscated that have come from the profits of war.    Such confiscated resources should then be invested in business that are environmental sustainable for all.  Digital Freedom, Human / Creature Rights and Environmental Sustainable are the three ethical provisions is along with the bill of rights the charter by which a renewed capitalistic system must have as a common goal.  More over  a multi-ism system of economics and social structures should be fostered,   Capitalism, Socialism and Communism each have their place of use in the world.  Capitalism of the past having been the most useful.