Luis Alberto Urrea’s Change of Heart

May 4, 2012

In this video excerpt, author Luis Alberto Urrea tells Bill Moyers how meeting U.S. border patrol agents while researching for his book  The Devil’s Highway changed his long-held views about both their role and their humanity.

Watch the full conversation between Urrea and Bill.

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  • Jess E.

    I can see myself in Luis’ shoes when he speaks of his heart changing experience with the “migra” as we Chicanos used to refer to border patrol agents when I was growing up in the barrios of East LA and Boyle Heights. His experience opened my eyes to a different view of the U.S. border patrol. And While I never feared them, having been born in the U.S. Of Mexican-American parents, I like Luis had a dislike for them, because many of my Mexican immigrant neighbors were afraid of being rounded up and deported by them.

  • Audrey Rossa

     I liked this show very much because you both discussed the problem of immigrant demonization  in a very down to earth manner.  How can we all  come together in love and cooperation!

  • Imcnotu

    No matter were I go, I despair. Hearing opinions formed not from experience, but from listening to hate mongers. Americans are so culturally ingrained to value materialism that they can’t even imagine that everyone really doesn’t NEED thier own bedroom ect..

  • Karl Hoff

    I thought that this was going to be a boring repeat of so many similar views, but instead found it quite interesting. Being that I have lived in the south west and west much of my life, I’m very familiar with what Luis Alberto urrea is talking about. The one thing that I did not see mentioned was that what I saw was the strongest and hardest working bright people crossing the border to live here no doubt left a vacuum south of the border and made the US stronger, but at the same time Mexico and other countries south of the border weaker. Many of my bosses over the years were from south of the border and one in particular told me he had no intention of staying in the US, but came up here to learn how we do thing and then he would go back home to help build up his country.  Why can’t we do that today?  Give a 5 year pass with full rights for that period to come & learn what makes us so successful without citizenship and let these very hard working, bright people go home and spread the prosperity and then maybe we can tear down that wall.

  • Jeanne Alexander

    my HUsband and I just watched Luis’s story/interview. It was overwhelming, only wish all of the U.S. could have been watching. Thank you for such timely and informative programming!!!!

  • Lorenzo

    As a Tucson resident I appreciated Urrea’s views on our boxed books and immigration issues.  You really utilize the power of TV to the ultimate potential.  Thanks….


    The entire interview was heart wrenching.

  • Kat

    Such moving, powerful stories, portraits, understandings. A devastatingly alive conversation between Bill Moyers & Luis Alberto Urrea. Now,I will begin my followup to this experience by reading the banned books.

  • blawal

    I just saw and listened to Urrea on Moyers & Company and I was moved and fascinated at the same time about his strong views on borders and fences and how each segments of our society put up fences against each other… against women, straights against the LGBT community,, whites against blacks, and so on and so forth and I thought that was really telling and really should wake up our collective consciences and how we can improve the state of humankind.