Living On the Edge

December 12, 1995

This documentary, filmed over a period of five years, updates the stories of two hardworking Milwaukee families struggling with low-paying jobs after previous employers downsized their operations. 

Follow the Families

Bill Moyers first met the Stanleys and Neumanns when they were featured in his 1990 documentary Minimum Wages: The New Economy.

The families were revisited again in 2000 for Surviving the Good Times.

The latest update aired on Frontline on July 9, 2013.

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  • Scott Phillips

    Hi, I watched this fascinating documentary about the time it was first broadcast. How would I get a copy of it? Scott Phillips. My email address:

  • Nancy Black

    What a moving portrait of two American families. I wish we could have contributed to a fund to help the one mom from losing her house and the other from losing her career. Inspiring people!