Help Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy and a People's Relief

Background: Although Hurricane Sandy made her way up the East Coast nearly two weeks ago, many are still dealing with the devastation the superstorm left behind. Journalist Naomi Klein talked with Bill this week and observed that “people are — the generosity is tremendous, the humanity is tremendous” — and although the response from people wanting to help has been truly inspirational, the situation on the ground in many neighborhoods is not back to normal. Storm victims still require supplies, foodstuff and other necessities. Their needs change moment to moment and social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, have been vital in helping volunteers get people the assistance they need.

We’ve pulled together a number of community organizations and others working on the ground in New York and New Jersey. Please feel free to add others that you’ve come across and add to our list.

Take Action

- Occupy Sandy Recovery and Facebook updates

- Occupy Sandy's Wedding Registry
Updated list of items requested by Sandy victims and volunteers.

- People's Relief is a grassroots coalition bringing together volunteers and groups working to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

- Charity Navigator's tips for giving in a time of crisis.


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  • Patrick O’Neill

    To set up an online food drive or to donate to one go to We’re working with the Salvation Army and many other terrific organizations to get food directly to the food pantries and soup kitchens helping to keep Sandy victims fed.

  • Lyle Courtsal

    I took the initiative in a number of areas regarding NYC housing authority emergency response; it was totally inadequate just as I thought that it would be.
    One, I ran an emergency electrical power response thru Rhode Island emergency management; they have 400 adequate large skid-mounted generators that could have been wired in parallel to power housing complexes; no response to this date that I know of.
    Two; I requested a mortality/morbidity study for all tenants of subsidized very low-income housing in NYCHA given the inadequacy of the response and the planning behind it. This was put into the NYC health dept. that is supervised by who appears to be a republican. People on the ground should do assessments as they help people out on how the elderly/disabled are doing; anyone sick going to the hospital because of stress, no heat, no food.
    Three: Why did the NYCHA emergency manager end up dead a year after 9/11? Probably because he knew that they had done little or no emergency pre-planning and just left all those people swinging in the breeze to die slow in new nazi slow mass kill by budget cut. National Nurses United: Budget Cuts KIll!!

  • Lyle Courtsal

    What we did when that 300 mph tornado took out that town in Kansas, was 300 mph earth sheltered homes were built so that next time, everything wouldn’t get levelled especially vital services and bldgs delivering them. On homes that burned out of control in NJ; should have shot water from upwind side of wildfire along with foam in mix to slow down fire; use airport fire rescue equipment as well as locals since it is heavy, heavy, heavy gear and those people are set up for responding in near explosive situations with a lot of heat in mix.

  • Rob Robinson

    Dear Bill & Co.,

    May I please suggest you conduct a forum to deconstruct the media’s refusal to cover the impact of global warming that’s causing our severe weather?

    The fossil fuel industry, Ike the tobacco companies before them (who blithely sold cigarettes long after they knew smoking caused life-threatening diseases) has violated the social contract by putting their profits before the health of the climate and the future of life on the planet. It’s a moral and environmental crime on such a scale it should put the oil companies beyond the protection of laws and governments — but we know better.

    Big Oil has sic’ced ALEC to repeal state legislation supporting the adoption of renewables and energy efficiency because they have proven they are able to replace increasingly scare, dangerous and unaffordable oil and gas.

    A broader focus on how our corporatized media has been a willing executioner of this strategy might:

    1. shame the media into finally covering global warming; and,

    2. help groups like make their cases; and,

    3. motivate some of our best, socially conscious legal minds to take up this cause.

    Keep up the good work,

    Robert Robinson
    DC Solar United Neighborhoods