Organizations Focused on Affordable Housing and Responsible Real Estate Development in New York

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This week’s show, The Long, Dark Shadows of Plutocracy, focuses on the development of luxury skyscrapers, which is driving up real estate values in New York City, as the middle class and working poor struggle to find an affordable place to live. Below are a number of groups and organizations focused on affordable housing and responsible real estate development in New York City.

On a national level, PolicyLink, founded and run by Angela Glover Blackwell, has a number of initiatives focused on fair housing policies. These include affordable housing “tool kits” and the Fair Housing and Equity Assessment.

Affordable Housing

Habitat for Humanity New York City builds affordable homes with first-time home buyers throughout the five boroughs. They also advocate for more affordable housing in the city and have a housing justice action center on their site.

NYC Housing Connect is the city portal for searching and applying for affordable housing opportunities in New York.

The Metropolitan Council on Housing is a tenants’ rights membership organization with the motto, “housing for people, not profit.” They have a tenants’ rights hotline for questions and a number of housing initiatives to strengthen tenants’ rights.

Real Estate Development

The Municipal Art Society of New York works to protect the city’s existing landscape, from landmarks and historic districts to public open spaces. This 120-year-old institution fights for “intelligent urban design, planning and preservation through education, dialogue and advocacy.” Last year, they produced “The Accidental Skyline,” a report on the effects that a number of new skyscrapers will have on Central Park.

Save the Sunlight of New York is a group of residents who are concerned about the amount of natural light available in the city as a result of new real estate development. They are petitioning New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to reappraise zoning laws.

The Committee For Environmentally Sound Development is an organization that aims to limit development in Manhattan, in part by contacting elected officials and local community boards. Contact Olive Freud bye email to learn more: [email protected]

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